Monday, September 12, 2011

Religion and eating meat, and Red wine chocolate coconut cookies

Red wine chocolate coconut cookies

Food Diary (September 11, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Pasta with spinach and egg
Dinner: Wholemeal sourdough toast and peanut butter, pickled carrots

Red wine + coconut + chocolate in a cookie is unusual but delicious. You have just to take my word for it, or try it yourself.

The cookies are light and crispy, not very sweet and have a complex flavor. 

The aroma from combining red wine and cocoa or chocolate is absolutely divine. I cannot explain in words the aroma but it reminds me of high quality Mexican vanilla beans. Unfortunately some of the aroma disappears once the cookies are baked but I guess you can’t have everything.

The cookie dough is unlike regular cookie dough, instead it is more like bread dough. As such it is quite workable and easy to form into shapes. The recipe is available here.

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Pepper Salt Shanghai Small Yellow Fish on Green Mango Salad

Today’s Favourite Blog
I’ve heard people say that the human body was not designed to consume meat. I also saw a documentary on evolution and different parts of the body from our ancestors was analysed. The teeth from our ancestors was more flat and the researchers concluded that it was a sign of vegetarianism. As we evolved and started eating meat the shape of the teeth changed in order to allow us to chew meat.

Today I came across an article looking at meat consumption from the religious perspective. I am certainly not trying to preach any religion, neither am I trying to express a view on whether or not god exists! I am merely summarising the article.

In the Old Testament, believers could eat meat, as long as the animal was classified as “clean” (Deuteronomy 14:3-8). In the New Testament Jesus declares all foods “clean” (Mark 7:19). The apostle Paul said “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving” (1 Timothy 4:4). So Christians are morally free to eat all foods God created, including meat.

What about Hindu’s? Orthodox Hindus view meat, fish, eggs, onions and garlic as profane foods, i.e., ritually impure, and therefore unacceptable as religious offering, except in certain Tantric rites. Certain emotions are linked to various foods and meat is believed to stimulate rajasic (passion, restlessness) and tamasic (indolent) tendencies. Thus those seeking mental serenity avoid meat. Many meat eaters abstain from these foods at least once a week as a religious discipline.

The Buddhism view point is mixed. One view is that it is deemed acceptable to eat meat so long as animals are not slaughtered specifically to feed the eater. Another view is that it depends on location. Someone living in the Arctic must be able to eat animal-based food.

The article did not discuss other religions and unfortunately my knowledge in this area is lacking to make any meaningful contribution. 

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  1. Red wine chocolate coconut cookies will be dancing in my dreams tonight - sounds decadently delicious!

  2. Ah yes, the coconut in the cookie. You have great taste! :D
    Hmm... my brain is thinking "rude" looking at that pic of the fish but ... change subject ...
    Not slaughtered specifically to feed the eater ... so what do we eat? Roadkill? I've heard many interpretations from the different groups (logical and total nutcases) but we won't get into that here. I might just start something.

  3. I normally refrain from commenting on religious article, unless it was attacking my faith, to keep the peace! ;-) As for the muslims not eating pork, I think it's irrelevant how pigs are raised nowadays as they're following the teaching in their Holy Book which says pigs are unclean.

  4. mmmm yes that is a big reason why i stopped meating for the second time. (first time was for animal rights in high school). now it is for health. i feel so much better without it!

  5. Red wine cookies? That sounds too good to be true ;)

  6. Chocolate, red wine and coconut cookies- hoping this is also a case of 'one for me, one for the mix'. That's the start of a good night.

  7. That fish looks crispy delicious!

  8. Those cookies look and sound really interesting! I wonder if Mr NQN could spare some red wine for me to make these :P

  9. I must say it's a very diplomatic way to treat the meat vs. religion subject. As an absolute omnivore, who chooses what meat or meat parts to eat only according to their taste, I will not comment ;-)
    Your cookies look at least as good as the chocolate and red wine cake! One more great and creative idea!

  10. I love eating chocolate with red wine... what a great idea to make a cookie out of that lovely combo! :D

  11. INteresting about the meat eating and religion.

    Chocolate and red wine - a perfect combo!

  12. Mmm wine and chocolate sound like the ultimate indulgent pairing!

  13. Very interesting article and I love the red wine cookies! Adding in the coconut takes it to a whole new level!

  14. Never had red wine chocolate cookies...although I would love to try it! Sounds interesting, healthy, and delicious:DDD

  15. Ashley: I hope your dreams come true!

    ping: funny, I didn’t look at the fish that way until you said it – and now I see your point:) Cheeky fish! ‘Roadkill’ immediately came to my mind also when I read that sentence!!! Great minds think alike:)

    lifeisfull: good approach. I wasn’t aware of the contents of the holy book, thanks for bringing to my attention

    Junia: I guess meat is not for everyone.

    Maris: but it is true!

    Tori: its more like the case of “one for the mix, two for me”

    Raymund: it does!

    Lorraine: if am sure he would if you promise him some cookies!

    Sissi: thank you! I take the same approach, I choose based on taste etc

    Tiffany: thank you

    Mary: thank you

    Joanne: it is!

    Kitchen Belleicious: it does take it to another level, even higher:)

    Elisabeth: you should try it, it is delicious

  16. I will definitely try it.. I have some nice red wine that would be perfect for that :)

  17. Red wine coconut chocolate cookies...hmm...sounds intriguing!

  18. Wow that red wine and chocolate cookie is a must bake on my list now! :)

    And in terms of the religion - Muslims do not eat pork as it is considered 'unclean'.

  19. I've actually also been told that we were not designed to eat meat. Hm, very interesting. Love that you combined chocolate and wine in these cookies.

  20. I know that I should try out these cookies but I haven't had enough of the ANZAC ones yet!!

  21. What unique cookies! I'd love to try them...I'm all in favor of anything recipe that includes coconut. And I feel better when I don't eat meat, but I do crave a good steak or burger now and then (and also live with a bunch of carnivores!).

  22. What an interesting flavor combination for a cookie. I don't think I've seen red wine used like cool.

  23. Marina: great, looking forward to hearing how it went

    Yummychunklet: yes it is unusual but nice!

    Xinmei: good to know, and looking forward to hearing how it went

    Caroline: initially we were not designed to eat meat but perhaps the designed changed!

    Sylvia: one can never get enough of ANZAC cookies!

    Lizzy: same here, crave the occasional meat

    Briarrose: thnak you

  24. A very clever combination - perfect for picnics and lunch boxes. I would have never thought of putting thr two together - I would have probably added chilli and would have ended up with an inedible cookie :-) yours looks pretty too. I don't eat meat and I never feel the need too.

  25. perfect combination .. i like it .. thanks for sharing ..

  26. Red wine in the cookies? Wow that's new to me and very unique!!