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Get married and divorced and gain weight, and red wine and soy flank

Sautéed chicken gizzard with rice
Food Diary (September 05, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with prunes, coconut, flax seeds and sunflower seeds
Lunch: Sautéed chicken gizzard with rice
Dinner: Pasta with yellow peas
Baking/sweets: Chocolates

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Red Wine and Soy Marinated Flank Steak

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Sometime ago I was having a discussion with locals In Central Asia regarding weight gain. Their view is that when a person is doing well financially he/she gains weight because they can afford more expensive food, including meat, cakes and sweets, as well as more booze. My view was the opposite, when a person is under financial strain they are more likely to gain weight because they focus less on healthy eating and exercise, eat more sweets to get the sugar high as well as eat more ‘cheaper’ fast food. And this leads to todays favourite blog post.

A recent study found that women have a tendency to gain a few pounds after tying the knot, while men are likely to do the same after divorce. I know what you are thinking, and I am thinking the same. Is it because woman become happier when they get married and men get happier when divorced? There is no shortage of jokes in this area. Mike from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ had this to say about his marriage: “I had 18 blissful happy years - and then I met her".

The study which came from Ohio State University focused on weight changes within a two-year span after marriage or divorce and surveyed 10,000 people between 1986 and 2008. It was found that “divorces for men and, to some extent, marriages for women promote weight gains that may be large enough to pose a health risk.” The research also found that people over 30 were more likely to gain weight around these major life events, possibly because they’ve already settled into certain patterns of diet and exercise.

Why the weight gain? The authors did not refer to the ‘happiness’ theory I mentioned above. Perhaps they wanted to be more diplomatic. They offered the following suggestions.  Married women often take on a larger role in household duties than men, resulting in less time for exercise. Meanwhile, married men get a health boost during marriage but lose it once they get divorced (possible because of depression?), which leads to weight gain.

Perhaps there is no right answer and men and woman will have different views, and this may differ from the researchers views. Unfortunately I cannot offer any personal insight since I have yet to be divorced, and that’s probably because I am not married yet!

While on this topic, do you know what is the biggest cause of divorce? According to my detailed analysis the biggest cause of divorce is marriage.

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  1. Whoa! Great analysis ... hahahahahaha!! Good one! I'll bet if and when you do get married, your beloved's gonna get pretty wide due to all the delicous cookies you make ... oh but then, you also have those super healthy meals .. hmm... maybe not. Sorry, bad analysis :D

  2. haha now that is quite a post title! I think that encompassed just about everything in life!

  3. I love your analysis :-) sounds about right...women do put on weight when they get married and .... happiness is the key factor - though, I do also beleive that when stressed, all I do is eat - comfort eating - life seems better after a few yummy dishes have been consumed :-)

    great post!

  4. Mr. Three-Cookies, I have always thought there is nothing romantic (as happiness, love etc.) to do with gaining weight after getting married (or divorced). From what I observe both men and women gain weight after getting married and in my opinion it's simply because of their lifestyle change and of course because of their age.
    As for the divorce, I am a bit cynical: I believe men are simply starting to eat junk food because, let's be frank, how many men cook like you do???
    (By the way, beware! You have just revealed you are not married and there are all these unmarried women observing your cooking skills... You might start being harassed ;-) )
    Have you ever had flank steak? It's a wonderful part of beef (for me it's the best part for hamburgers). The French love it as a steak, the Swiss sell it for nothing, like second-quality cut, and I know many countries where they don't even have this cut and probably use it for sausages or even dog food!

  5. Hehe ... I like what Sissi said ... the beware part. :D

  6. LOL!!!!!!!!! I agree with everything Sissi said regarding weight gain comment. She's just so good! What a fun post to read. My opinion? Um...both my husband and I gained weight after getting married because my cooking is good! ;-) Just kidding... prob from life style change and less focus on ourselves (more for kids).

  7. ping: thank you, I tried to do my best with the analysis. It required a lot of thought and some calculations:) Cookies + healthy meals = balance?

    Lorraine: possibly!

    Shilpa: thank you, and thanks for agreeing with the happiness theory:) I agree, when I am stressed etc I sometimes eat more than I should:)

    Sissi: your theory also seems correct, it seems there is no right answer. But I like my happiness theory also, its probably not correct but its fun! About divorce and man eating junk food, it seems reasonable to me. However around half of the girls I dated either did not cook well or did not like to cook:) I think this discussion can continue forever ... And thanks for the ‘beware note’:)

    Flank steak is nice, I had it long time ago. In Aust, NZ its not popular with humans, more popular as animal feed it seems, just like the Swiss do!

    Nami: of course because of your cooking, we can see it in your blog posts:)

  8. Great post! I agree that any lifestyle changes can knock off your routine and aid in weight gain!

  9. I loved Lizzy's photo as well!

  10. Mr. Three-Cookies, in Switzerland this cut is not as appreciated as in France, but it is sold at least ;-)
    I was told many countries don't even know it (they don't cut it out of the carcass).
    Of course I will not say food can't heal the unhappiness... Whenever I feel down, I feel like a bit of chocolate... Both reasons are true, everything depends on the person.

  11. Mmmm....that flank steak calls to me.

    Biggest cause of divorce is marriage...lol. ;)

  12. Oh, how fun to find my flank steak photo here! What an honor! And such a lively conversation going on about women gaining weight after marriage.

  13. Cassie: exactly, or are we looking for any excuse to indulge:)

    Yummychunklet: its awesome

    Sissi: I think its underappreciated in Sweden also. I guess it would be more appreciated in Italy, just like in France, and underappreciated in England. There is a sort of a trend here!

    Briarrose: the steak already took the call!

    Lizzy: yes, and men gaining weight too

  14. so interesting. i think that weight gain just happens also later in life... since your body naturally slows down in terms of metabolism!

  15. that slab of meat sure looks delicious!