Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ukrainian bears becoming alcohol dependent and ölkorv

Noodles with mixed veges
Food Diary (August 12, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with prunes, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Noodles with mixed veges
Dinner: Savoury polenta with mushrooms and salami

The salami I had for dinner was the ‘snack’ version, thin and long. On the packet it says that 219 grams of meat is used to make 100 grams of salami. That’s value, most people don't realise that with salami and other cured and preserved meats you get more than what you think you are getting. Its a pleasant surprise, however the price is much higher also so the producers win anyway! They usually do.

The ‘snack’ salami is very similar to ölkorv, the Swedish beer sausage. You might think that since its called beer sausage everyone eats that sausage when drinking beer. However you rarely see this, maybe its mostly the tourists who eat ölkorv when having beers. When I first arrived in Sweden during my first week a newly acquainted friend and myself went out to paint the town red. In the early hours of the morning we somehow met the owner of a restaurant in one of the bars. When the bar closed he took us to his restaurant for more drinks and snacks, including ölkorv. That was my first encounter with ölkorv. My friend who is a vegetarian kept insisting that I keep eating, and I kept eating. I probably smelt of ölkorv the next day, nevertheless this memory will be engrained in my head for life. 

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Source: Bite my cake
Chocolate banana cake

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This is strange. In Ukraine many restaurants and cafés keep bears on their premises for entertainment purposes. The entertainment includes force feeding bears with vodka, just for a laugh. As a result the bears have become dependent on alcohol.

Mykola Zlochevsky, Ukraine's environment minister, vowed to liberate around 80 such bears and relocate them to a wildlife sanctuary in the west of the country. These bears will obviously need treatment for alcohol dependence before they are freed.

Sometimes it is amazing what is done in many parts of the world for entertainment purposes.

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  1. I could honestly cry for what they are doing to the bears.That is cruel and makes me very sad

  2. This is the best title yet! I love it!

  3. Ooh, chocolate banana cake...

  4. Cheez ... I've never approved of using wild animals for entertainment purposes; one reason why I don't like zoos. Alcoholic Anonymous for bears ... poor things.

  5. Those poor bears, what an utterly cruel practice! I hope they stop it soon. Your favorite photo of that cake is also my favorite, in fact, it's killing looks that delicious.

    Btw, totally unrelated but I just found out from Nami's blog that you're MR. Three-Cookies? I'm so amazed because you eat so well, and for that I always assumed you're a MS. I should have my wrist slapped...

  6. oh my goodness.... that is so sad. i can't believe they would feed wild animals alcohol for entertainment!!! :(

  7. That makes me want to punch someone in the face. Sometimes, I'm so embarrassed to be human.

  8. wow. i mean this is real? you find the best stuff every week to post.

  9. Awful! And sometimes we think some countries are so close, so probably should be more or less similar in attitude towards humans, animals... I can't believe it happens as close as in Ukraine.
    Thanks for introducing me to ölkorv! One more item I will taste if and when I go to visit Sweden.

  10. Wow bears with alcohol problem LOL!