Monday, September 5, 2011

Insects are coming to EU restaurants and spiced pumpkin cupcakes

Dulce de leche lava cake
Food Diary (September 04, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with pear, flax seeds and sunflower seeds
Lunch: Pickled herring and pasta salad
Dinner: Wholewheat sourdough, pickled carrot and apple salad
Baking/sweets: Dulce De Leche Lava Cake, chocolates

If you love dulce de leche and lava cake I am sure you will love dulce de leche lava cake. And if you don’t love either of them then I feel sorry for you! This lava cake is delicious, just the way it should be, and it behaved appropriately too. As I fondled its sides with my spoon the ‘volcano erupted’, spewing out gooey liquid gold.

At this point I was reminded how challenging food photography is, even though I am certainly not a professional food photographer. It may seem easy and fun to point your camera and click but when there is a luscious dessert sitting lonely and waiting for attention it is extremely challenging to pick up the camera instead of the spoon, or keep your fingers off. And this is what happened when I photographed the dulce de leche lava cake. I had never tried dulce de leche lava cake, actually I have never heard of it either, I was absolutely dying to taste it. It was like torture, taking photos when I could smell and almost taste the cake. However as I am writing this the plate has already been licked clean. There is not even a trace left.

The recipe is available here.

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Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes

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Source: Daily Mail
The focus on eating insects has been increasing recently, and now the European Union thinks insets should start appearing on menus after experts in Brussels recommended that bugs could be a vital source of nutrition. The European Commission is offering £2.65million into a project to promote eating insects.

Insects are a cheap way to help save the environment and solve the food shortage crisis. Insects emit fewer greenhouse gases than cattle, require less feed and are viewed as more environmentally friendly. They are rich in calcium and protein, while low in fat.

Professor Marcel Dicke from Wageningen University in Holland believes that by 2020 insects will be available in supermarkets. He gave an example of eggplants and sushi, foods that were not eaten in Europe previously. Now they are quite popular. 

It is interesting to observe the food trends. Foods like sushi, tofu and hummus were relatively unknown until not so long ago, now they have become really popular. Insects are presently being eaten in some parts of the world while the rest of the world probably thinks it is disgusting. Fast forward 5-10 years and insects would well become just a normal food item. If all goes to plans I could be having deep fried grass hoppers with my beers. Interesting times ahead.

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  1. Oh wow! That lava cake is certainly seducing!
    Lots of fried insects a little north from where I am ... Thailand. I've always wanted to try the fried grasshoppers, since they're the less gross looking and sounding of all the other insects, but still haven't the guts to do it ... speaking of guts ....

  2. Who wouldnt want a dessert with goodness oooozing out!

  3. ahhhh i know what u mean about not eating it before you take the picture!!! so hard! the lava cake looks SOO good! love how you put dulce de leche in it!

    and the thought of eating insects just made me lose my appetite......

  4. I'll never forget the chestnut lava cake I found in Paris! I'm sure a dulce de leche one would be almost as good :)

  5. Eating insects, well thats not me. I saw thes bugs when I had a vacation in Thailand and some did gross me out

  6. I lode dulce de leche, but have never heard of lava cake (not to mention eating it). I have to check your recipe. The cake looks luscious and I can believe how hard to was to photograph. I have also thought you had to make a photo very quickly before all the lave goes out of the cake! It must have been very challenging indeed.
    I have already seen there are some (rare) French internet shops offering grilled insects as snacks or even sweet versions. I think I would like to taste some insects grilled...

  7. Sorry for the typo, I meant "I love dulce de leche" of course... Not enough coffee in my organism.

  8. I'm pretty sure I'd loove that cake! Dulce de leche is totally my thing haha I love the name of that cake too ;)

  9. OMG, the DDL lava cake look so tempting and good, will try to make this one day.

  10. ping: I heard grasshoppers taste like chips. As we start to see more insects on the menu our guts will start craving for it:) You need to visit Thailand more often!

    Erica: exactly!

    Junia: thank you, it was a real challenge!

    Hannah: I’ve never tried chestnut lava cake but it surely sounds delicious

    Raymund: some of them can be rather scary looking or unappetizing – esp spiders, scorpions etc

    Sissi: If you have never tried lava cake, you should try a regular one first – chocolate and made with eggs and not much flour. Its amazing, but very rich. My recipe is modified, I made it egg free so its less rich etc but still delicious.

    Valerie: thank you!

    Sonia: I hope you do

  11. Insects-eating....? I don't think I am ready for that.......
    Your dulce de leche lava cake looks really super!

  12. I honestly can't stop looking at that dulce de leche lava...I want to lick the screen.

  13. 2.65 million pounds. Oh my god. I'm sure there are better things that money could be spent on...

  14. Oh, wow, that dulce de leches lava cake looks amazing!!! I'm checking your links next. And I doubt I'll ever jump on the insect eating bandwagon :)

  15. That cake looks insanely good. Dulce de leches lava cake?! I mean really, who would not fall in love with that.

  16. Your lava cake looks scrumptious!

  17. Thanks for controlling your urge to eat the cake so that we are all able to enjoy it as well!! wonderful recipe yet again!

  18. Absolutely love photography that captures the beautiful sauce oozing out like that! Looks pretty delicious!

  19. Angie: I am ready for it though!

    Joanne: perhaps clean the screen first before licking. Or maybe smear some DDL on the screen:)

    Parsley Sage: such as distributing insect samples:)

    Lizzy: thank you!

    Beth: exactly!

    Yummychunklet: thank you

    Sylvia: it was difficult but I managed (this time!)

    Chopinandmysaucepan: thank you