Monday, January 23, 2012

Pasta with brussel sprouts
Food Diary (January 22, 2012)
Breakfast: Sourdough with boiled egg
Lunch: Pasta with brussel sprouts
Dinner: Rice with spinach

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Today's Favourite Photo
Green Pea Risotto made with Sauteed Kagoshima Kurobuta confit, green pea and bacon

Today’s Favourite Blog
An interesting collection of the 10 most polarizing foods: 
1.      Cilantro
2.      Celery
3.      Licorice
4.      Green pepper: the article states “While red and yellow peppers offer some sweetness, and can add a layer of complexity to certain dishes, green peppers often end up mucking them up.” I am not sure if thats true
5.      Marzipan
6.      Mayonnaise: I am surprised to see mayo make it in the top 10
7.      Blue cheese
8.      Vegemite/marmite
9.      Coconut: surprised to see this here. The article states “Coconut is always the least popular flavor in a box of chocolate truffles... However, this new coconut water craze has put the fruit in an entirely new light. Apparently, many people are willing to sacrifice taste in favor of supposed health benefits.”
10, Liver 

I guess all of us will have a slightly different list but this list is interesting nevertheless. I am not sure if it says positive or negative things about my taste buds but I love most of the items on the list, and am indifferent to a couple of them. I guess over time our tastes develop and/or change. I hated blue cheese and love it now. I guess if people who hated some of the food items tasted a small amount at a time they may start to like it.

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  1. Interesting list! Surprised about coconut and mayo but not the blue cheese or cilantro. Pasta and Brussels Sprouts would never think to put together but I love both, looks delicious.

  2. Agreed. I am vehemently anti-licorice. I can see why that made the list.

    1. I am pro-licorice. You should try Scandinavian licorice, requires an even more acquired taste!

  3. Fun list! I definitely agree with several of those. However, I am a fan of mayo and I adore coconut! Celery and green bell peppers are frequently seen around here too. ;)

  4. the list of polarising foods was interesting. I love most of them except for perhaps licorice-unless it is in ice cream!

    1. Licorice ice cream sounds interesting, I have to try

  5. So nice to see the food news back :-) I'm also very surprised to see coconut here. I think I don't know anyone who hates it. As for mayonnaise: this is an American source and I've been told by friends who lived in the US that most mayonnaise is very bland and greasy in taste compared to the European one. Also, since US authorities scare everyone with raw eggs, I suppose few people know how the fresh mayonnaise tastes like.
    The only people I read saying they hate mayonnaise were American.
    Marzipan I think depends on the countries too. I have recently talked to a Polish woman who said she is the only one in her family and friends circle to love it (the rest hate it), while in France everyone loves it and in Switzerland too...
    I like everything from the list except for licorice, although I like having it very rarely in a form of a tiny candy.

    1. Nice to be back!
      I haven't tried US mayo. No wonder they mix it with ketchup and mustard:)

  6. Interesting list...I can understand of them (especially as I have such a picky hubby!), but celery seems the most odd to me. Thanks for your condolences...much appreciated.

  7. Brussels Sprouts should be in that list too :D I love them but haven't met anyone else who's as crazy about them as I am.... at least not in this part of the world. Mayo? Really?

    1. I guess so, you love or hate sprouts, bit like beets.

  8. don't you just love pasta wagon wheels- thank god for them because my son loves to eat pasta as long as they are wagon wheels! LOL!

  9. That's an interesting but very surprising list. Coconut??? Who doesn't like coconut? Or mayonnaise. I would have put oysters on the list.

  10. nice list, although I like all of them, even the occasional vegemite on toast (with cheese).