Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Funny professors and RIP cupcakes

Stir fried chorizo, peppers and onions with noodles
Food Diary (October 25, 2011)
Breakfast: Muesli
Lunch: Stir fried chorizo, peppers and onions with noodles
Dinner: Sourdough toast, muesli
Baking/sweets: chocolates

In yesterdays post I mentioned the blueberry and milk chocolate. It tasted divine yesterday, the chocolate has just the right amount of blueberry sauce. Today it tasted even better. Unfortunately it won’t taste better tomorrow, there is none left.  Here is a half decent photo of the cross-section.

Today's Favourite Photo
R.I.P. Cupcakes

Today’s Favourite Blog
Strange things happen in the world all the time. There was news that Smith College in Massachusetts was going entirely vegetarian, and that it would only buy food from local growers. Students were not pleased and they expressed their views in the way they do best – protests, slogans written on walkways and personal criticism of the manager of dining services. Smith College is a womans college so there were no riots, burning of cars, smashing windows and destroying mail boxes within the 5km radius. I am not making a statement about gender behavior, just recalling what happened at some other universities. 

What is strange is that the news was not real, it was a hoax, cooked up by two professors as part of their introductory class in logic.

What I find most strange is professors, not one but two, having a sense of humour. And it was part of a logic class. If we apply the same logic to other subjects maybe the law professors should play pranks that result in laws being broken. Funny professors indeed.

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  1. wow i actually believed it when you said smith college was going all vegetarian!!! hahaha this is hilarious! i love the teaching approach here!

  2. Yay! Thanks for posting the chocolate picture - shame it's all gone! hopefully you had it after dinner, or at least after your delicious lunch?

  3. Love professors with a great sense of humor!
    I'm sure you could whip up your own blueberry chocolate, no problems.... constant supply!

  4. Talk about a test tube in human studies lol, yeah a veg uni would not fly. Those cupcakes actually scare me lol.

  5. Those cupcakes are very creative. Love that idea!

  6. *giggles* Love the part about it not tasting good tomorrow :P

  7. Junia: yes very funny teachers, and they picked an interesting issue. Now they know students views towards vegetarianism

    Martyna: Its gone but it may make a reappearance!

    ping: probably little bit complicated to whip up – there’s blueberry sauce which hopefully should be relatively easy and theres also milk which is solid. Maybe powdered milk was used. Easier to buy I suppose

    Cheap Ethnic Eatz: no, even a test vege uni did not fly!

    Yummychunklet: yes there were creative, esp with the ‘soil’

    Hannah: well, that’s what happens when I don’t exercise self control and moderation:)

    Raymund: they are, and hopefully it didn’t scare you too much:)

  8. I hope they protested only against vegetarianism and not against locally grown produce :-)
    The chocolate looks gorgeous and reminds me of a milk chocolate with strawberry filling I used to love as a child. I also am sure you would be able to make it (and it would taste probably even better!).

  9. Actually, I was thinking of the easy way out using blueberry jam, melted dark chocolate and white chocolate and just layer them together. Probably won't be as great.

  10. Sissi: I would think it was mostly against vegetarianism, and partially for the sake of protesting, to miss lectures etc:) Chocolates have been extremely cheap the past couple of weeks - probably because of halloween. The bar I bought was outrageously cheap - and it was a premium 'series' from a leading manufacturer. You won't believe this but a 142gram bar cost me SEK5/USD0.76/€0.55. Its not a typo, and I suppose such prices will not be repeated often. I suspect it was sold at or below cost. Normally it could cost 3-4 times more.

    Lorraine: very cute

    ping: Replacing 'solid' milk with white chocolate would probably be quite nice, it should work, why not. But as I wrote above, it was so cheap, much cheaper than making it at home. One of those not so common occurences

  11. That chocolate sounds AWESOME. I would have devoured it all also.

    And that Smith college thing is SO FUNNY.

  12. It was very cheap indeed! I have never seen such cheap chocolates (even not the basic brands)

  13. I could dive into each photo you posted today and be quite satisfied. And I had to giggle at the prank at Smith College...wouldn't have been so humorous if there had been riots, though.

    PS...yes, the pumpkin toppers on my pumpkin bars are edible. They're made by the same company that makes candy corn...kind of sickening sweet, but they do make a cute decorative touch.

  14. your noodles looks so appetising! and how i wish i had professors like that! It would have made learning so much more interesting!

  15. kinda scared by the cupcakes but intrigued about the milk chocolate and bluberry mix!

  16. Now that was some prank....
    I love all the pics you posted today, delicious...
    Those cupcakes stole the show for me..

  17. Joanne: thank you, now I feel less guilty about overeating chocolates

    Sissi: the low price is certainly an exception

    Lizzy: that was a funny prank, and it came from professors!

    Sylvia: same here, professors with a sense of humour is so rare

    Kitchen Belleicious: it was a great mix, I was a bit sceptical myself initially

    Reem: thank you