Saturday, November 12, 2011


Fish fingers with roasted parsnips
Food Diary (November 11, 2011)
Breakfast: Sourdough toast
Lunch: Fish fingers with roasted parsnips
Dinner: Mushrooms and polenta

I went to a party yesterday and (un)fortunately it went longer than expected, hence the reason for not posting yesterday!


  1. A party is a great excuse for not posting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend~

  2. Fish fingers, and roasted parsnips sounds totally divine for me. Will have to google a separate recipe for both. Thanks for the tip!
    Have a wonderful weekend:DDD

  3. I hope you have had a wonderful time at the party!
    With the energy you put into your every day very complex posts, you have the right to breathe sometimes :-)
    (However you have managed to put a photo of a very original dish: you might be the first person to put fish fingers on parsnips).

  4. Lizzy: thank you for the endorsement:) Hope you have a great weekend too

    Elisabeth: thank you. Have a great weekend too

    Sissi: Yes I did have a wonderful time at the party. Now I am paying the price but it was worth it:)