Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lemon Delicious and Very Expensive Pie

Lemon Delicious
Food Diary (January 07, 2012)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Mushroom in creamy garlic sauce with rice
Dinner: Sausage rolls, baked okara fritters

Lemon delicious, with a name like that it better be delicious. And thats for you to find out. You must wonder what kind of a dessert is a ‘delicious’. Most probably of Australian origin, lemon delicious is a golden sponge with a creamy lemon sauce. It is very light and lemony, crusty on the outside and creamy on the inside. It is delicious, and I think I have over-used this word. You can also call this lemon soufflĂ© pudding or lemon sponge, if you prefer. The recipe is available here.

Lemon Delicious

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Cranberry Upside Down Muffins

Today’s Favourite Blog
A mince pie worth £3,000 (US$4,600) has set a new world record for being the most expensive mince pie.

Its no ordinary pie, of course. It has been designed by food design firm Astarism, in London. The pie contains platinum leaf, a solid platinum coin, holy water from Lourdes to bind the pastry, vanilla beans and cinnamon from eastern spice markets and highly prized ambergris sugar derived from sperm whale secretions. Appetising, isn’t it! I am sure the whales are laughing at us, and they should. I wonder what value human secretions would attract.

The pie also contains a 1920s cognac. The pie took more than a week to create, was designed on a computer and cut with a laser.

I guess you won’t be seeing this pie at your local supermarket anytime soon. It is like one of those concept cars, bucket loads of money is spent on developing it, its price tag is way out of reach of the average person and most of the cars never go into production. We are humans, we often do things of little relevance and practicality, but we like it. 

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  1. Your lemon delicious definitely looks delicious!!! I haven't had much success with souffles yet but i hope that'll change soon!

    sperm whale secretions?? hmmm I don't think I'm gonna pay that much for something with that in it! haha

  2. Your Lemon delicious sounds... delicious :-)
    I love lemon cakes, I have made a new one recently and every time I make a new lemon dessert it's incredibly good.
    The pie sounds awful. I suppose the rich person who would buy it would only do it fo fun not for the taste...

  3. Wow! That souffle is gorgeous! Really got me all excited and then .... I lost my appetite. Maybe someone like Mr Kiyoshi Kimura might bid for the pie and get some advertising for himself at the same time.

  4. I am not sure if that pie would taste how it was priced, does a platinum leaf give a special taste to a dish?

  5. that is one gorgeous sounding souffle. and you're right, with a name like that I can't imagine it tasting anything BUT delicious. haha going to rename all souffles "something" delicious. and that mince pies designed on computers and cut with lasers just doesn't sound right to me...

  6. Ew, wonder who would even want to eat the mince pie??? Off to see your Lemon Delicious recipe :) YUM.

  7. The lemon delicious looks DELICIOUS indeed!
    £3,000 for a pie...gosh..what a pie!

  8. Happy New Year. Another great collection of interesting recipes/foodie miscellania. The lemon delicious. The 1920s cognac reminds me of a woman I met who was lacing her christmas cakes with her late husband's collection of rare cognacs - when she discovered that they retailed at about €50 a shot, she said it wasn't going to stop her :)

  9. the pie better be the most amazing thing I have ever eaten in order to pay that much! I do have a large sweet tooth though- so if I was having a craving large enough I might just pay that price:)

  10. Sylvia: thank you, it was delicious:) The same cannot be said for sperm whale secretions!

    Sissi: thank you, no wonder it is called delicious. I rarely make lemon desserts and when I do I love it. But I don’t make it often enough. I haven’t had lemon cakes in ages

    ping: sorry about the seesaw – from excited to appetite loss. I am sure Mr Kiyoshi Kimura has something in mind for this sperm whale secretions flavoured pie

    Lorraine: I wonder too!

    Raymund: same here. I think a 2 dollar pie from the gas station would probably taste more delicious

    Shu Han: thank you, names do make a difference I suppose.

    Lizzy: there might be some people who may find it appetizing – lots of strange people in the world

    Angie: thank you

    Hester: that’s strange, lacing with an expensive cognac but then I guess she probably had a huge stock

    Kitchen Belleicious: it better be, at that price

  11. I have an extremely easy lemon cake recipe waiting since Christmas (I mean photos wait). I will post it very soon.

  12. Insane pie, I will go for your lemon delicious first for sure!