Friday, November 11, 2011

Whats happening to the grapes and momotaro salad

Pork tikka masala and rice
Food Diary (November 10, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums and flax seeds
Lunch: Pork tikka masala and rice
Dinner: Flatbread with mushroom and onions

Pork tikka masala was nice, uncommon but nice. I’ve only heard of restaurants selling chicken tikka masala. I guess tikka masala is more suited to mild flavoured meats such as chicken. Or there could be religious reasons. If the dish was invented by Indians, then no beef. If it was invented by Muslims then no pork. Chicken is fairly neutral and widely available in India which is probably why chicken got selected. It makes me curious how beef or lamb tikka masala will taste.

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Source: Sparklette
Momotaro salad

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Wines getting stolen is not surprising news. Thieves in Germany have become more advance, years advance, by stealing grapes before it is turned into wine. Hundreds of thousands of euros worth of grapes have been stolen across the wine region.

For vineyards this is bad news. According to Ernst Buescher, a spokesman for the German Wine Institute, many vineyards may face bankruptcy this year after losing all of their fruit to the May frost. However the grapes that survived have been particularly good, producing some of the best wine in years. The thieves got their timing right.

While it may be bad news for vineyards, consumers could benefit. It is most likely that wine will be produced from the grapes and the price could be lower due to the circumstances under which the grapes were obtained. While it may be good for consumers its still bad overall to steal. 

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  1. I've never had tikka masala but it looks delicious. Flavorful and saucy!

    Boy, people will steal anything. Grapes?

  2. Probably stolen by rival wineries ... you think? Sourgrapes!

  3. hi three eyes got glued to your sparklette momotaro salad. i guess it's a little sweet touch, must be delicious.
    i gather that you do have gourmet taste- following your blog thus far
    Never heard of grapes stealing before. that's a lot stolen from the vines. men have great ideas and means to do evil things- grapes being trending this time around.. sigh

    Today I am featured (guest) blogger at Jasna’s real authentic culinary blog.. do visit this link below and comment in your support. would appreciate that, Jasna is a very ethical blogger- she will visit you back. thanks

  4. Your Pork tikka masala and rice look delicous! Regarding Momotaro salad, the linked post didn't say why it's called Momotaro.... Momotaro is a kind of tomato in Japan (it's also the name of folk tale). It's famous for its high quality, firm yet sweet... and oh I miss this so much! I forgot about this for nearly 15 years! Such a nice surprise...Thank you Mr. Three-Cookies!

  5. This tikka masala looks gorgeous. I never find pork or beef in Indian restaurants since just in case some of their clients are muslim or hindi. This way they broaden the range of clients. I think no religion forbids chicken (unless it forbids meat of course). Some restaurants in my city have "halal" mentioned on their doors too.
    Stealing grapes is criminal. Especially if the grapes were supposed to finish in an excellent bottle of wine. Those stolen, even if transformed into wines, were certainly made into plonk that wine amateurs wouldn't even touch (I cannot imagine a renowned wine producer accepting stolen grapes, not to mention the fact that most of them produce only from their grapes).
    I love German dry rieslings and it makes me sad that thieves have no respect for produce which is farmed in such a difficult way (there is no good wine with easily farmed grapes). They probably get 1 euro per kg of such grapes... Awful!

  6. I feel so sorry for farmers. As if they don't have enough to deal with. Now they can't even rest in their own homes without the fear that their livelihood is being snatched while spend a few moments away from their crops.

  7. Well, I THINK tikka masala was invented by the who knows why chicken and not pork! I personally love the paneer version.

    Those thieves are ridiculous! And excellent planners. Have to commend them for thinking ahead.

  8. Carol: you should try tikka masala, it is delicious. Its sometimes considered the national dish of Britain

    ping: the article mentioned that the thieves seemed to be professionals, they knew which grapes to select etc. I guess we won’t find out if it was rival wineries or just plain thugs

    Wan: thanks for the link to Jasna’s blog.

    Nami: I didn’t know momotaro was a type of tomato. Guess they used it in the salad

    Sissi: I have never heard of chicken or lamb being forbidden in any religion. I know you like wines and I know this annoys you! The article mentioned that the thieves seemed to be professionals so I guess they should be able to make decent wine from it, if they make it themselves. Maybe they will sell the grapes to a professional winemaker. Or maybe make good grape juice from it! Or grape jam:)

    Hotly Spiced: life is tough for farmers I guess

    Joanne: I think its now known for sure whether tikka masala was invented in Britain or India.

  9. I never even thought about wine getting stolen. That is craziness to me. I like this tikka masala- never had i but would love too!

  10. Ooh, that's a great favorite photo.

  11. yes...but do the grape thieves make wine or just eat the juicy grapes, I wonder?

    And you laugh when I say the island was out of toffee. It happens man! You oughta see the riots when the island runs out of toilet paper ;)

  12. Drooling over these photos/recipes. Everything looks amazing. That pork...and that sauce! Yum.

  13. Oh the Pork tikka masala looks great and I totally see pork working. Wow what is easier to hide in your pocket: a bottle of wine or a bunch of grapes. yes stealing is bad.

  14. Your breakfast sounds wonderful---I'll have to try it.

  15. Wow, it's crazy the things criminals will steal. It's terrible that we now need surveillance cameras in vineyards.

    PS...I had to giggle at your post about my non dessert post today...there's only so many sweets I can force upon my family ;)