Sunday, August 14, 2011

Green Tea Cake

Pork curry and rice
Food Diary (August 13, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with nectarine, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Pickled apple and sauerkraut salad, flaxseed bread
Dinner: Pork curry and rice, French fries, chips, salami, flax seed bread
Baking/sweets: ANZAC Cookies

Sorry for the incomplete post today. ‘Regular service’ will resume tomorrow:)  ANZAC Cookies were great but as I wrote before they are quite temperamental and forgiving, they turn out different every time but always delicious. And frozen dough is extremely delicious. 

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Green Tea Cake with Coconut Icing

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  1. gasp i feel so honored to be featured in your three cookies daily blogpost!!! :D

    and flaxseed bread sounds delicious.

  2. That pork curry with rice looks good. And so does the green tea cake with coconut icing - thanks for sharing!

  3. I think that I like the idea of a green tea cake with coconut icing :-)


  4. I love that pork curry! One more bowl of rice, please!

  5. What a pretty way to decorate a slice of cake! I don't know if I would have to patience to tie ribbons around so many slices though.

  6. I like dough and frozen dough, too! Such pretty cake featured today...I'd love to sample it~

  7. I love Anzac cookies! They're so buttery and delicious!

  8. Thanks for another great post with visually-pleasing food! :)

  9. Pork curry recipe, please!!!! It suspect it of being exceptional.
    The green tea photo reminds me I have been meaning to make a matcha cake since my successful experiment with matcha crème brûlée...

  10. Junia: you are welcome, the picture is really beautiful.

    Bianca: thank you, it was delicious:)

    Alessandra: thanks for visiting

    Angie: Sorry, all gone, no leftovers:)

    Yummychunklet: It is quite a pretty way of decorating

    Lizzy: me too:)

    Maris: yes it is awesome

    Lorraine: join the club:)

    Lifeisfull: you are welcome!

    Sissi: oops sorry, no recipe since I cooked without measuring. I sautéed onion and garlic, added red curry paste and curry powder and cooked on low heat for quite some time

  11. Thank you. I thought it was either an Indian curry or Malaysian, Indonesian... I consider the two latter cuisines still extremely exotic!
    Combining curry powder and curry paste sounds very original.

  12. I really hate to miss your posts... :-( But I just do my best to catch up on reading and leave just one comment here as your curry got my attention! LOL. Sissi asked you recipe already....otherwise I would do the same. I am going to make curry tonight. I'm so weak, when I see someone eating curry or smell curry, I just need to eat it. But I don't know the "real" curry because my stomach can't handle weird is that....