Monday, December 12, 2011

Dans Le Noir

Potato, spinach and tomato soup
Food Diary (December 12, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Potato, spinach and tomato soup
Dinner: Polenta with carrot, onion and poached egg

I am slightly embarrassed with the picture, the soup looks like sludge. It tasted much better than it looks. I took the photo in a great hurry and don’t have any other photos to share. Even if I spent more time trying to beautify the photo, I don’t think it would have mattered much! It is what it is and it would need a lot of creativity to beautify it. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Rosen Torte

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Reuters
The first time I heard about ‘blind restaurants’ was in Hells Kitchen series. Restaurants where diners are served in total darkness is apparently proving to be popular in Europe. The "Dans Le Noir" chain already has restaurants in London, Moscow, Barcelona and St. Petersburg and plans to open one in New York's Times Square this month.

Fifty percent of staff in the "Dans Le Noir" chain are very heavily handicapped. Visually impaired waiters guide patrons past heavy black curtains into a pitch-dark dining room where they are served a surprise two or three-course menu.

Even in some of the best normal restaurants where there is a large brigade of chefs, head chefs and waiters watching your plate of food, unintended objects still manages to find its way into the plate, and sometimes the customer notices. Not a chance of this happening in the blind restaurant. I guess there is no harm done if you don’t know.

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  1. That soup looks delicious, and perfect for this dreary, rainy day we're having here.

  2. Great soup. And ewwwwww....I like to feign ignorance about the possibility of unexpected surprises in my restaurant meals~

  3. Those Rosen Torte look beautiful!

  4. No, that soup looks a lot better than sludge. It's not normally soup weather in Sydney at this time of year but with the cold and rain, I think I'll make soup for dinner.

  5. I don't see nothing wrong with the pic. Everyone knows, homemade soups never get dressed up but tastes heavenly. Besides, it's got my 3 favorite ingredients in it, what's not to like?
    I saw the movie "When in Rome" where they featured one of these restaurants and it sure didn't look like fun. But of course it was done all crazy for the movie, altho I won't be surprised at some of the possible mishaps that could happen in there. I guess when they can't serve good food., they gotta find ways to distract you from it. :D (Just a thought).

  6. On the contrary, I think the soup looks very appetising, like a rich, home-made soup :-)
    I have already heard abou these restaurants. It doesn't attract me at all. I like to see what I have in my plate or observe the colour of the wine I drink, but I can totally understand why people are excited by such an experience.

  7. Soup is just NOT photogenic. I scream at my soup all the time, so don't fret :)

    We used to have a 'dining in the dark' restaurant here but I was never brave enough to go! Now I wish I had!

  8. I think the soups looks really delicious! you are just too hard on yourself.

    I've had the privilege of dining in Dans le Noir London before and it was quite an experience. We were very well taken of by the attentive and amazing waiters. Had a great time guessing what we were eating and I wasted some of our wine as I was tasked to pour the wine and of course some of it ended up on the table. haha We came our really appreciating our sense of sight.

  9. Caroline: thank you

    Lizzy: I guess its OK as long as we never find out:)

    Yummychunklet: it does, soft colors

    Hotly Spiced: thanks!

    ping: I have not seen that movie, need to watch. Lack of vision will affect taste so I guess if the restaurant sells sub-standard food they can blame the lack of light and not the food:) It is a nice way to distract you from the food – they put it right in front of you and you still don’t see it:)

    Sissi: thank you.
    I guess it would be one of those concepts that would be great to try but not go back often. There are so many different concept restaurants popping up.

    Parsley Sage: you scream at your soup! Poor soup!

  10. hi three cookies, delicious looking soup and torte...mmm , i dont think i want to dine in an expensive restaurant, yet dont know what i am putting in my mouth... you know what i mean ha ha
    have a nice day