Saturday, December 3, 2011

Say cheese

Curried potatoes with poached egg
Food Diary (December 03, 2011)
Breakfast: Toast
Lunch: Sandwich
Dinner: Curried potatoes with poached egg, carrot soup
Baking/sweets: Chocolates etc

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Source: the Atlantic
Say cheese if you want to smile. Or read this article, it will have the same effect, especially if you love cheese.

Cheese is avoided by some people due to high saturated fat content and its likely effect on the heart. Danish researchers compared the effect of cheese and butter on heart health parameters and found that cheese lowered LDL levels when compared with butter intake of equal fat content.

About 50 people were placed on a controlled diet of cheese or butter every day. For six weeks each person ate their set amount of cheese or butter, then returned to their normal diet for two weeks, then switched diets for six weeks, so that those who ate butter ate cheese and the cheese eaters ate butter.

Despite the fact that the participants ate more fat than they normally did, those who ate cheese daily had no increase in their LDL or total cholesterol. When eating butter, the same people saw their LDL levels increase by about seven percent on average. The researchers speculate that the calcium in cheese may aid in the excretion of fat by the body. Other possible reason could be that the fermentation process could affect the way cheese is digested.

Before you get too excited, here’s the last paragraph from the article “though cheese lovers may have a reason to rejoice, this study does not mean that cheese can be eaten in unlimited quantities. As with all things related to food and nutrition, moderation is key.”

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  1. aw man! i got so excited about eating lots of lots of cheese, but then it said: eat in moderation. hurumph... :D

  2. CHEESE!! Great article that, since I love cheeses so much. Oh, yes, moderation, yes.
    Arrrgghhh! I can't do a poached egg for the life of me! Yours look so perfect! I must have tried all the methods out there and some crazy ones of my own ... one day, one day, I'll get it right! Double Aaaarrghhh!!!

  3. moderation is key to everything! agreed. i love cheese. i can't believe i am lactose intolerant!

  4. I think cheese is really stinky gold, I love it that much. Poached aggs are so regal looking when done properly, yours looks awesome!!
    Take care..

  5. Definitely everything in moderation!
    Your eggs look so good, I can just imagine breaking that yolk and all the good flavor with the potatoes!

  6. Your egg looks so good! am sure it'll be nicely oozy when you break into it!

  7. How have you managed to make such a beautiful poached egg? Mine always look scary and messy...
    I have always suspected eating cheese in small amounts is healthy...

  8. I wanna eat that plate right now! Would taste great with bread!! Cheese is healthy, but you don't have to abuse, you can eat a few 3 times or 4 times a week, not every day, cheese fat is good fat ;)

  9. Amanda: news that cheese is good for you is a great start!

    ping: for poached egg here is a tip: I didn’t use this tip. I tried another tip. Use a wide saucepan and ‘swirl’ the water so it moves either clockwise or anticlockwise. Drop the egg in the middle and the moving water will ensure that the egg remains in the centre of the pan.

    Junia: sorry to hear you are lactose intolerant.

    Gerry: thank you, they were not perfectly shaped but tasted good!

    Carol: potatoes and egg yolk is nice indeed

    Sylvia: thank you

    Sissi: its not that beautiful, its OK. See my response to ping’s comment on couple of tips I learnt.
    The French eat lots of cheese, relatively speaking, and they don’t seem to have heart problems.

    Valerie: exactly, in moderation.

  10. What a perfectly poached egg!

  11. Wonderful news for a somewhat moderate cheese addict like myself!