Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swedish Beetroot Herring Salad

Swedish Beetroot Herring Salad
Food Diary (September 21, 2011)
Breakfast: Oat sourdough toast
Dinner: Pasta and yellow peas in tomato sauce

I tried beetroot herring salad sometime ago, it was one of those prepared salads sold at the supermarket. I was blown away, I wondered how something so simple could be so delicious. The salad is a very happy marriage between sweet beet, salty herring and creamy dressing, a blissful marriage. Of course this works well in the salad world, it cannot work so well in our world. Polygamy is frowned upon in many cultures and a criminal offence in many countries!

Back to the salad, the one from the supermarket was dressed in mayonnaise and créme fraiche. These were not present in my refrigerator, I used thick cultured milk instead and it worked great. The supermarket salad was well dressed, slightly overdressed I would say, mine on the other hand was scantily clad. Has your mind gone astray? Look at the time, we are talking about food. Back to the salad, again, to finish off, a few drops of hot sauce helped liven up the party. Sweet, salty, creamy, hot, delicious and nutritious, and very easy to prepare. The recipe is available here.

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Chocolate Cake

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Interesting research, and perhaps not the most welcome news. Thin people have greater will power to resist tempting, high-calorie foods than obese people.

Brain scans of thin people who looked at pictures of high-calorie foods showed increased activity in a region of the brain used for impulse control, but obese people showed little activity in this region, the researchers found. "I think there essentially may be biological reasons why people can't necessarily control their desire for food," said Robert Sherwin of Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut, who worked on the study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

I am guessing that if a thin person becomes obese or vice versa the persons will power should not be affected. So if an obese person works hard to reduce weight the person will need to continuously work hard to fight will power. Sounds like a continuous battle.

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  1. I also like to use buttermilk for salad dressing instead of mayonnaise and créme fraiche. For extra creaminess, I sometimes cheated by using "low fat" mayonnaise. :p

  2. I would love to try the beet root salad. Looks so pretty. You have convinced me that it is delicious. Thanks.

  3. i love beet root salad! i like mine raw though hehe. i'm all about making it healthier. supermarkets and restaurants always overdress their food!

  4. Oooh, I've totally eaten beetroot with sardines in a yoghurt dressing before! The idea of herrings makes it sound even better :)

  5. Mmmm ... beetroot. I love them roasted, cooked any which way. Raw is another matter. Great for coloring. Aren't they great!? I'd go for that lovely color ... umm, maybe minus the herring. Hey, I'm gonna be making ajvar later today. Hope it turns out right. Actually I wouldn't know if it's wrong since I have nothing to compare to. If it tastes good it must be right, right?

  6. Mr. Three-Cookies, luckily the laws ruling the food world are different from the ones ruling the human lives. I get crazy for herring and beetroot combination. Your salad looks and sounds fantastic!
    I put them both in a salad I sometimes make but the photos are always so awful...). What type of herring have you used here?
    Awful news... So the more we would like to get slimmer and would love to stop craving the food, the less chances we have to control ourselves. Luckily you haven't published this article on Monday ;-) Thursday is very close to the weekend, so I can take such news with more calm.

  7. Zoe: I've never tried buttermilk in dressing. Buttermilk is not so common here

    Quay Po Cooks: thank you

    Junia: I tried raw once, not a big fan (yet). I need to try more often to acquire the taste!

    Hannah: I have never tried with sardines, sounds good too

    ping: the beets in the salad were cooked. They are great for coloring for sure. Good luck with the ajvar making mission, looking forward to hearing your verdict. It will turn out right for sure, otherwise blame the recipe and the Balkan's taste:)

    Sissi: I used plain pickled herring. BTW I have correct the recipe herring now appears. Thanks for letting me know

  8. I am a recent convert to beetroot and now just can't get enough of it. LOVE the mix with pickled herring (which I find too strong on its own) - I prefer "scantily clad" salads so the dressing is perfect. Off now to get the recipe. Got distracted by that stunning chocolate cake.

  9. Oh, man, that chocolate cake is calling to me...what a gorgeous, glossy topping. Love the beets, too, but chocolate always trumps beets :)

  10. Beets are one of those veggies that I have grown to adore with age! This salad looks wonderful!

  11. My mom is suddenly very into beets...I'll have to make this salad for her. She'd love it. That cake is gorgeous too. Great find!

  12. I really like Swedish and Nordic salads and I can imagine the beetroot and herring salad to be delicious! :)

  13. Hester: beets are great once you start to like them!

    Carol: thank you

    Lizzy: chocolate does always trumps beets, unless you combine them!

    Tiffany: good to hear, they are awesome

    Caroline: I am sure she will, its delicious and versatile

    Lorraine: it is, and there is only one way to find out

    Simply life: it does, wish I could take one of the remaining slices