Friday, December 16, 2011

Antibiotic Food and Postmodern Burger at Next

Rice with tomato omelet
Food Diary (December 15, 2011)
Breakfast: Semolina pudding with raisins and almonds
Lunch: Rice with tomato omelet
Dinner: Sourdough toast with caramelized onion curry
Baking/sweets: chocolates

Yesterday I ate too much chocolates. Today I planned to have a break and not have a kit kat or any chocolate. I bought two 100gram bars of white baking chocolate. I very rarely buy baking chocolate since regular chocolate works fine. Baking chocolate is meant to be slightly harder I think. The last time I bought baking chocolate, it tasted a bit like plastic when eaten uncooked, not that I eat plastic. Anyway the white chocolate tasted fantastic, even when eaten uncooked. It was made with cocoa butter, not hydrogenated stuff.

I bit a bit guilty after eating one whole bar. Then I took a long walk home to get rid of the guilty feeling. At home I saw a letter waiting for me. There has been an issue that was hovering over my head for the past many months, giving me something to worry about on a daily basis. It is gone, sorted favourably.  And somehow I miraculously managed to resist the urge to get my hands on the second bar of chocolate. Its still sitting there, untouched. His (or her) days are numbered.

Today's Favourite Photo
Postmodern Burger at Next – probably not suitable for eating on the go

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Care2
“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” Hippocrates

Care2 has a list of foods and herbs with antibiotic properties which can support your immune system and help to defend you from certain infectious bacteria. These foods include:
Onions and Garlic: The sulfur compounds in onions and garlic are the key elements for use as an antibiotic. Both garlic and onions have been used to help fight off the residual effects of colds and flu, while garlic’s antifungal properties help prevent yeast infections and combat viral conditions, onion’s high phytonutrient content are known to “mop up” free radicals that can lead to cancer in the body.

Honey: Honey was used as an antibacterial treatment long before synthetic antibiotics were developed, in cultures all over the world, for wounds and illness. Honey contains an enzyme, antimicrobial in nature, which releases hydrogen peroxide and prohibits the growth of certain bacteria. In Chinese medicine honey is thought to harmonize the liver, neutralize toxins, and relieve pain; and its antibacterial properties are effective in the treatment of the bacterium Heliobacter pylori or stomach ulcer.

Cabbage: cabbage has cancer fighting sulfur compounds. Furthermore fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C are considered a natural antibiotic and a one-cup serving of cabbage provides about 75% of your daily adult allowance.

Fermented Foods: Fermented vegetables such as raw, unpasturized sauerkraut, raw pickles, cultured vegetables, and kim chi are all excellent ways to introduce probiotics back into your intestines.

Herbs: There are many herbs with antibiotic properties. Pretty much most if not all common herbs have antibiotic properties

Its good to know that most if not all of these food items are fairly common and eaten regularly.

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  1. I know exactly the guilty feeling after too much chocolate :-) I am happy your problem was resolved. It definitely merited a chocolate celebration! (Oh, and I see rice again! I'm having now a very late rice breakfast too).
    Thank you for confirming that I'm right about the further adventures with kimchi.

  2. I don't buy baking chocolate and usually use regular chocolate too. I thought that it tasted like plastic so that's a good diet deterrent!

  3. That is a fantastic favorite photo!

  4. I LOVE the idea of food as medicine! And chocolate also...all those antioxidants in dark chocolate have to cure something, right?

  5. Food as medicine! I am all for it! Give me some chocolate now!

  6. What gorgeous pics you took of the food. Looks insanely delicious!

  7. What a great quote! Now I'll quote Hippocrates when people tell me I should go on a diet.
    (Good grief. I must be dyslexic. I'd read "postmortem burger" at a glance). Not funny.

  8. What a great, informative post. I believe we shoudn't buy too many medicine...Just find out what food and herbs can help us.

  9. Chocolate is totally female. That little temptress!

  10. Sissi: glad to hear that I am not the only one:) And thanks for the encouragement!
    I haven’t had a race breakfast in an extremely long time. Will try soon

    Lorraine: definitely a god diet deterrent

    Yummychunklet: it is

    Joanne: of course dark chocolate cures many things

    Kitchen Belleicious: chocolate is medicine for body and mind:)

    Loveforfood: thank you

    ping: actually it does look like a postmortem was done on the burger, so no not dyslexic. Long like Hippocrates:)

    Jasna: that’s one alternative though the pharmaceutical industry will be less pleased

  11. Wow is that really a burger