Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coconut peanut butter and coronary on a plate

Coconut peanut butter
Food Diary (December 21, 2011)
Breakfast: Toast with schinkenwurst (ham bologna)
Lunch: Lentil soup with potato wedges
Dinner: Spinach soup with toast

My food highlight for the day was making coconut peanut butter. I used to only like my peanut butter plain and simple, without chocolate, honey or other flavours. I changed my mind when I tried coconut peanut butter. Peanut butter with a toasted coconut flavor, I like it, a lot. The bad news is that you probably cannot buy it from your supermarket. You have no choice but to make it. Thankfully it is really easy to make. The recipe is available here

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Gingerbread House

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Source: Daily Mail
Chefs at The Fiddler's Elbow, an Edinburgh bar, have created what is referred to as 'coronary on a plate'. Battered butter balls or deep fried butter is supposedly already popular in the US. Deep fried butter makes deep-fried Mars bar seem so much healthier.

In case you want to try this at home, here is how they are made. Balls of frozen butter are dipped in batter soaked with Irn Bru and deep fried. Not too complex, a bit like making deep fried ice cream.

The fried butter supposedly tastes lighter than expected.

I feel for the Norwegians, they don’t have enough butter for regular consumption, let alone for making deep fried treats. They will have to get used to life without deep fried butter.

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  1. Teehee, stop tempting me! Every time I buy or make a flavoured nut butter, I end up making myself sick eating it in huge quantities with a spoon... :P

  2. Hey, I seem to have missed out on a post. That's funny, how is it I don't see you on my blog dashboard anymore? Did you block me by any chance? :P
    Anyway, you can't escape ... I'm here! Muahahaha! (Sorry, tis the season).
    Well, I guess the Norwegians will be the last people standing on earth when we all collapse of a coronary. Going to check out some strange peanut butter.

  3. Hannah: in that case you should definitely try the coconut version

    Lorraine: Its a masterpiece

    ping: sorry about that, don't know what happened. I've noticed certain blogs disappearing from my dashboard also. Anyway, glad you found me. I just checked to see if you were still on my dashboard, yes you still are:)
    I didn't block but talking about blocking - I tried to block or remove someone from accessing my site using feeder because they are copying the whole post and putting on their site. I think its not possible to block unless you make the site private. And, there is a site that I no longer want to follow but I cannot remove it from my dashboard. So I can't block and I am being forced to follow another site. It is a season of giving and taking I suppose

  4. I love the idea of flavouring peanut butter with toasted coconut. Scrumpy!

  5. I will definitely love coconut peanut butter as i absolutely love those 2 ingredients! Deep fried butter sounds like a really bad idea, in my opinion!

    I'm also having problems with seeing you on my dashboard. Have tried to unfollow and follow you again but the latest update i see is from 4 days ago. :(

  6. I'm not a big fan of plain peanut butter...but I think I might like it with coconut added. Fried butter, though, I think I'll pass on :)

  7. Angie: thank you

    Sylvia: thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention. I reposted the posts and they all appeared again. Not sure why this happened

    Lizzy: I would like to try fried butter but I won't make it at home

  8. The coconut peanut butter sounds delicious (and I have almost missed it!).
    I think if I ever go to Edinburgh I will taste the coronary on a plate. I'm sure a ball (if it's not too big) of deep-fried butter is not worse than Mars actually. Mars contains sugar (called by some "white death", just like salt) and much worse fats: hydrogenated trans fats...

  9. coconut peanut butter sound delicious!!! i would love to try it :).