Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brownie cookies and don't ignore dark meat

Brownie cookies
Food Diary (November 20, 2011)
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Green peas in tomato sauce with sourdough
Dinner: Spinach in tomato ginger sauce with pasta
Baking/sweets: Brownie cookies

Chocolatey, rich, soft and crispy, that’s what you get when you combine a brownie and a cookie into one. The recipe is available here.
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Le Favori

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Care2 has an article targeted at the upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations. A lot of turkeys will give their lives and it seems the dark meat will be less preferred. The article compares the nutritional profile of a 3.5 ounce piece of skinless white and dark meat turkey. The results are as follows:
Calories: White meat = 161 calories. Dark meat = 192 calories.
Fat: White meat = 4 grams. Dark meat = 8 grams.
Protein: White meat = 30 grams. Dark meat = 28 grams.
Iron: White meat = 1.57 mg. Dark meat = 2.4 mg.
Zinc: White meat = 2.08 mg. Dark meat = 4.3 mg.
Thiamine: White meat = .04 mg. Dark meat = .05 mg.
Riboflavin: White meat = .13 mg. Dark meat = .24 mg.
Selenium: White meat = 32.10 mcg.  Dark meat = 40.90 mcg.
Folate: White meat = .01 mcg. Dark meat = 10 mcg.
Dark meat has more fat, calories, nutrients and flavour. And because dark meat has higher fat content, leftovers remain juicier when compared with white meat. 

White meat is generally dryer. Adding gravy helps but that also adds more calories and fat.

The moral of the story is to not ignore dark meat.

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  1. These cookies look delicious!! Brownie cookies are the best.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. The dark meat does have more flavor--interesting to see all the comparative numbers--so this is a good adage-don't ignore!

    very tempting tower of brownie cookies!

    thanks, Three Cookies!

  3. I have to make those cookies! I wish I some right now.

  4. The dark meat really does have more flavor. I used to avoid it like crazy and now it's my favorite! I guess our tastes really do change over time. :)

  5. I'm a dark meat person. When I was abroad, it was good for me coz I didn't have to fight for it, in Asia however, most people seem to prefer dark meat.
    Those cookies look really seductive .... I want!

  6. I really like having a some white and dark meat when eating turkey. I always enjoy the information you share with us from Care2.

  7. Bonnie: thank you

    Nancy: those comparative numbers were interesting, I never saw them presented side by side

    Carol: I wish too!

    Mary: I guess our taste change (or improve) over time

    Mother's Secret Home Recipe's: thank you

    ping: me too and here it is much cheaper. Breast fillet costs 4 times more than leg/thigh. Unfortunately for you most Asians figured out that dark meat had more flavor:)

    Elaine: you are welcome

  8. When I ate meat, the dark meat was the ONLY way to go....white meat turkey is just so gross tasting and dry!

    Those brownie cookies look delicious!

  9. These cookies look almost like a sculpture! So perfect! Congratulations!
    I must say I haven't had turkey for several years. I eat only free range animals and still haven't found any source of free-range turkey (I don't know if it exists here), so I have abandoned it.
    I remember having heard turkeys are the animals particularly stuffed with growth-improving drugs, antibiotics etc.. I always choose a chicken instead!

  10. wow i never realized how similar in profile they were. so true, in order to make the white meat juicy, you hv to add a whole lot of butter to it during the roasting process and then top it with gravy! btw, those brownie cookies look so soft and chewy!

  11. Ooooh I think I always prefer the dark meat! Much more moist and flavoursome. I loooove the brownie cookie idea! What could be better than combing the two best baked goods?!

  12. Hi three cookies- a few years ago, missing breakfast is very normal for me, like I only take 3 breakfast in a week..
    Your brownies have got a very catchy shade of brown color.. looks very crunchy too. Must be extra yummy…
    To my opinion, the most significant difference in favor of white meat is that, it is much lower in calories and slightly less fat and slightly more protein. Other than these, I favor red meat..
    But like you said, when white meat is less flavorful, one tends to add ingredients to enhance flavor, which could and normally end up with more fat, calories and cholesterols.. ha ha Have e great week, wish i know your name..

  13. brownie cookies! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  14. I would need more than just 3 cookies! They look gorgeous!

  15. Brownie cookies...what a brilliant idea! Though I don't like chocolate, I know my brother would drool over these. He's a brownie fanatic. Maybe I'll be a nice sister and make these for him. ;)

  16. Joanne: agree!

    Sissi: sculpture? Wow, thanks for the kind words. I ate the sculpture quite quickly:) I haven't had turkey for several years as well. I guess free range turkeys would be difficult to find

    Junia: thank you

    Hazel: exactly

    Wan: yes they were extra yummy:)

    Kitchen Belleicious: me too!

    Angie: I know what you mean

    Delishhh: thank you

    Caroline: I think you should:)

  17. Brownie Cookies - I like!!

  18. Your brownie cookies look fabulous!

  19. It's so funny: I think I have made my last turkey roast for my blog (more than a year ago)! And I remember at the time I hardly ever ate turkey after hearing all the awful stories, I just made it for the blog... and then stopped.
    I wish I could taste wild turkey!

  20. Kate: hello:)

    lifeisfull: me too:)

    Lizzy: thank you

    Sissi: I have never tasted wild or free range turkey myself. Would be curious to try

  21. Folate is a good reason to eat a lot of red meat/