Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We have two brains

Pasta with ham
Food Diary (January 23, 2012)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Pasta with ham
Dinner: Lentil and carrot soup

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Fried Chicken Carcass- Thats right, its a plate of food that hasn't been eaten yet. Looks like leftovers (or maybe it is from the neighbouring shop!)

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Source: Care2
We have two brains, apparently, sort of. One in the head and one in the heart.

Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath and other organizations have shown that the human heart, in addition to its other functions, actually possesses the equivalent of its own brain. The heart contains an intricate network of several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells, like those found in the brain proper.

The term heart brain was introduced in 1991. Heart brain interacts and communicates with the head brain. The heart and head communicate via a number of pathways, continually exchanging critical information that influences how the body functions.

One important way the heart can speak to and influence the brain is when the heart is coherent – generating a stable, sine-wavelike pattern in its rhythms. When the heart is coherent, the body, including the brain, begins to experience all sorts of benefits, among them greater mental clarity and intuitive ability, including better decision-making.

The article did not say what the implications are for eating and drinking. I wonder whether the heart tells the brain whether or not it is happy with what we consume, and whether the brain actually does something about it or ignores it from time to time. Sometimes when we eat heart unhealthy food the brain continues to encourage us. I wonder whether there is communication breakdown from time to time. 

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  1. So that's where the saying "think with your heart and not your brain" came from ... or is it the other way around?
    Haha! That fried chicken carcass might be pretty gross to some but I can see it being popular here in Asia where nothing ever really goes to waste. I'm pretty sure I'd like it too with all the crunchy bits and chewable soft bones. :D

    1. Depends, if you really want something but your brain says no, then think with your heart:)
      It doesn't look gross at all, its how a plate looks like after a meal of fried chicken, not before:) Interesting! I guess good nibble food.

  2. The chicken carcass looks actually delicious! I remember having had crunchy fried salmon skin maki sushi once. Frankly it was one of the best maki sushi I have had!
    The heart brain is a big surprise! Thanks for finding this fascinating news.
    By the way, it concerns your previous post, but have you ever tasted Japanese mayonnaise? It's absolutely luscious... spicy, light (only the taste of course!) and the taste makes one think it's mixed with hard boiled egg yolks. Not to mention their amazing package. The most practical mayonnaise package I have ever seen.

    1. Crunchy fish skin is really delicious, not so sure about carcass unless its crispy and can be eaten?
      I've never tried japanese mayo, only heard about it. I will check on the internet, thanks for the info

  3. So..that saying 'go with your heart' has some substance behind it.;)

    1. Probably does, especially when there is conflict with the brain:)

  4. Hubby is a cardiologist...I will have to grill him about our second brain. And as far as cookie making goes, I think he didn't realize (or care) that the ingredients needed to be added in a certain order. He wanted cookies and he wanted them 10 minutes ago :)

    1. Good to get a second opinion on this from a professional

  5. Weird photo of the day. Ah=nd interesting about 2 brains, some might argue men have 3 then...but not all 3 can work at the same time :)