Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pascalization and Le Petit Antoine

Mushrooms and bacon with semolina
Food Diary (August 31, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Mushrooms and bacon with semolina
Dinner: Flax seed sourdough with honey, cheese and chickpeas

I didn’t have honey, cheese and chickpeas together though the combination could work well. Honey and cheese together is nice and chickpeas could be a good addition. Now I wish I had them together. 

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Le Petit Antoine  

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A century-old food preservation technique called "pascalization" could be coming back. Also known as high-pressure processing (HPP) it involves subjecting food to 40,000-80,000 pounds of pressure per square inch for about 15 minutes. That's about five times the pressure that an African elephant would exert if it stood on a postage stamp. 

Even though this sounds like a lot of weight, if its applied evenly the food is not squashed. The pressure changes the molecular structure of the microbes in food. It has been found that "pascalization" kills harmful bacteria, viruses and mold in food and more than doubles the levels of certain antioxidants in fruit.  

Carmen Hernandez-Brenes from the Department of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Technologico de Monterrey, Mexico tested HPP on avocado, papaya and mango. HPP processing increased the concentration of total carotenoids in avocado and papaya by more than 50 percent. For reasons not yet clear, no increases occurred in the mango.

In April  I summarized an article discussing eating road kill. I wonder if the roadkill becomes safer and healthier if it is pascalized by motor vehicles. 

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  1. chickpeas goes well with so many dishes! though i've never imagined it with honey before. have u try roasting chickpeas? awesome snack :)

  2. interesting, I can't believe that was April - I remember that post about roadkill. Wow, time flies! I think it would work. I will go run over a squirrel and attempt to pascalize it.

    jk. I'd rather try that delightful le petit antoine instead. much rather.

  3. The mushrooms and bacon over semolina looks like such a beautiful dish! : )

  4. Mr Three-Cookies, I'm always curious. How many blogs you visit everyday to find for your favorite photo. You always know where to get those beautiful food photography and I'm so curious! Either you visit a lot or you just know where to get the nice photos... I'm really impressed of your hard work for every single post! Thank you for that... :-) I've been meaning to mention but always forget and talk about food. LOL.

  5. A very mysterious title today :-)
    Pascalisation makes me think about the pressure canning and also about what happens (on a much lower scale) in my jars when I process them in a water bath. Apparently this is the pressure that makes the lids so tight I cannot open them easily... Or maybe I'm wrong?
    I totally agree with Nami. You are doing an excellent job, your blog is so versatile, interesting and you post every day! I don't even mention Easily Good Eats...

  6. I love your fave photo of the day!
    I'm finally going to try baking some anzac cookies this weekend and am so looking forward to tasting it!

  7. That dish looks so comforting and entremet is amazing!



  8. Love the pic of the mushroom/bacon dish. Yummy.

  9. OH boy. Why must you share that photo of the mushroom and bacon combo? It looks divine. I need that right now! Gorgeous dessert photo too. :)

  10. Junia: it does, its quite neutral tasting. Roasted chickpeas is awesome, I agree. I posted a recipe sometime back.

    Being Healthier: time does fly a bit too fast sometimes. Enjoy your pascalized squirrel:)

    Yummychunklet: it is, work of art

    Anne: it tasted good too:)

    Nami:I don’t know how many blogs I visit everyday but its not much at all. It might seem a lot but its actually not. I somehow manage to find nice photos – from the blogs I read there is usually a few nice photos! Thank you so much for your kind words, much appreciated.

    Sissi: I thought the title was mysterious! I think it is the pressure. If I understand correctly if you close the lids when the jars are warm, as it cools down the air inside contracts and the external pressure becomes higher than the internal pressure. Thank you also for your kind words, much appreciated.

    Sylvia: nice, you are going to have some nice cookies during the weekend

    Rosa: thank you

    Briarrose: thank you

    Caroline: its not difficult to make. Hope I motivated you!