Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goats becoming popular in UK

Beans and rice in tomato chilli ginger sauce
Food Diary (August 11, 2011)
Breakfast: Semolina porridge with prunes, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds
Lunch: Beans and rice in tomato chilli ginger sauce
Dinner: Sourdough toast, rolled oats with prunes

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Goat meat is now becoming more popular in the UK. The number of local breeders is increasing and goat is also being imported. In many countries goat meat has been, and still is, an underappreciated meat. 

Goat meat can be tough but it is more flavourful and lean. I like goat meat, unfortunately it is not available where I live. When I lived in New Zealand I had a friend who had a part time job shooting goats because they were nuisance, destroying plants. I remember one day he shot 180 goats and those were all thrown away. What a waste.

It is amazing how changes are occurring in our attitude towards certain foods. Coconut had been receiving bad reputation because of saturated fat but now it is coming back in fashion in full force. And now goats are slowly trotting in. It will be interesting to see which foods fall out of favour and which ones become more popular.

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  1. i am not a big fan of goat meat (haha i am vegan) but even cooking it for others is not my fun. i've never had it before either, but it kind of scares me!

    the chocolate cake is beautiful. sometimes i wish i were a pastry chef, so i could learn how to decorate like that!

  2. Waht a fantastic blog, I'm so glad I came upon it and can't wait to check out more...
    Thanks for sharing..

  3. I really love the sound of your breakfast! I've only had goat meat a few times... I much prefer goat cheese :D

  4. Goat meat curry is awesome! The meat has a very pungent aroma that some folks probably may find a little off-putting (does that sound right? sounds weird or maybe I should say put-offing? Nah.)
    I love it tho ... mmm ... gotta go find some now for lunch. Yum!

  5. Hmm, I have never treid goat meat, but I'm willing to give it a try if I have a chance. What a beautiful chocolate cake... Mr. Three-Cookies, you always find good stuff to share! Have a great weekend!

  6. I like goat meat-there is a goat meat restaurant in Sydney and we tried goat tartare there.

  7. Haven't tried goat meat and pretty sure I probably won't, but interesting that it is gaining popularity. What a gorgeous cake!

  8. Goats are certainly a great solution for poor populations, since apparently they will feed on anything (dry branches are a goat's delight) and of course they give milk. I have tasted goat meat only once, in a Caribbean restaurant in Paris. It was simmered for long hours in a spicy sauce and I loved it. I have to admit the taste is very strong and probably difficult to accept for many people (just like mutton or lamb).
    I think there are many Caribbean restaurants in Paris serving goat meat. I have never seen it here, but I have once or twice spotted a frozen small goat in a shop for restaurants, so some place must serve it...

  9. I'm a fan of both goat meat and coconut coming back into fashion. I've had it in an Afghani restaurant and really liked it!

  10. That favorite photo looks fantastic.

  11. You eat such a healthy and varied diet...I'm always impressed! Not sure I'll ever jump on the goat bandwagon...just something I didn't grow up with :)

  12. Semolina porridge sounds awesome! I want to try!

  13. Not a goat meat kind of fan but it sounds interesting. I like your porridge you said you had. Can you make me some!

  14. Junia: haha, so you are not a big fan of goat or any meat! Don’t be scared, its only a goat, a dead one!

    Foodness Gracious: thank you for visiting

    Hannah: its not so common in Australia I guess. I think NZ and Australia might export it to UK

    ping: I never thought of that, put off but off putting. You are lucky, you can go out and probably quite easily find goat curry. If I go and try to find goat curry for lunch, maybe I will find it for lunch but it might be many days later!

    Nami: I hope you manage to find and try it, its different

    Lorraine: goat tartare, never heard or nor tried that before. Sounds interesting

    Maris: maybe one day you might as food trends change

    Sissi: only once? It sounds like it was goat curry, or something similar. I’ve only eaten goat curry, and many times. It does have a unique smell and taste.

    Joanne: good!

    Yummychunklet: it does!

    Lizzy: thank you, I try! maybe one day you might try goat as food trends change

    Erica: it was awesome!

    Kitchen Belleicious: next time I will make extra for you:)

  15. I guess now they dont throw it away in NZ as I see them selling in the supermarket, I guess its due to demand as well a lot of Indians and Muslims now here and they are the primary consumers of that type of meat, we do eat that as well in the Philippines but more of a special occasion and not the daily type stuff.

  16. Goat meat is a fantastic meat and very healthy too, having less fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories than beef, lamb, pork and chicken, but retaining an equal amount of protein. We rear our own Boer meat goats on the North Yorkshire Moors so why not visit our website .We also sell Goat Milk Soaps.