Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cookie dough beware

Rice and green beans
Food Diary (December 11, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with plums and flax seeds
Lunch: Rice and green beans
Dinner: Aubergine in tomato sauce with toast, sandwiches
Baking/sweets: Cornflake coconut cookies

I ate way too many cookies today. After yesterdays excesses I was planning a good recovery day today. Unfortunately like many plans the execution fell short. I remembered during my university days I was always quitting alcohol. I lost count of the number of times that I quit. Then I took a decision that worked successfully - stop quitting.

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Source: Camemberu
Banana Cake with Cheese Topping. Very usual, almost like a cake pizza

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Bad news for cookie dough lovers, salmonella is a problem. 

The risk is especially when you make the cookie dough at home. Pre-made cookie mixes often use pasteurized eggs, which do not contain salmonella bacteria. However even pre-made cookie dough presents real risks when it isn't cooked properly before being eaten. In the case of the 2009 outbreak, which sickened 77 people, E. coli bacteria originated in the flour within the dough, not the eggs. Most people don't eat raw flour often, so it doesn't immediately come to mind as a dangerous vector of pathogens.

I love cookie dough though I don’t eat it often. Now I will think twice.

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  1. Yup, best decision evah! Stop quitting. (Just like my dieting) :D
    I could never understand why people would eat cookie dough raw. I learnt that as a kid in the US but couldn't get into it like my peers. Seems so weird.

  2. Hahahaha....stop quitting sounds cool!:P

  3. Ooh what was that great quote about beating addictions? Now it's going to bug me all night! :P

  4. I like your site! Got a few good site recommendations :) I agree, whenever I try to quit anything (like eating meat and fatty foods) it never works. Just makes me want it more.

  5. Now looking at your dish I'm thinking that probably you eat as much rice as me (or even more). Yo wouldn't know it since I don't post everyday meals, but for example last week I didn't have rice only on one day!
    I totally agree with quitting. Whenever I tried quitting anything, it became even more tempting ;-)
    I agree with Ping. Eating raw cookie dough is weird, but... I made your Anzac biscuits several times and these have an amazing dough. I keep on eating it while forming the biscuits. There are no eggs however, so maybe it's safe ;-)

  6. Oy, I definitely ate a TON of cookie dough this holiday baking season! No salmonella, though...yet.

  7. What a unique way to do a cake frosting!

  8. Oh you have no idea how disappointed I am every single time i make cookie dough-especially when I was pregnant. I let myself slip a few times here and there and I would eat the dough but when I was pregnant that was a definite no-no! I hate this is true. Cookie dough is so great

  9. Oh I'm afraid I just can't help myself with that cookie dough - but maybe now I'll be a little more careful.
    mary x

  10. Wow, ecoli in the flour really is hitting below the belt. We finally have figured out how to make cookie dough without the eggs for things like ice cream and now the culprit is the flour. I protest!!

  11. I'm interested in what that banana cake with cheese on top tastes like! :o

  12. ping: thank you, no regrets about that decision, and still managing to follow it without getting disappointed. Eating dough does seem weird, eating leftovers off the spoon or bowl seems OK but preparing dough just to eat as is takes a bit of getting used to. There are some delicious doughs though

    Christy: thank you, that’s the way to go

    Lorraine: not sure – is it “if you can’t beat them join them”?

    Akika: thank you so much for your kind words

    Sissi: Sometimes I eat rice often and sometimes I eat it once or twice a month, it all depends. Some Korean friends prefer to eat rice three times a day! I haven’t reached that stage yet:)
    ANZAC dough is extremely delicious, I always eat quite a bit of that dough.

    Joanne: I guess there is only a small percentage of salmonella

    Yummychunklet: very unique

    Kitchen belleicious: sounds like you were pretty well disciplined

    Mary: its always good to keep in the back of our head I suppose

    Kirsten: flour is being sneaky here I guess

    Lorraine: there is only one way to find out:)

  13. E coli in flour? hm... never knew that could occur. good to know.

  14. Yikes, I've come to think I'm immune to salmonella after all my years of sampling cookie I have to worry about flour :/

  15. I thought you can get salmonella only in chickens, I should stop licking my fingers when making cookies

  16. Amanda: I didn't know that either, definitely good to know

    Lizzy: or not worry, depends.

  17. Oooh, I've wanted to try cheese in dessert ever since I heard of apple pies baked in cheddar crusts! May have to grill a banana with cheese tonight...