Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Food for the trip to Mars and Ying Yang mooncake

Pasta with stir fried bean sprouts and carrots
Food Diary (August 30, 2011)
Breakfast: Flax seed sourdough toast with cheese
Lunch: Pasta with stir fried bean sprouts and carrots
Dinner: Pasta and yellow pea soup, pickled carrot and apple salad

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Source: Sparklette
Ying Yang mooncake and baked mooncake with mixed berries


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Great news, we are in the process of identifying how astronauts feed themselves if and when they go to Mars, and this could happen as early as the 2030’s. The timing is not certain but the process of identifying how astronauts feed themselves has long begun. And we still haven’t found a solution to solve the food shortage situation on our own planet. 

The solutions for the astronauts include growing some of their own food and engaging in much more food preparation than their counterparts do on the International Space Station. The scientists are quite clever, they figured out that growing plants would mean supply of oxygen for the astronauts and air purification. Meanwhile we are still trying to figure out how to clean up our own earth.

The trip to Mars will be a 5-year mission and that would mean almost 7,000 pounds of food per person. Of course we don’t want the astronauts to run out of food while they are there since the nearest food outlet will be a long way away. This could be irrelevant if the mission does not manage to get off the ground.

Non-Food Related Stuff
I stretch everyday, including before and after exercise, but I guess you really did not need to know that. I stretch because I know its good for me. Stretching stretches muscles, hence the reason its called stretching. There are other reasons which I didn’t manage to completely understand until I saw this amazing short video. It is fantastic, and I hope it is accurate. The presenter has a PhD in his field, though this does not guarantee that the video is accurate. I hope you watch it because it visually shows the importance and benefits of stretching.

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  1. That reminds me, I love moon cakes! But I'm a cheap moon cake eater. I don't like the yolks :P

  2. Who will help me eat my mooncakes? I bought 2 and my neighbour gave me 2. I'm the only one eating them in my household!!

  3. Ohh moon cake festival is near, I see these expensive little things showing up at the Asian supermarkets

  4. That guy's a little fuzzy. A Phd in fuzz theory eh? Hey, I'm not knocking the stretching part, I believe in it and practice it myself every morning.
    The mooncakes look impressive! I wouldn't attempt them ... sounds like a lot of work. I admire those who can and will try their hand at it. I'm not a great fan but I'd eat the nutty ones and the salted egg yolk ones if I get some. There are some really weird flavors going around today.

  5. Lorraine: yes its back.

    yummychunklet: it does

    lifeisfull: I can:)

    angsarap: I haven't seen them yet, I probably won't see much here

    ping: very well put, I wasn't sure how to describe the guy in a diplomatic way. Once I was in Sing/Malaysia during the mooncake season and the shops were dishing out samples. There were so many different flavours. I tried all of them, I think I had no lunch or dinner, my stomach wasn't happy with me. Not a good idea

  6. This man is craaaaaazy!!! It was a bit difficult to watch, I didn't know such videos were possible to find on internet (it gets more and more politically correct...). Thanks for finding it for us!

  7. I had to stretch after watching that video...interesting presentation...and though a bit fuzzy, it seems to have some merit~

    Love the mooncakes!

  8. Stir fry bean sprouts and carrots! Genius. I love the idea of adding that to pasta- never done it before but you bet I will now

  9. always sparks for food-related thought, in many directions. Today, I enjoyed reading about the Mars mission--hard to imagine dealing with the food issue on a 5-year journey.
    in the meantime, we need to figure out how to sustainably feed our earth inhabitants--as the piece rightly points out.

    thanks for all your provocative connections!

  10. That mooncake sounds SO good!

    I am a big fan of it multiple times a day!

  11. Sissi: I found his presentation style a bit ‘different’!

    Lizzy: it worked!

    Kitchen Belleicious: it worked well

    Nancy: glad you enjoyed the bit on Mars

    Joanne: that mooncake does sound delicious.

  12. i didn't realize the importance of stretching until last year when i started yoga and pilates. my body feels so much leaner than ever!