Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flower Talk Tea

Chili with rice
Food Diary (November 19, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with coconut and flax seeds
Lunch: Sandwich
Dinner: Chili with rice
Baking/sweets: Caramel cookies
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Flower Talk Tea

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Source: BBC
Interesting news, though not so interesting for the victims. 

A family in the UK bought prepared salad bought from Tesco’s supermarket and the salad came with a surprise, a dead bird. According to the report, Mr Streeter, the salad purchaser “emptied the salad into a bowl and presented it to his family at the dinner table before returning to the kitchen.” "Suddenly my girlfriend shrieked and couldn't believe what she'd found on her plate”. Mr. Streeters girlfriend is a strict vegetarian.

I guess the mystery of how the bird ended up in the salad will perhaps remain unsolved. Was the bird caught when the salad was being picked at the farm? Or was it added by someone along the way. These things happen. A friend of mine used to work in a butcher. Once a bird flew into the butcher and never flew out again. Some customers probably found their mince meat had a special gamey taste, and they probably loved it!

Back to the UK story. The supermarket has apologized, of course. However this incident will probably teach the family a lifelong invaluable lesson, make your own salad. The salad in question was a simple baby leaf and rocket salad. How hard can it be to put it together? If you want others to put different greens together for you, you should accept the possibility of finding a surprise.

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  1. I think I'd prefer to think about the flower tea than the bird salad... :S

  2. Interesting story, your story reminds me of the family in the christmas movie when they all go to eat at the chinese restaurant, haha..
    Take care

  3. I like what you had for dinner. :)

  4. Bet he now has a new girlfriend :D

  5. How come someone did notice a dead bird on that salad prior to packaging, if that cannot see those imagine all sorts of things smaller than a bird

  6. I remember the first time I saw flower tea-I thought it was the most brilliant thing ever!

  7. I made my own salad tonight and am so relieved. How horrific! A dead bird? How on earth did that go unnoticed?

  8. Hannah: really:)

    Foodness Gracious: it seems like Christmas came early for this family!

    Lifeisfull: thank you

    ping: hahaha, or maybe she decided to turn non-vegetarian considering his culinary skills:)

    Raymund: exactly

    Lorraine: its the first time I saw flower-tea and it looks amazing

    Hotly Spiced: I am wondering too. The salad was first put on in a salad bowl then onto the plate where it was finally noticed

  9. I couldn't agree more: make your own salad ;-) (Moreover, a friend of mine told me ready-to-use salad mixtures were rinsed with some chemical stuff to make them stay fresh longer). Your chili with rice looks great!

  10. Sissi: I read that the salad is not packed in normal air but different air to retain freshness. Not sure about chemicals, it could be true also.

  11. Euw for the bird, it's like a sick Cracker Jack prize