Friday, September 23, 2011

Slaughter free milk

Sautéed chorizo and onion with ajvar
Food Diary (September 23, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Sautéed chorizo and onion with ajvar, flax seed sourdough
Dinner: Beetroot and chickpea salad

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Maida Heatter's Johnny Appleseed Bars

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Source: Care2
Slaughter free milk is now available. Ahimsa Milk, a UK based company, claims to be the first and only company that sells slaughter-free milk.  Slaughter-free milk is produced without killing any cows, calves or bulls. No milk comes from dead cows but cows are slaughtered after they go past their optimal milk production stage. Slaughter free milk is sourced from cows that are never slaughtered. After the cows no longer produce milk they are sent to a ‘cow retirement village’ where they live out the rest of their lives.

The base price of Ahimsa milk is £2.25 per litre out of which 65p is allocated to the pension fund, hospice cost and vet costs. That’s about one third of the base price allocated for pension and related costs.

Perhaps the idea is interesting but it may be difficult to sustain. To estimate ‘pension costs’ requires complex actuarial calculations and I wonder whether sufficient statistics exists to do the calculations with a certain degree of reliably.

I wonder about the slaughter title. Most but not all cows are slaughtered, some may die earlier due to accidents, diseases or just natural early death. So we don’t really know whether the particular batch of milk we have comes from a cow that will be slaughtered in future, though most likely it will be.

And I think the title ‘slaughter free milk’ is not very appealing. 

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  1. Man, those apple bars have totally distracted me! Off to find the recipe...they look scrumptious!

  2. I'm going to look in my Maida cookbooks and see if I have that apple bar recipe - they look so good. Interesting about the Slaughter Free Milk. I really like the idea, but I agree that the title is not appealing.

  3. Actually the title got me wondering how slaughtered cows can produce milk. Haha! Now I get it, duh. I do like the retirement idea altho by the time the cow is over the milk production stage, it'll already be pretty weak and old.... cow osteoporosis? Poor things.
    Btw, did you cook the ajvar? Or stirred it in after the other stuff is cooked? I'm just curious to know what it's like after more cooking ... probably more concentrated in taste?

  4. i wasn't sure what to epect from the title, slaughter free milk! wow, i had no idea cows were slaughtered after their peak. seriously, this makes me even more adverse from ever eating animal products!

  5. Cattle's carbon footprint is one of the highest out of all the meat producing animals, so it is probably only normal that cows would be turned into beef after they have stopped producing milk. Having said that the thought of ingesting menopausal beef is not that appealing either...

  6. It was a great idea to combine chorizo and ajvar! I am sure they are made for each other.
    Slaughter free milk sounds really awful. I agree with Martyna that this way the cow become very very non-ecological. Maybe the producers should care more about the way in which the cows are slaughtered... "Painless End Milk?" It's a pity old cows' meat is not very flavoursome. A broth made with an old hen is delicious (although very time-consuming).

  7. Lizzy: I have been thinking about it as well, hoping a slice, even half, mysteriously appears

    Elaine: the recipe is on eats well with others site as well

    ping: I have cooked ajvar few times – added to pasta sauce, stew etc but mostly I use as a condiment or stir it in. I am sure the one you made tastes better than the ones I have had so far – yours is home made cooked by a pro:)

    Junia: sorry to put you off eating animal products even more

    Martyna: economically and environmentally it does not seem to make sense. But I am guessing a very small percentage of consumers are willing to pay a premium price for this kind of product. Its partially targeted at human emotions I guess. We haven’t fixed human living conditions and retirement issues fully yet but we are trying to create retirement home for cows!

    Sissi: I wonder if "Painless End Milk?" sounds more appealing than slaughterfree milk:)I have never tried old cows' meat, it could be similar to mutton and old hen. Stronger flavor but longer cooking time required.

  8. I love you lunch, that chorizo will give that dish a good flavour

  9. Ok, I agree, I shouldn't work in an advertising agency ;-)

  10. I want to sell something from myself now for a premium price to save for retirement. I could retire in a cow retirement village, if I were a cow