Wednesday, November 9, 2011

World’s 7 most powerful foodies

Coconut Semolina Macaroons with Nutella
Food Diary (November 09, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Spinach and rice
Dinner: Oat sourdough with lentil spread
Baking/sweets: Coconut Semolina Macaroons with Nutella, coconut cookies

First of all a small confession. The macaroons don’t contain Nutella. The ‘thing’ in the photo is Nöt-Crème which is a Swedish product similar to Nutella. I haven’t tasted Nutella and Nöt-Crème side by side but I would say Nöt-Crème is better because it has higher hazelnut content. I know most of you are probably Nutella fans and probably have never heard of Nöt-Crème. Just to keep peace, I will say that Nutella is also good but not better than Nöt-Créme.

Anyway, now that the Nutella issue is sorted, lets move on to the main item, the macaroons. The macaroons are light, crunchy and chewy. Semolina gives it a nice crunch. It is not overly sweet. 

As you can guess from the photos I was in a great hurry to test drive these macaroons, hence the reason I didn't decorate the macaroons neatly with Nöt-Crème. Next time I will be more patient and try to make these macaroons look prettier. They tasted delicious though. The recipe is available here.

And this has nothing to do with macaroons.

Today's Favourite Photo
Pink Lady Cupcakes (Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting)

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Forbes
Michael Pollan has compiled his own list of the world’s 7 most powerful foodies. The list is US centred and features names that I would have never guessed. The list may surprise you if you were expecting to see food bloggers. The 7 foodies are:
1. Michelle Obama: Her Let's Move campaign has moved the food issue to the top of the national agenda, shining a bright light on the links between childhood obesity and America's fast food diet.
2. Marion Nestle, Professor, New York University: She is an indispensible voice on the problems of the American diet and their roots in industry marketing and government policy. I don’t think she is related to the food giant
3. Josh Viertel, President, Slow Food USA: He has moved the American wing of this international organization front and center on questions of access and policy, while continuing to celebrate the cultural and biological diversity of our food traditions
4. Will Allen, Urban Farmer: His Growing Power farm in Milwaukee has demonstrated that urban agriculture has the potential to bring not only good food to the inner city but good jobs as well
5. Jack Sinclair, Head of Grocery, Wal-Mart: He buys more food than anyone in America. He's moving the nation's biggest food retailer to regionalize its produce buying and make its processed foods less toxic.
6. Ken Cook, Executive Director, Environmental Working Group: Cook has campaigned tirelessly to overhaul federal farm policy so that it can support, rather than undermine, America's public health and environmental goals
7. Mark Bittman, Columnist, The New York Times: Bittman has demonstrated time and again that cooking and eating real food is more doable, affordable, and pleasurable than a fast food nation ever realized.

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  1. Wow - love your facts - also LOVE the pink cupcakes - so sweet - infact how perfect for a sweet 16 birthday party for my daughter! I'm rambling..
    Mary x

  2. Love the chicken picture and Joanne's cupcakes. I wouldn't mind having both.

  3. Funny bird, adorable cupcake, what a list and like the semolina in the macarons! Now I want to try Nöt-Crème.

  4. Beautiful cupcake picture. I first thought sponge is sugar coated but I guess it wasn't. Still pretty pink! I'd love your coconut macaroons... Very interesting list of 7 foodies!

  5. Haha! I read Not-Creme as Not Cream in English then realised "Not" has 2 dots (can't figure out where that is on my computer) and means "Nut" .. right? Haven't seen those around here, plenty of Nutella tho. Not a great fan.

  6. All your semolina cookies and cakes look appealing, but these are I think my favourite! I put them on my to-do list.
    The bird is hilarious! How did you have this idea???

  7. Hi! I am Isa "Wan of cooking varieties guest" from Turkey. I like your blog and following your blog. Please visit my blog and follow back. It makes me very happy. Thanks..

  8. Mary: those pink cupcakes look cool and delicious

    Lorraine: that was a really funny picture indeed

    Nisrine: thanks for visiting

    Cheap Ethnic Eatz: I don’t think its distributed in your country.

    Nami: thank you, those macaroons have all gone unfortunately!

    ping: Nöt Créme is not cream but nut cream, and nöt is nut:) You are good with languages, you picked it up fast. Ö will not appear in your keyboard unless your buy your computer from one of the Nordic countries etc. I am not a great fan of Nutella also, prefer peanut butter!

    Sissi: thank you so much, these macaroons were a delight. Someone emailed me the picture of the bird so I uploaded it. I don’t know who took it and where

  9. everything is better with a smidgen of nutella. :)

  10. Oh my goodness, that bird pic is awesome and the cupcakes are mouthwateringly pretty!

    Definitely not the list of foodies I would have come up with either. Oh well, I'll stick to my faves and they can stick to their own. :)

  11. Junia: I suppose, or with Nöt Créme:)

    Mary: well said, we can have our own list of favourite blogs!

  12. Both your lovely macaroons and that cupcake are making me hungry!

  13. Those macaroons look amazing!

  14. OMG!!! I'm so making to see the recipe. BYE!