Saturday, February 11, 2012

15 year old Bitto

Stir fried veges with pasta
Food Diary (February 11, 2012)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with pears, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Stir fried veges with pasta
Dinner: Black bean in spicy tomato sauce with polenta
Baking/sweets:  Hot Mocha Fudge Cake

The Hot Mocha Fudge Cake was made from frozen leftover dough, it was just as delicious as the fresh one. Unfortunately there is no more dough left, and I don’t know when I will make this again. While food blogging is fun, one downside is that you are exposed to so many different recipes that repeating a recipe becomes less likely, unless they are favourites or regulars like ANZAC cookies, polenta crackers or flaxseed oat crackers. I certainly hope to meet Hot Mocha Fudge Cake again.

Hot Mocha Fudge Cake

Let us now change our focus from the delicious Hot Mocha Fudge Cake to a less appetizing issue, toilets. Today I saw this on BBC, and found it hilarious enough to share with you.

The poster appears at Swansea University, it is not a joke. The university says it has produced them to help address cultural differences. I won't go into any more detail here!

Today's Favourite Photo
Balsamic Strawberries with Whipped Mascarpone Cream

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: CNN
We all know that many cheeses are aged to develop their taste. I think the oldest cheese I have seen in the supermarket here is close to 2 years.  This is quite young compared to the 15 year old cheese considered the worlds oldest piece of edible cheese. And it is located in China out of all places. The 20-kilo cut of Italian alpine cheese called Bitto, produced in 1997, is valued at US$320 per kilo.

It is believed that Bitto was first produced 2,000 years ago. The cheese can mature for upwards of 10 years. According to Paolo Ciapparelli, president of the Association of Bitto Producers, the addition of 20 percent goats' milk is said to improve preservation. This is done about 30 minutes after milking, which halts bacterial formation. This theory has not been scientifically proven.

Bitto up to 10 years old is normally sold at cheese auctions around the world, but the 15 year old piece is by far the oldest on the market.

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  1. So true, about not having a repeat recipe with so many interesting recipes running around. I'd just made some brownies, plain ol' brownies, last night. Something that we haven't had after all the fancy shmancy stuff I've been trying out since. Poor neglected thing.
    Eeek, yes, we have those signs here too! Like you said, we shall not go into details.
    I'm guessing there must be the same few blocks of Bittos going around the circuit. It's so old and being sold at auctions makes it almost like a collectors' item, it'd be such a shame to eat them :)

    1. The plain basic stuff always comes back, much more loyal than the "fancy shmancy" stuff that come and go, and don't usually come back:)
      I didn't realise those signs were in other countries, or in any place other than Swansea University. I'd never seen it before

  2. That is a very "interesting" instruction placard!

  3. I've seen those toilet signs at a few places. I must admit that I don't love it when there are footprints on the toilet seats!

  4. Yeah, me too I guess its hard to change a lifetime of habits ( done privately)

  5. This mocha fudge cake looks as delicious as when freshly made! I often repeat the sweet dishes recipes, but since my husband and I have sometimes different favourites, it makes a bigger number of repeated dishes.
    I would love to taste the very old cheese, but I wonder if, like some very old wines, it hasn't lost all its good taste.
    The Swansea University thing makes me realise why when I used to go to discos the lavatories where outrageously dirty with shoe prints everywhere! Do they mean by "cultural differences" some students come from countries where only holes in the floor are available? (OK, sorry, I go too far for a food blog ;-)

    1. The article didn't say anything about the taste of the cheese, perhaps people are paying for age not taste. It is quite possible, especially since there is only 20 kg of it
      Re toilets, yes thats what they mean. Don't worry, it is food related, it used to be food at one stage:)

  6. I've seen that bathroom sign before...and it made me laugh again today! Your noodles with veggies look delicious...and I'm thrilled to see my dessert featured here as I know what magnificent food photos you post :) Thanks!

  7. I liked Liz's photo too! You made stir fried veggies with Italian pasta? Huh... I really should make that. I always use Asian noodles, but I don't have to. I can use spaghetti noodles next time! I never thought of it. Looks yummy!

  8. I often use a mixture of rice vermicelli and Italian angel hair spaghetti in my laksa to bulk it up, but I've never tried it in a stir fry, should go, it's a logical choice in a Western kitchen. PS those toilet signs can be found in many places throughout China and even here in Australia around Chinatown, because most toilets there are squatting holes in the ground.