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5 Things That Won’t Help You Live Longer

Herring Beetroot Potato Salad with Caviar
Food Diary (November 06, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with sunflower seeds
Lunch: Semolina

I got the Herring Beetroot Potato Salad with Caviar recipe from With a Glass who got the recipe from a cousin who in turn got it from someone else. I don’t know where this recipe originally comes from but it is most likely from Eastern/Central Europe or Russia. History can sometimes be boring and irrelevant, what is important is that the salad is simple to make and delicious. It is quite a heavy salad, I had it as a meal rather than as a salad. If you don’t like herring, you can always try to like it. If that’s not an option any other fish can be substituted. The recipe is available here.
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Foie Gras Parfait, Toasted Brioche, Shallot Marmalade

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The articles title “5 Things That Won’t Help You Live Longer” grabbed my attention. I can think of many more things that won’t help us live longer. I am not really sure how useful this is but here are the 5 things:
-        Your parents’ ages: if your ancestors lived long it does not mean you will live long also if you smoke, have high cholesterol, don’t exercise and do other things harmful for your health. Lifestyle factors can trump genetics.
-        Enduring fewer stressful life events: It’s how one deals with major stressful events, not just the presence or absence of them, that seems to be the bigger X factor.
-        Nationality and geography: “Japanese longevity” seem to have more to do with lifestyle and diet than with the virtue of being born in a certain place.
-        Social and economic status: A landmark Harvard study of 10 years ago pegged more education as a more reliable predictor of longevity than higher income or higher social rank.
-        Herbs and supplements: Certain vitamins seem to shore up aspects of health, but no miracle supplement or nutrient cocktail has yet been found to turn back the clock.

I hope you found this useful. If you were not born in Japan, don't worry, you can always adopt the Japanese lifestyle and cuisine. 

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  1. Living longer isn't a priority. Living happy is. That's my goal. Japanese cuisine is one of my (too many) comfort foods but then so is a good bloody steak. Happiness! Seriously, I think education would cover the rest of everything else. Knowledge (correct knowledge anyway) should lead us to proper nutrition, better jobs to afford better nutrition, living in a healthier environment, etc.

  2. The layers of your beetroot potato salad caviar is so pretty. It looks and sounds like a really interesting dish.

  3. That last article is quite interesting! it is quite contrary to long held beliefs.

  4. That is a very pretty salad in the first photo!

  5. That foie gras looks so delicious, looks so clean

  6. Mr. Three-Cookies! What a beautiful surprise on a cloudy, cold Monday! I am so happy you have made my recipe and so proud you call it "delicious"! I think I will steal your presentation idea: your salad looks 100x better than mine and so luscious! It's true this is like a main dish rather (I think I have put it in "main dishes" category, I was tempted to put it in "breakfasts" too, but I didn't want to scare delicate souls... actually this is perfect for breakfast!).
    Thank you once again for having trusted my recipe!
    "If you don't like herring, you can always try to like it" I love this sentence!!! I think I will learn it by heart. One of the best food quotations I have ever read.

  7. ping: totally agree, living happier is priority. I need to find an article titled ‘how to live happy’:) Or maybe you can share some of your secrets:) Knowledge is quite an important foundation as you say

    Elaine: thank you, it is an interesting dish

    Lorraine: it is quite interesting

    Yummychunklet: thank you

    Angsarap: it goes, makes me want to take a slice

    Sissi: I am so happy to have gotten the recipe from you. I give you permission to take my presentation idea so its not stealing:) It’s a debatable issue which looks better but the one you made is far bigger and given a choice I will go for the bigger one!

  8. LOL! I completely agree with all five of those things. I try to remember that everyday about the stress! That beetroot potato salad is just divine

  9. Your beet salad is beautiful! And I'm still waiting for that magic pill to turn back the clock ;)

  10. I love how prettily you plated that potato salad! I totally agree with those five things...i think the only way to live longer is to take care of yourself as best you can...and to be lucky!

  11. Kitchen Belleicious: thank you

    Lizzy: the magic pill is coming, in the meantime adopt the Japanese diet:)

    Joanne: thank you

  12. Visually that Herring Beetroot Potato Salad with Caviar is the prettiest I have ever seens, and yeah that is so Russian. Alas, I can,t do the herring, I have tried.

  13. Ohhhh! You made Sissi's Herring Salad! She must be very happy. :-) Looks good and I'd love to try the salad.

  14. I'm pretty sure we had a version of the beetroot pickled or just oil herring salad in Poland, and you keep teasing me with it, I may soon make some!