Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Weirdest Snacks in the World

Pickled herring with caviar and mashed potatoes
Food Diary (December 16, 2011)
Breakfast: Toast with boiled egg
Lunch: Pickled herring with caviar and mashed potatoes
Dinner: French onion soup with croutons

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Twelfth Night Cake

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An eye catching article on the“12 Weirdest Snacks in the World”. The weirdness of a snack is a matter of opinion and while not everyone will come to a consensus on the 12 snacks listed, it is interesting to see what makes it on the list. The 12 snacks that make it to the party are:
Scorpion Lollipops: In Mexico, and now in some parts of the Southwest, lollipops come with scorpions in the center. They come in banana, apple, blueberry, and strawberry flavors
Turtle Eggs: In Nicaragua, sea turtle eggs are eaten as snacks, usually with a dash of hot sauce.
Wasabi and Chicken Wing Ice Cream: One of the more popular ice cream flavors in Japan is wasabi ice cream. Other flavours include raw horse meat, chicken wing, octopus, shrimp, squid, and garlic.
Tavuk Gögsü: The Turkish dessert tavuk Gögsü, which is made with rice, sweetened milk, cinnamon, and chicken and has a rice pudding-like consistency, was one of the most popular desserts served to sultans in the Ottoman Palace and it's still considered a signature dish.
Laverbread: Laver is a type of salty seaweed found in Wales, Ireland, and on Britain's west coast that's often spread on toast. But the Welsh also turn it into a breakfast snack called laverbread, which is a cake made of boiled laver rolled in oats. It's often eaten with bacon or cheese on top.
Deep-Fried Tarantula: Available in Cambodia, tarantulas are available at street stalls throughout the country and they're often flavored with garlic, salt, and sugar.
Tom Yum Popcorn: as you guessed these are available in Thailand. Spicy tom yum soup is converted into a powder and sprinkled over popcorn.
Raw Herring Sandwich: Raw herring is particularly loved in The Netherlands, where people pick up the herring by its tail and let the fish slide into their mouths.
Iwashi Sembei: Baked in soy and sugar, these small fish skeletons, or iwashi sembei, are eaten as crunchy, addictive snacks throughout Japan.
Pig’s Blood Cake: These are popular in Taiwan. The chewy snacks are made by soaking sticky rice in pig's blood before rolling it around in peanut flour and cilantro, and serving it on a stick.
Fish and Chips Gelato: fish and chips gelato is available in Australia. Reportedly inspired by chef Heston Blumenthal's bacon and egg ice cream in London, a local ice creamery created their fish and chips flavor with lots of salty and tangy notes and little fried bits on top.
Eskimo Ice Cream: In Alaska, Eskimo ice cream has little to do with ice cream that we are familiar with. Eskimo ice cream is made with a type of shortening, like Crisco, mixed with berries, melted snow water, and sugar, as well as common additions like salmon, caribou, reindeer tallow, and other meats and fish. It's all mixed together and is often eaten as a snack, spread, or even dessert.

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  1. Bet some of those could make you really sick. I've had turtle eggs before and they're reeeaaalllyy gooood! But I've stopped eating them since they've become a protected species here, altho I'm still seeing some on sale at the east coast states of Malaysia. And that's where the turtle sanctuaries are at ... tsk. Can't see a difference (ew-wise) between pig's blood cake and blood sausage. Wait, we have coagulated pig's blood in some of our curry noodle dishes. Oh well ... strange people with strange tastes, makes the world interesting.

  2. That Twelfth Night cake looks so cool. Interesting list of weirdest snacks-of all of them I don't think I could stomach the pig's blood cake, but then again I don't think I would want a scorpion lollipop or a deep fried tarantula either.

  3. Your pickled herring and caviar looks surprisingly pretty!

  4. Some of those snacks sound like something they would force you to eat on one of those reality tv shows!

  5. I haven't eaten any of these snacks, but I would love to taste every single one. Strangely, nothing disgusted me here...
    The pickled herring has a beautiful colour. I thought at first it was a vegetable...

  6. Yeah, I think I'll pass on the weird snacks. What surprises me most is that enough people eat them that they can make the list!

  7. Wait a minute! Iwashi Senbei is not the wierdest snack! It's healthy and delicious...but I never had wasabi ice cream (bleh) or any other flavors mentioned here.. that's for getting people's attention but all these flavors are not common at all. It was an interesting post!!!

  8. Not sure I would like pickled herring. But I do love the look of that Twelve Night cake. How pretty and how clever.

  9. ping: you are lucky to have tasted turtle eggs, wish I had the opportunity. Sale of eggs near the sanctuaries reminds me of what I friend said and did – speed in front of the police station because that’s where they least expect you to do it!
    The texture of blood cake sounds different from blood sausage.

    Elaine: you may like them, you never know unless you try:)

    Gerry: me too!

    Yummychunklet: thank you

    Joanne: and in some parts of the world people voluntarily eat them because they love it.

    Sissi: I’ve only tried raw herring sandwich in Holland, pretty nice. I would also love to try all of them

    Lizzy: enough people eat them and love them.

    Nami: I guess Iwashi Senbei is weird for some people

    Hotly Spiced: I guess its not everyones cup of tea

  10. In Philippines we also have that pig blood cake but cooked in a charcoal grill

  11. Wow what a cake! I am quite repulsed by most of these snakca but I have had Raw Herring Sandwich and Amsterdam and it was OK.

  12. Very interesting list but I'm surprised for balut(boiled duck embryo) didn't make it to the list!