Monday, August 29, 2011

World's Weirdest Food-Sporting Events

Potatoes with Hungarian sausage (kolbász)
Food Diary (August 29, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums and flax seeds 
Lunch: Potatoes with Hungarian sausage (kolbász)
Dinner: Pasta with yellow beans and tomato sauce

Thankfully the meal in the photo above tasted a lot better than it looks! I don’t edit my photos but I am sure no matter what trick I used to enhance the photo, it would still look rather sad. I guess some foods are best eaten and not photographed.  

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Interesting summary of the world's weirdest food-sporting events:
Pumpkin Chunkin': Machines are built that chuck pumpkins as high and far as possible. This year's Chunk runs November 4 - 6 and will air on the Science Channel.
Olive Oil Wrestling: This could be the national sport of Turkey. Wrestlers are covered head-to-toe in olive oil. The player’s whose “umbilicus is exposed to heaven” first loses. I presume this means a person loses when he is flat on his back. Watching scantily clad larger than average sized man with pot bellies, covered heat to toe in olive oil, extra virgin I suppose, and wrestling each other may or may not excite all of us. I prefer to use olive oil for cooking but it is a really good moisturizer
Grape Stomping: jumping on grapes
Can and Carton Regatta: An Australian sport where boats must be made entirely out of either milk cartons or beer cans.
Cheese rolling: The event has been a tradition for over 200 years
Pancake racing: The people of Kansas compete against their counterparts in Olney, England by running down the streets of each town, flipping pancakes
World Series of Beer Pong: Beer pong is a nationally recognized sport held in Las Vegas and offering a grand prize of $50,000. We used to play variations of this during university days not knowing if we practiced more it could have had lucrative payoffs. It could have been a valid response to our parents concerns about the level of drinking!
Keg Tossing: This is one of the events that determine who is crowned the World's Strongest Man. The keg increases in weight as the competition goes on and must be tossed over a 14-foot wall
Giant Pumpkin Regatta: Giant pumpkin regattas are held in which adults carve all the fillings out of truly life-size pumpkins and paddle their way down a body of water. This is popular in Vermont along Lake Champlain, in Elk Grove, Calif., and Windsor, Canada.
Stinging Nettle Eating: Thousands upon thousands of Brits flock to Dorset every year for the Stinging Nettle Eating competition. What started in the mid-1980's as a way to settle a dispute between two local farmers now sees upwards of 50 people compete by eating as many raw, prickly stinging nettle leaves off of a 20-inch stalk as possible.

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  1. I've heard about the pumpkin tossing but not so much the others! Olive oil wrestling actually sounds like fun :P

  2. I love the color of the pink-hued frosting!

  3. i totally agree - some foods are just not pretty photographed!! i get so frustrated with certain blog posts b/c the pictures are not what i am looking for!

  4. I once saw the Turkish wrestling on tv. I must say it didn't look very appealing... I have already seen the cheese rolling somewhere too...
    You will not beat my aji no hiraki (salted and grilled fish) photo! It was the ugliest dish I make, but one of the most delicious ones too...

  5. Actually this looks delicious to me. I can just imagine how tasty those crunchy little potaotes are and I'll bet those sausages are tasty too! I'd never heard of the stinging nettle competition before it sounds like an awful idea! Although, my 7 year old daughter and I did heat a stinging nettle on the end of a stick recently over a BBQ fire and it tasted quite nice a bit like spinach, but of course the heat takes out the sting, much better way to try it if you ask me! Jenny

  6. ah i never knew of such interesting events! what is the purpose of chucking pumpkins via machine though? I would assume they would break and cause quite a mess upon impact with the ground.

    fantastic photo indeed.

  7. That pumpkin regatta sounds AMAZING! It's combining my two of my most favorite childhood events: pumpkin carving and tubing :)

  8. In fact, your potato photo is good , It look tempting to me.

  9. What usual competitions! I am too much of a lightweight to ever master beer pong enough to make any money :)

  10. Lorraine: fun to watch or participate?:)

    Yummychunklet: that’s one of the most attractive features, quite different from the regular frosting

    Junia: yes, poor food! Some are created to be eaten, some are created to be photographed, analysed by Michelin inspectors and reviewers and then finally eaten!

    Sissi: I’ve never seen Turkish wrestling but I think I will have a similar view as you do. “You will not beat my aji no hiraki (salted and grilled fish) photo!” It’s a matter of opinion:)

    Jenny: The stinging nettle competition – I saw it on the River Cottage series. Not fun to participate and not fun to watch either!

    Being Healthier: exactly, and someone has to clean up afterwards.

    Parsley Sage: that sport was created for you!

    Sonia: thank you, you are too kind!

    Lizzy: practice makes perfect:)

  11. Yummy potato sausage dish! A really comforting and delicious combination.

  12. The yellow and orange hues in your lunch makes it look appealing actually! Bah, no weird food-sporting event near where I live. ;)

  13. I want to visit some of those event they look weird but fun!