Friday, October 28, 2011

Maple beware and povitica

Fish fingers with baked parsnip rösti
Food Diary (October 27, 2011)
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Fish fingers with baked parsnip rösti
Dinner: Lentil spread with sourdough bread

I made parsnip rösti using this recipe, replacing potato with parsnip. I thought parsnip would not crisp up well so I added fine polenta to part of the batch. The result surprised me. The rösti with polenta was less crispy but it held together better than the batch without polenta. Polenta acted as a binding agent but not as a crisping agent. I didn't use eggs. Without polenta the rösti was almost falling apart, it was like eating crispy fries. Not a bad thing at all, both versions were delicious in their own special ways.

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Source: CNN
Syrup makers falsely passing off products as authentic maple syrup might soon get into much bigger trouble. Last week a bill was introduced which, if passed, would make the fraudulent sale of maple syrup a felony offense.

The bill is called the Maple Agriculture Protection and Law Enforcement or MAPLE Act and if passed, would increase the punishment for selling imitation maple syrup to a five year maximum penalty. Currently the sale of fraudulent maple syrup is punishable by up to a year in prison.

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  1. Seriously? A year in prison for fake maple syrup? And the charges would be more severe? I like real food as much as the next person and I hate the idea of being lied to about my foods, but a year in prison seems pretty severe already. Five years? Wow.

  2. Bake parsnip rosti! I love this idea! :D

  3. I love parsnip, the rosti looks so good. So does the fish fingers.

  4. Oh love your rodti....but hey you missed the most important meal of the day ;-) I am from Maple Syrup country, hearing of fake or unpure mixtures of maple syrup is definiterly a crime.

  5. The povitica is lovely! I really enjoyed this month's daring bakers challenge :)

  6. I enjoy so much reading about your crazy experiments. You make me ashamed (I think once more!) with rösti: I still haven't tried making it... Not to mention experimenting wit parsnips.
    I often add semolina as a binder, so I thought polenta would also work... However a certain amount of moisture is required to start the binding process.
    I don't know why falsely labelled products are being sanctioned only now.

  7. Well, duh. They should have started a long time ago. False labeling is plain cheating.
    I love that bread of Lizzy's. All those swirls!
    Love, love roasted parsnips but haven't tried them this way .. as a rosti. Great idea!

  8. Mary: yes, up to a year for fake maple syrup, or more specifically, conning consumers into thinking it’s the real stuff. I guess Canadians are pretty passionate about their maple

    Tiffany: thank you

    Carol: thank you

    Cheap Ethnic Eatz: yes I did miss one of the most important meals of the day, which meant other meals became more important:) I am guessing in many countries people have only tried fake maple syrup, the real stuff can be quite expensive

    Lorraine: it is awesome

    Sissi: false labeling was punishable before but now they are trying to make it harsher, increasing from max 1 year to max 5 years imprisonment. Don’t be ashamed, I supposed its quite easy to find rösti in restaurants, unlike here. But as you say they come with oil sauce:)

    ping: you liked the swirls? Really?:) This months challenge seemed to be dedicated to you!

  9. Thanks for the shout out :) I almost made a comment about the decreased number of steps in this month's've got an excellent memory. And, yes, Ping would do povitica proud with her bread baking talents.

    5 years for maple syrup fraud? That sentence seems a bit harsh compared what is given to other criminals for more dangerous infractions!

  10. I ADORE polenta...everywhere, anywhere, in anything. Those rosti sound delicious!

  11. I loved Lizzie's swirly bread as well!

  12. Great way of using the parsnip! quite a few blogger have posted up recipes of the Povitica this week and all looks very pretty!

  13. Who knew maple syrup was such a dangerous business to be in?!

  14. Holy genius! That baked parsnip rösti sounds incredible!

    Oh, and its called a 'Dump Cake' cause you dump all the ingredients in the pan. Sounds kind of gross though, doesn't it ;)

  15. I love you replaced the potato with the parsnips. Not to mention it makes a beautiful color and picture.

  16. I just came from Lizzy's povitica post. That's a beautiful bread. The crunchy rosti looks delish!

  17. I enjoy parsnips too and either way, this sounds like a delicious recipe. Off to see the source!

  18. Lizzy: you are most welcome. I agree, 5 years seems harsh when compared with sentences for other offences

    Joanne: me too!

    Yummychunklet: it looks wonderful

    Sylvia: thank you. I would really love to try povitica, though not too keen on making it!

    Kristen: exactly, its sweet and dangerous

    Parsley Sage: thank you

    Kitchen Belleicious: thank you

    Nami: thank you

    SavoringTime in the Kitchen: it was delicious and easy

  19. I am for that bill, I dont like fake maple syrups and I was a victim last weekend when I had a breakfast in a hotel, I never knew a good hotel will serve fake maple syrup