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Prisoners complain about soy

Lentils and bacon with rice
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Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums and flax seeds
Lunch: Lentils and bacon with rice
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Fresh lobster and asparagus salad with truffle

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Interesting and thought provoking news. A Florida prisoner, Eric Harris, has filed a lawsuit claiming that being serving soy-laden meals to inmates is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. He claims that meals containing processed and blended soy foods "have caused painful gastrointestinal cramping" which threaten the health of Harris' thyroid and immune system. Typical dishes in Harris' Lake Correctional Institution, which include turkey dogs and sloppy joes, consist of 50 percent soy and 50 percent poultry. Soy is used to cut costs.

Some sources would argue that soy protein is in fact, good for you. However the Weston A. Price Foundation, which is paying Harris’ legal fees, insists that the prison meals contain an excessive amount. 

The thought that comes naturally to my mind is that most if not all prisoners do something wrong, that’s why they end up in prison. Expecting to be treated like angels in the prison is to some extent part of their constitutional rights, but sometimes this can be taken too far. It’s a known fact that many Americans do not follow a healthy diet. They voluntarily follow an unhealthy diet. I wonder if Eric Harris and other prisoners would follow a healthy diet if they were not in prison. Surely the meals they are eating now is not the best but it could be better than the alternatives.

The meals they get served contain 50% meat which does not sound too bad. In the supermarket I noticed some sausages contain 25% meat. I guess the difference is that in the supermarket we have a choice whereas in prison there is no choice.

Maybe the prison department should start a marketing campaign passing on messages such as “if you don’t want to eat soy based meals avoid prisons.”

Eric Harris is serving a life sentence for sexual battery on a child.

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  1. Totally laughed when I read: If you don't want to eat soy-based meals, avoid prison.

    Uhm, yeah. That. Too funny.

  2. What's a tummy cramp compared to the life/lives he's already destroyed?!
    (PS: I seem to be getting everybody's comments in my inbox altho I didn't subscribe to it ... strange).

  3. Forced semi vegetarianism. But I have read recently there is a lot less protein in soy then beleived, like 9 %.

  4. wow, i heard that they eat super well there.... soy does cause some painful stomach issues though. :(

  5. hi threee cookies, the sparklette seems very appetizing and with a "dainty lady" kind of look. i sure would love to eat that...
    To my opinion, 50% soy protein content in their daily meals, is too much, there should be other forms of nutritional values, for a balanced and healthy diet. I think it is human rights-

    But when we know that the crimes done by most prisoners, which itself is brutal and very much against human rights, i sure say they get the food they deserved..ha ha

  6. What an interesting story! Well they deserve decent food, BUT they put themselves in a situation that they aren't even allowed to cook their own food and had someone cook for them, better not to complain about details of the food. Again, as long as the food is decent in nutritious standard... we can't make everyone with different physical problems happy! ;-)

  7. Ooh...that caviar in the favorite photo looks tantalizing.

  8. What a funny article! LOL, you're really creative to have thought of a tagline for prisons too:p
    That photo of the fresh lobster and asparagus salad is just too tempting for words!!!:D

  9. Mary: glad you found it funny.

    ping: exactly, just a tummy cramp. At least he is not hungry! Sorry about the comments situation. I don’t think I can check who has subscribed to receive messages and make changes. Did unsubscribing work? This must be one of the surprise services from google:)

    Cheap Ethnic Eatz: so they should put more soy:)

    Hannah: exactly

    Junia: but obviously not well enough for some prisoners

    Cookingvarieties: I think its 50% in sausages etc, they still receive other sides so the total soy content will be less than 50%.

    Nami : exactly, can’t make everyone happy especially since they put themselves in the situation

    Yummychunklet: it does

    Sonia: I hope that day comes soon

    Christy: thank you!

  10. Mr.Three-Cookies, the last information has just killed me. I probably shouldn't comment.
    Some people are so lucky to live in democratic countries and in the XXIst century...

  11. Yes, works fine now. I felt like I was invading your private mail for awhile. Never happened before.

  12. Love lentils. Love bacon. Love rice. Want that dish for lunch right now! Look at those fresh truffles...wow. I use white truffle oil often, but I've yet to cook with shaved truffle. Well, maybe cause it's a bit expensive. :)

  13. Hard to feel one iota of pity for that prisoner! I would like to sample that gorgeous lobster salad, though~

  14. Sissi: oops, hope you come alive soon:) Some people are lucky indeed

    ping: not invading private email at all, son't worry. Sorry that you unwillingly received publicly available private information:)

    Caroline: it is a bit expensive for sure

    Lizzy: maybe the prisoners want to sample it too, I am sure lawyers will find a reason why they should be entitled to it!

  15. Wow that Fresh lobster and asparagus salad with truffle must be a really delicious and expensive dish.

  16. I always enjoy the contrast of information in your posts! from gorgeous fresh lobster-asparagus-truffle to prison food to the lonely meatball lifting spirits!
    it is hard to have compassion for the plight of prisoners and the nasty food they have to eat. but we need to have compassion for all beings.