Friday, December 2, 2011

Airline food kills someone

Soya and honey glazed chicken wings with carrot rice
Food Diary (December 02, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums and flax seeds
Lunch: Lentil spread with sourdough toast
Dinner: Soya and honey glazed chicken wings with carrot rice

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Deluxe traditional English trifle

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I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be sad when I saw the title of the article “Airplane Food Finally Kills Someone, Says Lawsuit”.

“Finally kills someone” – is the wait finally over? Airline food hasn’t killed anyone before? It must be good!

A woman and her daughter is suing American Airlines and flight catering company Sky Chefs for one million dollars, claiming that their airplane food killed her husband. He arrived dead to his destination after suffering a cardiac arrest. The lawsuit claims the food was infected by clostridium perfringens, a common food poisoning bacteria that, according to the FDA, has caused a few deaths.

Sky Chefs says that they didn't even handle the food for that flight.

Personally I don’t think airline food is that bad, in some cases its pretty good. I guess it depends on the airline, and the level of fussiness of the passengers. Probably my worst memory goes back many years when I was served pancakes that was drier than the Kalahari desert. 

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  1. Wow. That last post was disturbing.

  2. Your chicken looks amazing! Reminds me of a wing recipe my mom used to make.

    We rarely get meals on domestic flights anymore...not much of a loss. I have a feeling more than one passenger would have been ill if there was a problem with food poisoning on that flight.

  3. Yeah, Lizzy's right. I'm sure there must be a bunch of people getting sick after that flight and not only that poor guy. I've always hated airline food except maybe in first class. Somehow everything seems so cardboardy. I think they probably forgot to rehydrate your pancakes. :D

  4. Airline food is more about having something to do than something good to eat, in my experience. I don't mind the novelty, but always take fancy dark chocolate with me on long trips, to give myself something to look forward to :)

  5. I love your chicken dish!

    Wait so if the sky chef wasn't serving..then how can they sue them? I just laughed when I read your pancake was drier than Kalahari desert. That's crazy.

  6. I want your chicken! Now!!!! It looks particularly luscious. And the carrot rice is simply perfect with it.
    The airline story is awful, but I'm not surprised. I have heard two food poisoning stories from friends...

  7. You honey glazed chicken wing and carrot rice looks delicious. The trifle looks so pretty in that photo.

  8. Yummychunklet: it is a bit

    Lizzy: hahaha, exactly, not much of a loss. Maybe they are trying to make a quick buck

    ping: makes me wonder too, one guy dies and no reports of others getting sick. And he died from cardiac arrest.
    Maybe they forgot to hydrate the pancakes:)

    Hannah: I don’t think I have taken food onboard. I will try something next time

    Nami: thank you. That’s a mystery why/how they will sue sky chef

    Sissi: sorry, gone already! I have never heard of anyone getting poisoning from airline food, the food must be pretty hygienic

    Elaine: thank you

  9. I guess I am one of the few people who loves airline food, most of the people I know dont like it

  10. I actually quite like airline food too! haha am drooling from looking at your chicken wings, looks awesom!

  11. Actually, I think that some companies stock it for too long or maybe sometimes there is a storage problem...