Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Steve Jobs Diet and Smurfette

Rice and chickpeas
Food Diary (October 24, 2011)
Breakfast: Semolina porridge with banana and sunflower seeds
Lunch: Rice and chickpeas
Dinner: Pickled carrots, sourdough toast
Baking/sweets: chocolates

My eating highlight of the day was trying blueberry milk chocolate. It was a milk chocolate bar with a smooth milk filling topped with blueberry sauce. Absolutely amazing, a nice combination. I should have posted a photo of the chocolate instead of what you see above. Rice and lentils was very delicious, pity it failed in the looks department. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: masak-masak
Smurfette (Blue Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda Jelly) – blue food is attractive for some strange reason, maybe because its not common

Today’s Favourite Blog
Steve Jobs biography has some interesting and bizarre information on his eating habits. Jobs was affected by the book “Diet for a Small Planet” which is why he became vegetarian and which led him to embrace extreme diets. This included purges, fasts, or eating only one or two food, such as carrots or apples, for weeks on end.

In 1977 he ate fruits only and was adamant that he bathed once a week, and that was adequate as long he was eating a fruitarian diet. During his early years at Apple he once spit out a mouthful of soup after learning that it contained butter.

He would spend weeks eating the same thing—carrot salad with lemon, or just apples—and then suddenly spurn that food and declare that he had stopped eating it.

He has a sensitive palate. He could taste two avocados that most of us would find indistinguishable, and declare that one was the best avocado ever grown and the other inedible. I guess if someone is eating such a limited variety of food, small differences become more noticeable.

After his liver transplant he would have only fruit smoothies, and demand that seven or eight of them be lined up so he could find an option that might satisfy him.

Towards the end of his life, he wanted to fast when he needed to eat because when he was young, he learned that he could induce euphoria and ecstasy by fasting. Even though his doctors were begging him to consume high-quality proteins, he went on fasts.

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  1. Can't decide which is more interesting...my Halloween Birthday cake, (no mention of pink skeletons)...or the blue smurfette dessert! Actually my cake was a hit with kids and adults alike...it was very good!

  2. wow your rice and chickpeas looks awesome id ont know what you're talking about :)

    i didnt know that about steve jobs- are you serious? thats crazy! i am a firm believer of 'moderation', in anything even food life everything

  3. Pretty eccentric guy, Steve. To each his own. Without him, I'd be computer illiterate. Go Mac!
    Can't agree about blue being attractive in foods. I'd call it an eccentric color ... in food.

  4. whoa, i had no idea about Steve's eating habits! and i thought i was a picky eater.....

  5. The rice and lentils sounds more appealing to me than the blueberry chocolate bar, heh heh!

  6. Oh yes I wish I could see the photo of the blueberry chocolate bar! But your rice and lentis look great in photo though. I would love to have some right now. You are right - I don't see blue food often and that was interesting photo!

  7. Wow, blueberry milk chocolate! I've only seen the dark Lindt version... very intriguing.

  8. I am not so sure that I would want to eat blue food. It looks too fake/processed to me. I had no idea Steve Jobs was so obsessed with food. Interesting!

  9. Those smurfettes are soooooo cool! I could totally eat blue food. T-O-T-A-L-L-Y!

  10. Elisabeth: I can’t decide either, probably go for both:)

    Betty: thank you! Re Steve Jobs – that’s true, its written in his biography

    ping: Amazing that his eating habits did not affect his brain power. I am sure some research will say something else. I now wonder whether he was on an apple diet when he thought of the apple name for his computer. Besides apple is probably a more interesting name than cow, chicken etc

    Junia: you are not the only one:)

    Lifeisfull: really, I actually liked them both, separately of course

    Nami: photo of the blueberry and milk chocolate will come soon

    Martyna: I have never seen the Lindt version, I need to keep my eyes open!

    Kristen: I wonder whether it was all natural or had artificial coloring

    Parsley Sage: they are cool for sure

  11. I wonder if non-millionaires could get away with such extreme behavior without having their competency questioned.

  12. I guess some of my family members aren't quite as quirky in their food choices as I thought :) I think with creative brilliance there are always a few idiosyncrasies~

  13. Ha! I had some chickpea and rice with lots of veggies today too!

  14. yummychunklet: I think they could get away since their behaviour will not get media attention:)

    ping: last time you wrote ROFL, I had to search the net to find out what it stands for. I am learning...

    Lizzy: i guess so

    Angie: great minds eat alike?

  15. No wonder he used to eat only fruit, he founded APPLE! Ok, it's not funny, but even though I don't think one can get a cancer because of such eating habits, these strange limited diets must have affected his health.
    As for the brain I'm sure it works better when one is a bit hungry. (From my experience at least).
    Ping, I'm delighted to learn you are another Mac fan!
    I know one very natural blue dish: cooked red cabbage!
    Mr. Three-Cookies, I would love to taste the chocolate you talk about, and I think your rice does look very appealing. The red accents is something I must remember next time I take a photo of a "difficult" dish.

  16. lots of interesting stuff in this post! didn't know about Steve Jobs' eating preferences, but somehow I am not surprised. Blue food, so uncommon, is a bit freaky. I'll take that blueberry-milk filled chocolate bar, though. wow!

  17. I find blue coloured food a little odd. :P
    I recently came across a blog that featured a blueberry milk recipe.. you should try it!! :)

  18. Sissi: maybe the diet could have had an impact, we will never know. There are suggestions on many foods we should eat to avoid risk of cancer. Same, my brain does not work well when I am too full, or too hungry. I didn't realise or notice that red cabbage turns blue. The blueberry sauce in the chocolate is dark red/maroon! Those red stuff on rice is paprika

    Nancy: I was surprised as well. Sorry, the chocolate bar has gone

    Sylvia: blueberry milk sounds interesting, though I suspect is tastes very different from the chocolate I had

  19. I cant have a similar diet like that, that would be so hard for me, unless I eat meat all the time :)