Saturday, September 10, 2011

7 Subtle Signs That You’re Healthy

Baked potato pancake with chorizo and ajvar
Food Diary (September 10, 2011)
Breakfast: Wholemeal sourdough with boiled egg
Lunch: Baked potato pancake with chorizo and ajvar
Dinner: Yellow beans in spicy tomato sauce with wholemeal sourdough toast
Baking/sweets: Plum jam

Potatoes, chorizo and ajvar worked well together. Ajvar is relish made from red bell peppers, eggplant, garlic and chili pepper. It comes from Balkans.  Quite delicious and definitely a worthy competitor to tomato sauce as a condiment. 

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Interesting looking platter

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The title "7 Subtle Signs That You're Healthy", grabbed my attention. I am not sure how useful you think these 7 subtle signs but here they are anyway: 
1. Relatively Clear, Copious Urine: If you're peeing a few times a day and it's pale yellow—not cloudy, dark, or super-concentrated—that means that you're adequately hydrated and your kidneys are healthy. Completely colorless urine, however, indicates that you may be over-hydrated, and while that's not as problematic as being dehydrated, it could mean that you're losing valuable salts and electrolytes.
2. Regular, Well-Formed Bowel Movements: Normal feces comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, but as long as yours isn't bloody, loose, or painfully hard, you're probably okay. Being regular is another good indicator of relative health; when your body is processing solid waste quickly and efficiently, it shows that there's adequate fiber in your diet and your digestive system is working properly.
3. Stable Weight: Assuming you're not grossly underweight or morbidly obese, a relatively stable weight is a sign of good health. Significant unexplained gains and losses or yo-yoing back and forth on diets are causes for concern.
4. Quick Wound Healing:  If you find that small cuts, scrapes, or burns take a very long time to heal or if you experience unexplained bruising from light pressure, see a doctor.
5. Healthy Hair and Nails: The integumentary system (which includes hair and nails) is often the first place that a serious vitamin deficiency shows up. This shortage can cause weak, deformed fingernails and toenails and hair that falls out in clumps. If your hair's biggest problems are frizziness or split ends, then it's more or less healthy.
6. Regular Menstrual Periods: Regular periods with normal premenstrual symptoms are one of the best indicators that your reproductive system is healthy. Irregular, painful periods and excessive or prolonged bleeding are symptoms that should be checked out by a doctor.
7. Decent Sleep: True, most of us don't get quite as much sleep as we should, and occasional insomnia is considered normal. But as long as you're sleeping through the night on a regular basis and not experiencing night sweats or being awakened repeatedly by the urge to urinate, you're probably hitting all the necessary sleep rhythms. And if you're generally waking up feeling at least moderately refreshed, things are looking good.

The first two points makes me think of motor vehicles. If the vehicle is smoking a lot or the fumes are smelling 'different' its an indication that the engine needs some attention. The human body is no different. What the article missed is our breath as it is affected not only by garlic we eat but also internal processing. I am not an expert but thats what I think. The fourth point does not make me think of a vehicle. If it starts to rust it won't 'heal' itself, you either have to get it fixed or cover it up and sell the vehicle, preferably not to your friend or neighbour! Strangely enough the sixth point makes me think of  vehicles. I've had cars which were moody or temperamental! Hope I didn't cause any offence with my analysis!

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  1. No offense taken - in fact all welcome information and interesting - thanks!

  2. ahhh those 7 points of being healthy are so true! especially the sleep part. i went from sleeping 8 hours to 4 hours this past week and my body is not happy!! trying to get back into the routine again of working!

  3. Woohoo! It sounds like I'm actually healthy! :P

  4. Haha! No offense but definitely a loss in appetite :P
    And here I was drooling after the chorizo/potato pic. Ajvar sounds mighty interesting. Got a recipe?
    And that looks like a sea urchin on the interesting platter. I tried it once (and that's it) and was so put off by the urea aroma. Hmm ... maybe this was a good article to go with it :D

  5. Mary: good to know!

    Junia: its quite a handy, small and uncomplicated list. It does not cover all issues but its probably good start.

    Lorraine: great!

    ping: I took the easy method of acquiring ajvar – supermarket:) Here’s a link for the recipe:
    It does not sound too complicated. The authentic stuff involves fire roasting the peppers but the commercial one I had probably wasn’t done over a fire, even though it was made using homestyle recipe. I hope you soon manage to get back the appetite and starting thinking of food again.

  6. The pancake looks really great and ajvar is something I have been meaning to make for a long time. The ones I have bought (I tried different brands) were of course disappointing...
    Very interesting health signs. I have already heard about the point 1 and 2, the latter being underestimated according to many doctors (I have once heard a doctor saying that less people would die of certain cancers if they observed more what happens in their toilets ;-) ).

  7. Heh. My husband and i Just had a 'who's healthier' contest with your list :)

  8. I'm pretty healthy then. Interesting article as usual, and you're right about the breath as an indicator of health.

    Also, love that platter, even if I'm not sure what everything is.

  9. Your baked potato pancake with chorizo and ajvar looks really good. I have not had ajvar, but I do like relishes.

    I think your car analogies are good one.

  10. Sissi: I’ve tried different ajvar and the taste/quality does vary. I does not look particularly difficult to make, maybe I will attempt one day. Probably observing what happens in the toilet is not the most fun thing to do:)

    Parsley Sage: great, but I won’t ask for results. Next time give him some Red Bull an hour or so before the test:)

    Hester: thank you

    Elaine: if you like relishes I am sure you will like ajvar too.

  11. Whew. I think I'm healthy. Old, yes, but healthy, too :)