Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 odd facts about coffee

Cheese burger and fries
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Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Sandwich
Dinner: Cheese burger and fries
Baking/sweets: Chocolate

Today when I had nothing better to do I thought of unusual or interesting memories relating to Christmas. Unfortunately there are only two. Couple of years ago I was in Central Asia during Christmas. Christmas is not celebrated there and hence there is no public holiday. December 25th was a normal working today. It felt extremely strange to be working in the office on that day. I think I have worked on Christmas day before, but only because I wanted to. That does not even compare to the feeling I got when I was in Central Asia.  

When I first came to Europe I was really surprised that Christmas is celebrated on the 24th. Christmas day is on 25th but the main eating and drinking celebration takes place on the 24th.  Why this happens I don’t know. I am guessing most of Europe except UK does this. And before coming to Europe I didn’t realize Russia and other Orthodox countries celebrate Christmas on January 7. So if you are non-Orthodox married to or in some way associated with an Orthodox you will probably celebrate Christmas twice. And if giving presents is a must for you, then you will probably end up buying presents twice but receiving them only one. 

That’s it, only two memories. All the rest of the Christmases were normal, nothing unusual.

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Reading weird or odd facts is fun. Here are 10 odd facts about coffee:
1. At one point, Brazil had such a coffee surplus that they tried to find other uses for it, including using it to make plastic.
2. The world record for most coffee consumption is 82 cups of coffee in 7 hours. It does not seem that much but I haven't tried it myself, its probably much harder than it seems
3. In Staten Island, there’s a restaurant owner that drinks fifty cups of coffee a day.
4.  During World War II there was a coffee drinking competition between the branches of the military. The Marines claimed to drink the most – twenty cups a day.
5.  Coffee was so scarce in Germany that during WWII “coffee bombs” or bags of coffee were dropped from planes to turn the people against their government.
6.  Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets got his start doing coffee ads.
7.  The actress who played the Wicked Witch Of The West in the Wizard Of Oz was promoting Maxwell House in the 1970′s.
8.  There’s a tourist agency for people wanting to take coffee vacations called Cafe Away.
9.  Norway drinks the most coffee per person. The United States is ranked number 12.
10. The only place where coffee is grown in the United States is Hawaii.

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  1. How in the name of all that is holy is it even possible drink 50 cups of coffee a day?! By golly!

  2. I really would not have guessed that Norway drank the most coffee! And 82 cups in 7 hours sounds like a lot of coffee! :o

  3. Christmas memories ... nothing stands out. Only the memory that we used to have huge parties and now reduced to just family. Everyone's getting old and tired ... me included. :p
    The Marines have it easy. They don't have to wait to use the toilets. :D
    I had 9 cups of coffee in a 2 hour scrabble play-off once and, gosh, that whole night was all about trying to bring those eyelids down. Brains were dead, the eyes refused to close ... that was pure agony!

  4. I have always wondered how it would feel to spend Christmas in a country which doesn't celebrate it at all... The positive point would be not to see all these nervous people running around the shops throughout December.
    I have enjoyed a lot reading about coffee and what you say about Norway confirms what I once read (I was very surprised): that the North Europeans consume much more coffee than Italians for example.
    I usually have two coffees a day, sometimes three and I absolutely cannot imagine even ten, not to mention 50!
    (I love Ping's comment about Marines ;-) )

  5. In my family, we celebrate Christmas on both days, though only give gifts on the 25th. it's definitely interesting to hear about different traditions!

    Mmm love coffeee but I try to stick to one or two cups a day. Any more and I'd be shaking uncontrollably!

  6. In Japan Christmas is definitely not a family's holiday...We do that for New Years, but not for Christmas. It's rather very commercialized (we have Christmas cake) and couples book fancy restaurants to celebrate while families with kids sort of celebrate together over meals. :-) I definitely want to be in the US for celebrating Christmas, but for New Years it's so strange to be in the US as there is no celebration on the 1st and people usually go back to work on the 2nd while in Japan it's a big holiday with family. :-) It was fun reading about coffee. I am a big coffee drinker myself but can't take more than 3 cups a day...

  7. Interesting facts about coffee and Christmas! I'm in Argentina and have found that they celebrate Christmas on both the 24th and 25th, but New Year is much more important for them, much unlike England. I think the culture here is almost exactly the same as Spain. I definitely don't feel like I'm on the other side of the world to home! What a shame there is just nothing in Asia!

  8. I'd totally go on a coffee holiday! I will NOT be drinking 82 cups though. I'd be peeing for like 12 hours straight! TMI? ;)

  9. Thanks for teaching us more about Christmas Traditions!

    I love coffee but i think i'll end up in hospital if i drink 50 cups a day!!!

  10. Hannah: its possible.

    Lorraine: The coffee that Scandinavians drink is much stronger also

    ping: “old and tired” – no, if you have huge parties you will be young and full of energy again:)
    Good point, the Marines certainly have a major advantage if the competition is held in their territory.
    I think coffee is like alcohol, if we drink more our tolerance increases

    Sissi: definitely a positive point in terms of shopping. On the other hand no Christmas specials! I guess Christmas shopping without the crowd would be strange too.
    The Northern Europeans do consume more coffee, and the coffee is a lot stronger too. When I am travelling I find it difficult to drink regular coffee because I got used to it. I once asked for regular coffee with 3 extra shots and the barista and his colleagues had a good laugh. Usually I ask for 1-2 extra shots only!

    Joanne: two days of Christmas, that sounds fun.

    Nami: That sounds strange to have no celebrations on Jan 1. Russia is probably the best place to be – they celebrate until around Jan 15:)

    Hazel: 2 days of celebrations? I guess if you can’t decide on one day, choose both:)

    Parsley Sage: hahaha, a coffee machine in the toilet will come in handy

    Sylvia: you are welcome.

  11. Wow, 2 cups of coffee is plenty for me. Love it but in moderation...82 cups? Talk about bouncing off the walls.

    Merry both of them!

  12. I'm a bit saddened that those are your two Christmas memories that stand out. Oh, well. I have friends who don't observe Christmas that have very similar feelings. Here's hoping your vacation days are fun!

  13. Your cheeseburger and fries look so delicious. I could go for those after all the sweets I have been eating lately! When my husband and I met we blended our two families traditions as his family celebrates Christmas on the 24th and mine on the 25th. It's been fun doing both all these years, but I am usually so exhausted by the 26th that I stay home and don't get out of my pjs. I enjoy reading your blog posts so much and all the interesting facts you find. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!