Friday, December 9, 2011

Secret for man to live longer

Beetroot Chocolate Fudge Cookies
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Breakfast: Toast
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If you are a man, here is a tip to live longer – marry a smart woman.

A study done at Stockholm University has proven that women have known throughout the ages that men are hopeless at taking care of themselves. Data has shown that the best predictor of a long life for a man was the level of his wife’s education and not the man’s education.

It was already a proven that man will live longer with any woman at his side. Married men live longer than single men.

There are lots of jokes implying shortening of lifespan for married man but obviously the facts prove otherwise.

“A classified ad which read "Wife Wanted" received hundreds of responses, all from men saying "You can have mine."

On further thought the studies do make sense, maybe. Marrying a smart woman increases life span probably because marrying someone less smart may give you headache and stress, and this is not good for life expectancy. I don't know for sure, I am only assuming. 

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  1. So where do I find one of these "smart woman? to marry? ;)

  2. Ha! This cracked CK up. I told him 'Well, you're guaranteed a long life then, honey' :)

  3. The color of your cookies is lovely!

  4. hehe.I will have to bake those root cookies too. Amazing!

  5. I suppose my husband will live very very old ;-)
    At first, when I saw the title and your photo, I thought "beetroot cookies are the answer" :-)

  6. Haha! I'm with Sissi about the title. That's how smart we are .. sorry Sissi, just speaking for myself :D (Planned or not, that's a neat trick, Mr T).
    I wonder if that research was done by a woman? The dumb joke was definitely by a man.

  7. Yup, my hubby will live forever, too! I made sure I told him how lucky he was :)

  8. Ayden: “seek and ye shall find” – that’s the best suggestion I can offer at this stage:)

    Parsley Sage: lucky CK, he chose well:)

    Elaine: thank you

    Yummychunklet: and men benefit as well, a win win outcome:)

    Angie: good luck

    Sissi: I am sure he will!
    I don’t think research has been done on the relationship between eating beetroot cookies and life expectancy, lets wait for research to come. Beetroot could be the answer too, beetroot is good for you after all:)

    ping: I don’t know whether I should say it was planned or not, whatever makes me seem smarter. I need to keep up too:)
    I didn’t see the original research but it was done on historical statistics so the results should be objective (unless the data was mined pretty well).
    That wasn’t a dumb joke, it’s a fact:) Kidding! Yes a men must be behind this one, that’s the best they can do:)

    Lizzy: good, now he knows. I am sure he knew already but no harm re-emphasizing this point.

  9. Oh course they live longer - the wife does everything for them!!!!
    Mary x

  10. What if you marry two smart women will you life expectancy double LOL