Wednesday, August 3, 2011

La Bonnette potatoes

Lentils with potatoes
Food Diary (August 02, 2011)
Breakfast: Polenta porridge with banana and sunflower seeds
Lunch: Lentils with potatoes
Dinner: Pasta and pickled herring

The potatoes in the photo above are certainly not La Bonnette potatoes. I suppose I could say they are and you would not be able to tell the difference.

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Nice slices of beef.

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Tesco will soon start to sell the "world's most expensive potato". La Bonnette potatoes are typically grown only on one small island off the French coast, and have been known to sell for up to £400 per kilo. That’s a lot of money for potatoes. But of course these are no ordinary potatoes. The high cost is due to the fact that the potatoes are hand-picked since its too delicate. The soil where it is grown has algae and seaweed and this gives the potatoes a distinctive earthy and salty flavor. Only around 20-100 tonnes are produced each year so its unlikely that you will be seeing these in a supermarket near you.

Tesco’s will be selling a cheaper version for around £2.65 a kilo and the potatoes will come from Jersey not Noirmoutier. It’s a bit like selling ‘cognac’ made in Central Asia instead of the real cognac. Far cheaper, doesn’t taste too bad but at least its still cognac.

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  1. Hi There, This is looking absolutely delightful. Have a great day….Sonia !!!

  2. You could've told us that you ate the mega-expensive potatoes yesterday and yes, we wouldn't know any better and would've been green with envy at your simple luxuries. Do they even taste any different from regular potatoes, I wonder?

  3. I'm dying to know what those potatoes taste like, but at the same glad I can't taste them...what if I liked them? That would terrible, since they're so hard to get.

  4. I just about choked when I read the price of those potatoes. I just don't see why anyone would fork out that kind of money for a potato!

  5. i've heard about polenta porridge before, but i've never made it myself. is it time consuming to make?

  6. I like to add beans and seeds to the potato dishes too. So much more satisfying and delicious.

  7. I'm intrigued by these potatoes already! I wonder if they'll make it to Australia?

  8. There's a Tescos just downstairs in my building. I'm going to investigate and report back.

  9. Your post include great detail of information so I will definitely share it with others.

  10. I will definitely try lentils with potatoes! Looks delicious!

  11. I wonder if I'll be able to taste the difference but I'll check them out the next time I'm in tescos.

  12. I have never heard about these potatoes! I must say my favourite ones are "rattes" de Touquay, French small potatoes which can be eaten whole. They usually cost the double of standard potatoes, but are delicious!

  13. The beans and potatoes look really delicious

  14. Ooo i love the marbling in that beef!

  15. Look at that beef picture! Wow! I am so in love with it already! LOL! The potatoes and beans look scrumptious and perfect for my family

  16. I love the combination of lentils and potatoes. Looks tasty!

  17. The lentils and potatoes look delicious, nice combination!

  18. Thanks for turning us on to the existence of La Bonnettes--intriguing and so pricey. I'd love to sample them, but likely shall never have enough $$

    I do enjoy all the tasty bits of food news and info that you manage to continuously wrangle and post.

  19. Sonia: thank you, and thanks for visiting

    Foodiva: yes the potatoes I had did taste different and better than the regular stuff:)

    Indie.Tea: me too, very curious considering that it high price tag. If would be a shame if you didn’t like them

    Kristen: there is excess demands, restaurants in France snap them up

    Junia: Its not really time consuming. The recipe is available here:

    Angie: yes they are quite delicious and go well together

    Lorraine: I really doubt it will be available in Australia anytime soon

    tori: looking forward to your views on the super spuds!

    School Papers: thanks for visiting

    Marina: it is delicious! Good luck!

    peachie: curious to hear your reaction when you try those out

    Sissi: I have never heard of rattes, maybe I have but it probably has a different name. There are so many different varieties

    peachkins: thank you!

    Maris: thank you, they were delicious!

    Joanne: me too , the meat would be so tender and ‘juicy’

    Kitchen Belleicious: that was quite beautiful to look at, and I am sure it tasted just as good!

    Azita: it is a great combination

    Carol: thank you, yes a nice combination indeed

    nancy: thank you and I am glad you enjoy the bits of food news I have.

  20. I would'nt have known these were potatoes that were as good as gold if you hadn't mentioned:) Wow...but your dish looks scrumptious!!

  21. Mr. Three-Cookies, I think "ratte" is a French specialty (and it comes from Touquay, a city in the North...).

  22. Those ARE some nice slices of beef.

  23. That slice of beef looks so delectable, that marbling on it will make it so tender and flavourful

  24. so can anyone here get there hands on 1 seeded potato or maybe some fresh cuttings off a vine ...

    1. No ideas, I guess the environment where it is grown is what makes it unique