Sunday, October 2, 2011

Woman love food more than sex

Beetroot Jam
Food Diary (Oct 2, 2011)
Breakfast: Semolina porridge with plums and almonds
Lunch: Pasta with chickpeas in tomato sauce
Dinner: Carrot and onion soup
Baking/sweets: Beetroot Jam

I made carrot jam and following its success I thought there is no reason why beetroot should not produce a jam just as good. After all they are both sweet root vegetables.

The result was nice. The flavor was fantastic, so was the color.

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Interesting looking sushi

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Daily Mail
The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A new survey has found that probably this is also true for woman. The survey has found that woman think more about food than sex. And 10 per cent of those surveyed revealed that they would feel less guilty cheating on their partner than straying from their diet.

The most common reason for women in the UK to start a diet is trying to attain ‘the perfect beach body’. I wonder how many of these woman actually end up going to the beach, and for how long.

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  1. OMGoodness! Pardon me for not having a say on today's articles but that jam is calling me! Going off to the recipe!

  2. Though not a fan of beetroot, it looks simply yummy on that cracker!

  3. I'm intrigued with all these jams! carrot, beetroot, tomato etc!

  4. If that's the case why not have sex while having food, it will be win win situation for both :) Lol

  5. Your beetroot jam looks lovely (I still remember the carrot jam and still haven't made it!).
    I think actually the survey doesn't mean women think only positively about food (like cravings etc.). Many women are obsessed with fat, calories, guilt, they feel too fat, too ugly etc. and unfortunately food is usually linked to this.

  6. Those sushio look amazing! And the beetroot jam is really intriguing.



  7. Mary: that’s true. There were no details on age group that was sampled

    Martyna: it is delicious

    Ping: no worries for not having a say in the article, you like the jam more it seems:)

    Yummychunklet: beets to look great

    Sylvia: and there is probably more to come:)

    Angsarap: good solution, why choose when you can have both:)

    Sissi: thank you. Root vegetable season has started so I am sure you will get plenty of opportunities to experiment. I understand your view – food is linked to so many different things. The article I read wasn’t too detailed and I didn’t bother going to the source article

    Rosa: thank you

  8. Haha! I guess that proves the point!

  9. Haha I would absolutely agree with the whole women like food more than sex thing...not that I'm talking from personal experience. ahem.

  10. Love the idea of beetroot jam. I would love to taste it- sound so incredible.

    Umm. about the sex vs. food article- no comment! I can say I do love me some food:) LOL!

  11. Carrot and onion soup sounds fantastic! Women think about food more than sex hahaha- not shocked ;)

  12. I would love to try the beetroot jam. It looks really great.

  13. Mmmmmmm....beet jam sounds fabulous! Yeah, I'm with big surprise in that study :)

  14. hahahahah this is hilarious. i guess in the end, food is the way to everyone's heart!

  15. And they spent money on a survey to figure this out, duh! lol

  16. love those daily features of yours!