Monday, October 3, 2011

Foods That Make You Hungrier

Swedish Beetroot Herring Salad
Food Diary (October 03, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Dinner: Pasta with yellow beans

I've just realised, there is a lot of red/pink in this post. And bits of pink are also mysteriously appearing in some of the hyperlinks. Must be a sign, of what I don't know.
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If you want to avoid overeating, here are 6 Foods That Make You Hungrier.
Chewing Gum: Chewing gum stimulates the gastric juices, producing saliva. According to the saliva that is produced while chewing goes down to the stomach and fools the stomach into thinking there is food to be digested, making you hungrier.
Diet Soda: While the label may read “diet,” don’t be fooled. Studies prove that diet soda makes you hungrier. “Artificial sweeteners could have the effect of triggering appetite but unlike regular sugars they don’t deliver something that will squelch the appetite,” according to Sharon Fowler, obesity researcher at UT Health Science Center. According to Fowler, sweeteners could inhibit brain cells that make you feel full.
High Fructose Corn Syrup: The syrup interferes with the body’s metabolism so that a person can’t stop eating. It’s truly hard to control cravings because high fructose corn syrup slows down the secretion of leptin in the body. Leptin is a crucial hormone in the body that tells you that you’re full and to stop eating.
Frozen Dinners: Frozen dinners, especially diet frozen dinners, often don’t have enough calories to fill you up. Additionally, there isn’t enough roughage, specifically, fresh fruits and vegetables to expand in your stomach.
Pastries and Baked Goods: White sugar and flour has no fiber or nutrients. They send you through the roof and then you come crashing down much hungrier than you were before. And it’s a pretty fast process. Choose baked goods made with ancient whole grains and as little sugar as possible
Sugary Breakfast Bars: Unless breakfast bars are loaded with protein and minimally sweetened, they might as well be a pastry.

Personally I can attest to pastries, baked goods and sweets in general making me hungrier. Surprised to see chewing gum in the top 6. There is a common theme, all 6 items are sweet.

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  1. You keep teasing me with herring salads (and now beetroot!!!) I love love love herring! Maybe I should use it in my jelly mould recipe? Now that would be VERY different. Thanks for the foods that make you go hungry write up too!

  2. Your beetroot herring salad is such a pretty color. I agree with you about the chewing gum - that surprised me that it makes you hungrier.

  3. OK let's see how I do:
    Chewing Gum: very rare I chew gum
    Diet Soda: don't do soda much
    High Fructose Corn Syrup: Is it hiding in my food?
    Frozen Dinners: My downfall no2
    Pastries and Baked Goods: My downfall no1
    Sugary Breakfast Bars: not for me

  4. i always noticed that its the sugar that gets me eating more too. i try to eat as low sugar as possible! so hard!

  5. What pretty polka dot jelly!

  6. Lovely shades of fuschia!
    I guess it's pretty obvious I'm into my baked goods and pastries.

  7. I'm relieved. I hardly have any of these foods, but I have heard corn syrup is added to most food in the US. It must be one of the reasons of obesity there.
    I love the pink hues of your today's post. Maybe it means you're in good mood?

  8. I'm a little surprised to find that pastries make you hungrier but I'll use that as my excuse for overindulging on holiday :)

  9. oohh i like this!!! I knew about most except that HFCS is linked to leptin release.. Interesting - I mean there is a need for more research around leptin release anyway though.

    that polka dot jello is ridiculous!

  10. Martyna: jelly herring in a mould sounds interesting for sure!

    Elaine: thank you

    Cheap Ethnic Eatz: that’s not bad, great scores on most categories

    Junia: it is hard!

    Yummychunklet: it is

    ping: it is obvious, many of us are in the same boat as you, and happy to be there!

    Sissi: I also heard corn syrup is very extensively used in the US. Not sure about the good mood, and how pink found its way into the posts. Its funny, if you look at comments, your name is in pink. Maybe is shows you are in good mood:)

    Parsley Sage: it is a valid excuse

    Sonia: it does!

    Laural: I knew sweets affect appetite but didn’t know about this leptin business

  11. Hey, no one ever said too much pink is a bad thing. That jelly is awesome, I love it!

  12. Mr. Three-Cookies, I am always in good mood on Tuesday: it's my Japanese lesson day :-)
    By the way, I have heard about it today, maybe it might be interesting for you? I have thought it was like reading your blog :-)

  13. Wow! It's funny; why some people are in grey??? I thought at first it was because of the links I visited, but it doesn't work this way. Anyway, I'm very happy to be in pink :-)

  14. That jelly looks like its glowing

  15. Caroline: it probably isn't such a bad thing

    Sissi: interesting that you are learning Japanese language, you've already learnt cooking! You planning on moving to Japan? Thanks for the article link - very interesting. I think they also found a way to make mushrooms healthier by exposing it a bit more to light. Healthier vegetables means we have to eat less to get the same amount of benefits:)

    Raymund: glowing and attracting attention!

  16. I always feel my stomach trying to eat itself when I chew gum!