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8 myths our mum told us

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We were told so many different things by our parents when we were small, things not to do, and things to do. Here are 8 myths:
1.      If you don’t wait an hour after eating before you go into the water, you’ll get stomach cramps and drown. The idea behind this is that when your blood rushes to your stomach to help you digest food, you wouldn’t have enough circulation to keep your arms and legs working properly. The tale likely gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, when kids enjoyed local pools and lakes with far less lifeguard supervision than we have now. As a result, parents conjured up a way to keep kids at bay after lunchtime while they got some rest in
2.      Don’t sit too close to the television or you’ll go blind. You can suffer from eye fatigue, however. There’s also the faint possibility that you might develop photosensitive seizures from certain flashing images. Better to be safe than sorry, say experts, so sitting back at least four to five feet is recommended.
3.      Don’t crack your knuckles or you’ll get arthritis. But according to WebMD, there is no evidence that cracking your knuckles–caused when the bones are pulled apart to form a gas bubble and break the adhesive seal in the joint–inflames the joints and leads to arthritis. However it can cause reduced grip strength or weaken the fingers.
4.     Drinking coffee will stunt your growth.  This is false.
5.      Don’t pee in the pool or it’ll turn red and expose your mess. But urine in water can cause irritations like red, puffy eyes or an itchy throat or cough.
6.      It takes seven years for gum to leave your digestive system after you swallow it. This urban legend’s roots are hard to pinpoint, but Snopes found that the “warning” likely stems from gum being labeled “indigestible.” It may not break down in the digestion process, but gum will definitely pass out of your system as quickly as everything else.
7.      Don’t go outside with wet hair or you’ll get sick. According to Dr. Rob Danoff of MSN’s Health and Fitness Web page, the only thing that can make us sick is exposure to a virus, plain and simple.
8.      Eating sugar/candy/food before bed will give you nightmares. This one is true. Studies have shown that going to bed on a full stomach can stimulate brain waves, which trigger nightmares. Epicurious.com cited another study which implied that unhealthy foods produce even scarier nightmares.

I must admit, I always thought number 3 was correct. A friend at university told me and I believed her until today when I read this article. Maybe she didn’t know herself. At least this article brought back memories.

I avoid eating food or sweets before going to bed but I do it once in a while. I did notice that when I ate sweet it affected my dreams, usually in a not so good way.

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  1. I had to laugh - I've said all these things to my girls :)

  2. I have heard of those myths too :)

  3. hi three cookies, i think it is advisable not to make number 3 a habit- would'nt want my finger joints to get weak.
    if taking sweet stuff does not produce sweet dreams, i may drink coffee instead, hoping the caffein gives me sweet hallucinating dreams ha ha dont take my tip for granted.
    cool...i love raw salmon in that sushi

  4. You know, my mum has never said any of these to me! I've only heard them in teh contexts of being myths! The thing about making fingers weak through cracking... I often crack my neck, does that maean my head will soon fall of? ;)

  5. Ah, now I know why I'm so short.

  6. OMG, I've heard all of these myths! Crazy!

  7. That pee in the pool myth is hilarious LOL, I never heard that one before!
    *kisses* HH
    p.s. do stop by and enter my giveaway daaahling, there are two opportunities to win!

  8. I have to laugh! I told my kids all of these myths in the past, and I got it from my parents. :)

  9. I've heard most of these as well. I wish I'd known when I was younger that cracking my knuckles would mess with my grip. I'd be willing to bet that is part of the problem I deal with now - I typically call it clumsiness though. I'm going to make a concerted effort to stop. Seriously, I can live with ugly knuckles (and yes, it has made them less than lovely) but the idea that I might make my grip WORSE?! AGH!

  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the myths mums told us. Some are very international I see ;-)
    I would also add the interdiction to drink hot tap water (supposed to be less pure than the cold water). To tell you the truth I still am scared of swallowing chewing gum... I have never heard the coffee bit, but I was always told if I don't sleep enough I won't grow.
    As for the pee in the pool, I was told they add special products which produces a special red coloured reaction with urine... I didn't go to the swimming pool often, so couldn't check it ;-)

  11. I always believed that number 3 was true too. However, my physiotherapist recently told me that it was an old wife's tale!
    I thought it was always cheese that gives you nightmares?!

  12. LOL...the first myth..my mom warned me the similar thing too.

  13. Mary: and your girls will pass it on:)

    Hovkonditorn: they seem universal!

    Wan: exactly, it can be fun cracking knuckles but there is a price to be paid. Maybe your advise is worth testing:)

    Hannah: Great, so you got to sit close to the TV, go swimming straight after eating and pee in the swimming pool:) I don’t think your head will fall off:)

    Parsley Sage: hahaha, too late now.

    ping: Drinking coffee will stunt your growth – that’s a myth. You have to keep searching for answers:)

    yummychunklet: it seems to be very universal

    Heavenly Housewife: me neither, maybe that’s not a good thing!

    Anna and Liz: and your kids will pass it on:)

    Mary: I guess its never too late to stop. I thought of arthritis when I cracked my knuckles but now I will think of the weak grip. Both are good enough reasons to stop!

    Sissi: exactly, very international. I didn’t hear about hot water being less pure, on the contrary I thought it was good to drink hot water. I guess some stories we hear are totally opposite. My parents never recommended vodka as a cure for illness, unlike some people from certain countries:)
    I guess its not fun or delicious to swallow chewing gum, its better to stick it under the chair or table or put it on someones hair:)

    Hazel: number 3 is still bad but not as bad I suppose

    Angie: hahaha, now you know why!

  14. I was always told of that television. Brings back the memories.
    And yes thanks for featuring that sushi.

  15. Oh I love today's post Mr. Three-Cookies! Thank you for sharing and clearing the myths! You know I was actually surprised that all these myths are pretty universal (western or eastern cultures)!

  16. Raymund: I was told that as well. I wonder how many parents know the truth

    Nami: you are most welcome, they are universal indeed

  17. I love your myth busting posts. And true eating late will disrupt your sleep...at least in my case.