Saturday, December 17, 2011

Norwegian butter crisis and Swedish pancake

Swedish pancake
Food Diary (December 17, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Swedish pancake with cheese, lentils and jam
Dinner: Pork red curry with rice and salad

Swedish pancake is quite similar to the French crêpes. It is usually eaten on Thursday following a meal of pea soup. The pancakes are often served with jam and whipped cream. I broke a few traditions – I ate them today, they were rectangular instead of round, and I had savoury accompaniments. It was still delicious, forbidden fruit tastes delicious, ask Adam. The recipe is available here.

Pork red curry
Today's Favourite Photo
Christmas Fruit Cake

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Source: CNN
Children are usually told not to accept candies from strangers. Norway has taken this many steps further. Norwegian food safety authorities have warned people not to buy butter from strangers. The warning came after authorities detained a Russian citizen who they say was trying to smuggle 90 kilograms of butter from Germany into Norway. Norway is going through a butter crisis, as I mentioned on December 8 .

From my friends I have learnt about their experiences involving food rationing during the Soviet times. Some food items were restricted or simply unavailable. The situation has taken a U-turn, times have changed to the extent that now a Russian man tried to smuggle butter into one of the richest countries in the world.

Neighboring Denmark exports butter all over the world but quotas and high import tariffs makes it difficult for Danish butter to slip through the Norwegian customs.

Norwegian authorities are working hard to solve this problem. They have already adjusted tariffs and other barriers. Furthermore Danish airports and ferries traveling between Norway and Denmark have started offering butter in their duty-free shops. Time will tell whether 'marg' successfully forces its way into the Norwegian household this Christmas.

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  1. Pork Red Curry, Red Pork Curry ... looks good!
    What a sad time to be without butter.

  2. I hope the butter problem get resolved on time...
    Everything looks delicious, look at that fruit cake Yummmm..

  3. I read about the butter crisis in Norway! Terrible news! I love butter so much.

  4. I'm sorry for Norwegians, but this butter saga gets hilarious and the worst is that the problem will not be quickly resolved because of the authorities once more: the regulations etc.. I'm sure soon there will be underground butter shops ;-)
    I wonder if there is also a shortage of cream. If not, people could make their own butter! It's very easy.
    Your pancake sounds fantastic and I understand your choice (I don't like pancakes in sweet versions, so when I go to a French crêperie and still feel hungry after the main pancake dish, I take a second, lighter one, but also savoury, as a dessert). "Eaten on Thursday" sounds very intriguing... I knew some catholics eat fish on Fridays, but pancakes on Thursday is very unusual.

  5. Both the Swedish pancake and that fruitcake look fabulous! And I'm not a fan of fruitcake. I hope Norway can figure out a way to end their butter shortage...I can't imagine the holidays without butter!

  6. ping: thank thank you:)
    December is probably the worst month to have butter crisis

    Reem: thank you

    Lorraine: I am sure Norwegians are working night and day to fix this, it’s a major crisis

    Sissi: that’s true, it can take time for authorities to react but this is a national crisis, they are probably working harder than ever:)
    I didn’t think of the cream situation. I suppose the factories are converting excess cream stock into butter. Probably the price of cream has gone up too, it should have.
    I don’t know why pancakes are eaten on Thursday, must be a reason. In many countries (eg UK, NZ etc) fish and chips is eaten on Friday. Probably a reason there too. Maybe end of the week is for indulgence/unhealthy eating

    Lizzy: that fruitcake looks particularly attractive, I’m not a big fan either

  7. I'm not really a fan of fruit cake, but that photo does look rather delicious.

  8. Wow I never knew in some parts of the world butter is nearly denied, here in NZ we enjoy lots of them

  9. That curry looks SO good - very tricky about the butter - hope that sorts out soon!
    mary x

  10. Fish is eaten on Friday because traditionally practicing catholics don't eat meat on Fridays. (I know several people who don't)