Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Healthy Diet and Coconut Oat Oreo

Chocolate ANZAC / Coconut Oat Oreo Cookies
Food Diary (September 20, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Mexican spiced chicken and chickpea sandwich
Dinner: Roasted parsnip with sautéed spinach  

I love ANZAC cookies in its original form and have been hesitant to make drastic changes since the original cookies are great. If it ain't broken don't fix it. I finally decided to give chocolate ANZAC cookies a try.  The cookies ended up being quite different from ANZAC cookies, probably because I used a lot of cocoa powder. They didn’t remind me of ANZAC cookies at all, they actually reminded me more of Oreo cookies, a coconut oat version. They are wonderful to say the least. 

These cookies are really delicate, you need to handle them with more care than a new born baby!

The recipe is available here.

Today's Favourite Photo
Red Currant Citrus Olive Oil Cake

Today’s Favourite Blog
There are plenty of discussions and recommendations on what is the healthiest diet. Biologists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have come up with a different approach, by studying genes. Scientists fed slightly overweight people different diets, and studied the effect of this on gene expression. Gene expression is a term I could not understand but here is the definition “it refers to the process where information from a gene's DNA sequence is translated into a substance, like a protein, that is used in a cell's structure or function.”

The scientists found that a diet with 65% carbohydrates, which often is what the average Norwegian eats, causes a number of classes of genes to work overtime. This affects not only the genes that cause inflammation in the body, but also genes associated with all the major lifestyle-related diseases.

The main suggestions contained in the article were:
- Eating several small and medium-sized meals throughout the day is important. Don't skip breakfast and don't skip dinner
- One-third of every meal should be carbohydrates, one-third protein and one-third fat
- Instead of light products, we should eat real mayonnaise and sour cream, have real cream in your sauce and eat oily fish
- Both low-carb and high-carb diets are wrong

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  1. I so like the suggestions in that article!

  2. Once again lovely reads, your today lunch sounds so good...

    P.S Thanks for your support and kind words, my blog is up. Some post were restored, others I have to do again but I am glad it is working atleast.

  3. A coconut oat oreo cookie?! How intriguing!

  4. Gosh, I love that dark color in that cookie. And the textures the coconut gives it must be great! At first glance I thought they were pine nuts. That's a good list to follow altho having to measure out the portions might be a bit of a hassle :D I'd go for real butter, real milk, real food any day!

  5. The currant cake looks incredible!!! And interesting study about how many carbs to include in your diet...I agree with the frequent meals, but need to up my protein :)

  6. mmmm! I love that you put the chicken/chickpea mixture on a sandwich. And the cookies look amazing. I totally want to try!

  7. If there's one thing that could make oreos better, it's coconut and oats! What delicious cookies!

  8. Lifeisfull: me too, its simple and straight forward

    Reem: thank you. Glad to know your blog is back on its feet!

    Elaine: thank you

    ping: true, it would be quite tricky to measure. The part about using real stuff is best, and its starting to become accepted by other researchers. Butter, coconut oil etc etc

    Lizzy: me too!

    Erica: they were delicious!

    Joanne: that’s two things:) Two things make it doubly better!

  9. yes, our bodies need balance! i totally agree with making sure to be mindful of carbs, protein, and healthy fat or else our bodies go crazy!

  10. I have never been on the low fat thing when it comes to ingredients. I feel if I am going to use butter than I am going to use real butter, same with milk and everything else. Moderation is the key I think- moderation. I love those cookies and enjoy the fact that they came out tasting like oreos with coconut! YUM!

  11. I always enjoy your information and learn something new! Love the fact that we are supposed to eat real fats (mayo etc)

  12. Junia: balance and moderation - two key words!

    Alexis: thank you

    Kitchen Belleicious: same here, use the real think, and if necessary in moderation

    Mary: thank you so much.

  13. That science article sounds like good old moderation works.

  14. "Oreo" and "healthy diet" in the same sentence scared me! Luckily it was only healthy cocoa ;-)
    I think the person who will say what is the healthiest diet for everyone will be the richest person in the world... There are so many different climates, lifestyles... I think according to the Norwegian scientists I have too much carbs, not enough fat and not enough proteins...

  15. Great rendition of the ANZAC! I will have to try it and pass my verdict too! ;)

  16. Coconut Oat Oreo's, count me in, they look so good. All I'd need is a glass of cold milk and a few of those lovelies!

  17. That cake slice is very eyecatching indeed! :)

  18. Kristen: exactly

    Sissi: Wish oreo's could be considered part of a healthy diet:)

    Sylvia: thank you, looking forward to your verdict!

    Carol: thank you

    Lorraine: it is, nice bright colors

  19. Thank you so much for choosing my photo as your favourite one :) It makes so happy to know you like it :) By the way, your cookies look amazing! So chewy and crispy at the same time that I highly doubt I'd be able to resist and eat less than one :D