Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seafood DNA and Gingerbread House

Easy Layered Banana Semolina Cake
Food Diary (November 27, 2011)
Breakfast: Sourdough toast
Lunch: Pasta with tomato sauce
Dinner: Sautéed carrot and onions with sourdough flatbread

The easy layered banana semolina cake is without any doubt one of the most unusual cake recipes I have ever come across. What makes this cake most unusual is that you don’t need to prepare a batter before baking, the batter is made automatically during the baking process. The moisture from the fruits goes into the dry mixture, hence forming the batter. Amazing.

The cake has 5 layers. The top and bottom layer of the cake is crispy and crumbly while the middle layer has a cake like texture. The other two layers are banana mash. It is a delight to eat, almost like a cookie sandwich with crispy outers and soft creamy filling.

A 5 layered cake with different textures looks more sophisticated than a regular cake and generally requires a lot of effort to make. But not this cake, it is incredibly easy to prepare.

This incredible recipe comes from With a Glass. If you are not aware of With a Glass, now you know what you are missing out on. The original recipe is for an apple cake. Since I didn’t have apples I substituted with bananas. Apples contain 84% water while bananas contain 74% water. To increase the moisture content of bananas I added milk to the mashed bananas. The recipe is available here.

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Gingerbread House

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Restaurants around the world will soon use new DNA technology to ensure that the fish fillet or caviar being served is genuine. DNA barcoding was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in October. With the coding species will be identified like a supermarket scanner reads a barcode. The Barcode of Life Database so far includes more than 167,000 species.

Mislabeling seems to be big business. One study found that one-fourth of fish samples collected around New York were incorrectly labeled as higher-priced fish.

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  1. That cake sounds like Impossible Pie. Science and deliciousness combined! :P

  2. I have bananas that I need to use, so I might make this cake of yours!

  3. That is a great idea, using DNA in food. At least you know what you are eating, I hope they do this in China.

  4. ... and with the price of bananas much more affordable now, why not?

  5. That gingerbread house is so cute! I do adore them so :)

  6. This cake looks fabulous! You cannot imagine what pleasure it is to see you make one of my recipes. When I saw it I almost clapped my hands like a child ;-) I have started this Monday morning in such an awful mood and then I come to your blog and the whole day (or rather the whole week) looks in a completely different perspective! I am very happy you have tested and liked my recipe. Congratulations for this bold modification (I think I will try it very soon!). Thank you so much for the mention, for the link and for your kind words concerning my blog. I feel so flattered :-)

  7. Wow that really is a crazy cake! I love the sound of all those layers though...delicious!

  8. what a coincidence.... my twin and i were comparing chia seed nutrition labels on three different bags, and one brand was significantly different than the others! it had twice as much fat for less quantity! talk about mislabeling!

  9. that gingerbread house is amazing! My mom and I used to make one every year. We typically do something in regards to LSU for the men in our family but maybe this year we shall actually do a house:)

  10. Hannah: it is science and deliciousness combined

    Yummychunklet: good luck, I am sure you will like it

    Angsarap: exactly, it will be tricky keeping track of products from China

    Ayden: good point!

    Lorraine: it does indeed

    Sissi: you are most welcome, and thank you so much for the great recipe. I really like this recipe and look forward to trying it again. Never seen such a recipe before.

    Joanne: it is a crazy but delicious cake!

    Junia: I have not heard of chia seeds, so much misinformation but in some cases there are differences because of different varieties. I wonder if that’s the case with chia seeds.

    Kitchen Belleicious: good luck

  11. I'm drooling just reading your description. Five layers, crispy, crumbly, cakey...just stop right there. Sounds divine! That gingerbread house is pretty dang impressive, too.

  12. I love the look of cake with all the distinct layers...and your description is making me hungry! It's too bad we can't rely on honesty when it comes to our food sources...but at least DNA should clear up false labeling.

  13. Caroline: the cake was good:)

    Lizzy: hopefully there is some improvement with the DNA system

  14. Wow, the banana semolina layer cake looks great, I wish I had that on my food diary today!