Thursday, September 22, 2011

What tastes like chicken and shot glass cheesecakes

Egg and beetroot sandwich
Food Diary (September 22, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Egg and beetroot sandwich
Dinner: Roasted parsnip and cauliflower
Baking/sweets: Chocolates

This chart is perhaps true. You be the judge!

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Shot Glass Cheesecakes

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Source: Reuters
Dogs in Qianxi, China are celebrating after the Chinese government banned a traditional carnival in which dogs are eaten after being chopped up alive in the street. The tradition dates back 600 years to celebrate a local military victory and is normally held every October.

The ancient fair was updated in the 1980s but dog-eating has remained. Vendors began to butcher dogs in public a few years ago to show their dog meat is fresh and safe, as a way to ease buyers' worry that the meat may be refrigerator-preserved or even contaminated.

More and more Chinese consumers have dogs as pets and it comes as no surprise that authorities gave in after public outcry. Times are changing. Perhaps other methods of celebrating the local military victory would now be more palatable. 

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  1. Haha! I love how rat tastes more like chicken than KFC! Too funny! And I'm glad to hear about the puppies in China... Interesting post today!

  2. Hmm I think I prefer the shot glass cheese cake (yum!) rather than the rat that tastes like chicken.

  3. Escargot tastes like chicken? Over here we pay an arm and several limbs to have them and they taste like chicken?! Good grief. Next time I'll save the shells and stuff them with chicken and no one will notice.... hopefully .. maybe I may have to twirl them up a little. ;D And crickets? I'm imagining they're all crunchy and not much flesh .. ech.
    I am very much against animal cruelty and this place won't be enough for me to say what I have to say about those folks in China.
    That sandwich is talking to me ....

  4. Hillarious! KFC tastes far from chicken... Pffff. I had frog before in Taiwan and it tastes like chicken too. This was a funny story... great Friday post!

  5. I love your sandwich! Have you put cooked beetroot or a pickled one?
    I agree with Nami. The chart is hilarious. Although those who have tasted chicken (or so called) products at McDonald's will agree KFC tastes very chickeny in comparison.
    Unfortunately, apart from KFC and snails, I haven't tasted any of the chicken tasting meats... For me snail doesn't taste like chicken! It has no taste and the deliciousness comes from garlic and herb butter.
    I can well understand people eating dogs and other animals we don't eat in Western countries, but celebrating a victory by chopping up living dogs sounds like from a horror film.

  6. That chart is hilarious!! Squirrel needs to be added, too, according to my in-laws :/

    Love the cheesecake shots, too~

  7. hahaha! i couldn't stop laughing when i saw how KFC fared on the chart!!!

  8. Martyna: I have never tried rats, would sure love to find out!

    Gourmet chick: I prefer both:)

    ping: I guess escargot has a fairly neutral taste and it does taste like some parts of chicken. If you cook escargot and chicken the same way, in the same sauce, I guess it might be tricky to tell them apart. Crickets is a tricky one - maybe more like crispy chicken skin?

    Nami: they should include frog in the list

    Sissi: it had cooked beets. I agree, KFC tastes more like chicken than the stuff at McD's (except that some McD's sells fried chicken similar to KFC). Yesterday I tasted chicken nugget at the supermarket, I will put it below KFC:) The horror film has ended!

    Lizzy: I never tried squirrel but I can imagine its similar to rabbit which is similar to chicken!

    Sylvia: same here!

  9. I love that KFC tastes LEAST like true, actually.

  10. snake and crocodile I have had, the rest not so much- including KFC! Which i think is hilarious that croc tastes more like chicken than kfc! So funny!

  11. I will pass on the rat...but those cheesecakes look wonderful!

  12. I almost vomited in my mouth when I saw "rat". Gross. Thankfully, I had the lovely shot glass cheesecakes to look at right after. =D

  13. hahahhaa love kfc on the chart! Those shot glass desserts look fabulous! What a cute idea.

  14. Yay to the ban on killing dogs for food!

  15. Came to your site whilst still browsing before breakfast this morning....and what a hearty laugh I had....that chart made me laugh out alaoud...rats????? well funny! and your sandwich made me a vegetarian, I suppose this beetroot and egg sandwich will be the closest I get to the taste of chicken then....I am making it...

  16. Thank you! I will remember your sandwich when I buy some beetroot.

  17. Lol, rat and others tastes more like chicken than KFC

  18. love that chart

    ~the geek in me