Friday, February 10, 2012

E-Dinner and Butter Chicken

Butter chicken with rice

Food Diary (February 10, 2012)
Breakfast: Sourdough toast
Lunch: Pasta with lentil spinach sauce
Dinner: Butter chicken with rice

The butter chicken was awesome. The name ‘butter chicken’ may be slightly misleading, and could even put off some people trying to avoid butter. Butter chicken has little butter, and  I suppose it can be made without butter and the difference would be negligible. The first butter chicken I had was made with cream and curry powder, and chicken of course. I later discovered versions containing tomato, yogurt and even coconut milk. It seems different countries have adopted the recipe but kept the name. But all versions are delicious.

Today was an unusual day. When I left home I forgot to take my mobile. And while out I found a mobile, quite a nice one too, better than mine actually. It was lying on the side of the road, protected by some snow. So I left home with no phone and came back with a phone, now I have two. Unlike boyfriends or girlfriends, you can have two at the same time, side by side, without offending each other. Anyway I am now waiting for the owner to call me, actually to call himself/herself, so I can return it. I can’t call any of his/her contacts since I cannot unlock the screen.

Here are a couple of pictures from a chilly crispy morning. I took the picture facing the sun so it looks dull even though it was a bright sunny morning.

Today's Favourite Photo
Italian Cream Puffs with Custard Filling (St. Joseph's Day Pastries)

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: CNN
An e-dinner concept was bound to start sooner or later. Hai Di Lao, a Chinese hot pot restaurant chain, has just launched a virtual dining concept. The new hi-tech cyber supper service allows diners in Shanghai and Beijing to boil hot pot face-to-face even though they are 1,200 kilometers apart.

Two dining rooms are equipped to deliver the service in Hai Di Lao’s Beijing Wangfujing chain and Shanghai Changshou Lu chain. Both rooms accommodate a half-moon table and can seat a maximum of six diners. A massive video wall, made up of three 60-inch LED screens, occupies one end of the table, allowing diners to see, talk with and propose a toast to their faraway companions. But they cannot shake hands and throw food at each other.

Private companies already use a similar concept with video conferences. In some cases companies with offices in different countries have meeting rooms with exactly the same design and furniture. The video conferencing is set up in such a way that it looks like the table is extended. It is interesting that this concept is now being tested with restaurants. Maybe pubs next? Soon we won’t even need to meet our friends in person!

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  1. My stomach is growling just by looking at your butter chicken. Yum!

  2. And mine is growling looking at the cream puff!

    PS...How did you know Bill wouldn't be thrilled with Nutella on toast? I wised up and only made one slice :)

    1. Mine too, cream with crispy sweet bun always goes down well
      Thats so cruel - making just one slice and posting details - he can see but not touch:)
      Ping: thanks for sharing that info:)

  3. Hehe, sorry to hijack your comment space for awhile with Lizzy.
    The butter chicken looks awesome alright ... gotta butter you up a little after that bit of hijacking :D
    I love scenic pictures like these. They put me in a mellow, fuzzy kind of mood.
    E-dinners or E-meals will kill human interaction and then what? We each live in our own little cave and have no social skills. It's already happening. The whole idea of having a meal together is because you enjoy the company. People unclear of the concept.

    1. You didn't hijack, no worries.
      Its been a very long time since I heard the saying 'butter you up', I almost forgot that saying:)
      I think in this case it is supposed to improve interaction since people in different cities can see and almost dine with each other. I guess the risk is that people get comfortable with this and stop meeting in person.

  4. I love butter chicken too. It's my favourite Indian curry. Yours looks so delicious. That's interesting that you now have two mobile phones. If I lost mine I would be frantic and calling it constantly. It will be interesting to know if the owner ever calls you.

    1. Still no calls. Maybe he has insurance and is happy to let it go. We will see

  5. I loooove butter chicken. Yours looks so appetising! I have made it at home several times and you are right, every single recipe is different, but butter amount is always scarce. I prefer the one with cream and/or yogurt, not coconut milk (even though I like it a lot in general). Now I know what we'll have for tonight :-)
    E-dinner idea is fantastic! Now I know what to do when I miss my friend and cousin, which whom I often talk or chat and when we are alone, craving for company to our glasses of wine or other drinks! E-drink sounds like the ideal solution :-)

    1. Great, wish I was having it for dinner again tonight:)
      My friends always talk about e-drink but we never tried it. The huge time difference does not help either!

  6. Butter Chicken makes me drool nonstop here! Looking so delish! :)
    Nice pics there...

  7. butter chicken and a cream puff! good stuff - now I have to go to the gym!
    Mary x

  8. Whoa!!! Beautiful scenery! I haven't seen the snow this year yet. Both butter chicken and cream puff look yummy!

  9. Ohhh that butter chicken looks amazing, thats one of my favorite curries match it with garlic naan it will be heaven for me