Sunday, December 11, 2011

Schweinshaxe and lussekatter

Food Diary (December 10, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Sandwiches
Dinner: Schweinshaxe, onion rings, French fries, potato fritters
Baking/sweets: Lussekatter (Saint Lucia buns)

Schweinshaxe or roast pork knuckle originates from Germany (don’t quote me on this). It is surprisingly easy to make, producing crispy skin and fall off the bone tender meat. The recipe is available here.

I didn’t make those Lussekatter, nor did I take the photo, someone else did. Lussekatter is a traditional Swedish bun eaten on Saint Lucy's Day, which falls on December 13. The buns are flavoured with saffron and has raisins. Quite delicious.

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  1. My friend's husband is crazy for German pork knuckle! Hubby isn't so fussed but I like it if I'm in the mood :)

  2. I love pork knuckle if it's well prepared (I tried doing it twice and the results were awful!). I know Poles would probably argue roast pork knuckle is their national dish ;-) It's on the menu of every Polish traditional restaurant. I might have seen it also in Czech Republic, but I'm not sure... It's very good with beer :-)
    Your pork knuckle looks fabulous. I start craving this dish I haven't had for many years... (By the way, it would certainly go well with the German Potato Salad and of course they would form a perfect artery clogging combination ;-) )

  3. Lorraine: I like it too if I am in the mood

    Sissi: why awful - the skin didn't crisp up or some other issue?
    I am sure its available in many countries. I haven't seen it in Sweden, not in any of the restaurants I visited. Thats a good reminder to try that German salad. The bacon will complement the knuckle well:)

  4. We have a similar pork knuckle dish but the filipino version is deep fried