Thursday, March 8, 2012

High cinema snack prices and fig and blackberry pies

Baked egg and spinach

Food Diary (March 07, 2012)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with kiwifruit, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Baked egg and spinach, sourdough
Dinner: Vegetable stew with pasta

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Little fig and blackberry pies

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Source: Guardian
Are you annoyed by high snack prices at cinemas? There might be hope, maybe very little. Joshua Thompson, a Michigan "security technician" furious at being prohibited from carrying his own food and drink into the cinema, last week filed a class action against a large American cinema chain. His lawyer claims that for AMC to charge around $8 for a Coke and some chocolate-covered peanuts amounts to price gouging. 

From a business point of view, cinemas are only partly about films. Cinemas are obliged to split money from ticket sales with the film studios, but get to keep almost all the cash they make from selling food. That means that the "concessions" (popcorn, sweets and the like) make up 20% of a cinema's revenue but 40% of its profits. A box of popcorn is around 85% profit to the cinema, and salty foods encourage people to buy more soft drinks, increasing receipts further. "Without the hefty concession profits," declared an article in Time a few years ago, "there would be no movie theater business".

I really don't know if this case has any chance of succeeding. 


  1. All three of your selections are awesome choices.

  2. I could go for that baked egg and spinach right now ... 2 of my fav ingredients. Yum! Healthy and packed!
    Cinemas aren't the only culprits, most restaurants and bars do that, we just don't realize it. They use a syrup base and aerated water to mix up the coke you order so that makes what you pay 20 times more than their cost.
    Unfortunately, the cinemas can't make money out of me ... not a cinema person, don't like popcorn and not looking forward to needing to pee in the middle of the movie and groping about in total darkness :)

    1. Healthy, easy and delicious, like your coconut cake:)
      Re coke etc, at fast food outlets the paper cups cost more than the 'sweet water':)
      I don't go to cinemas either. The peeing aspect never crossed my mind- I guess if the movie is not that long one can plan and exert control???:)

  3. that baked spinach egg looks so good! wow. nice :).

    and i usually sneak my water bottle into my purse (or other snacks). i refuse to pay that much money for concessions... esp. since they tend to be so unhealthy. i'm horrible!

    1. Sneaky! I guess no harm done if you don't get caught

  4. I hope the case succeeds! I don't like to eat at movies (too distracting) but I'm against price gouging.

  5. I don't know about Sweden, but here independent cinemas don't sell popcorn, maybe only drinks... And it's better this way. You don't go to the cinema to eat, but to watch a good film. Also it makes me furious to get tempted by popcorn (I like popcorn), then instead of feeling nice after a good film I feel guilty.
    I see you develop now recipes around spinach. It looks very cute :-)

    1. No popcorn, thats strange. Last time I went to cinemas they had popcorn, not that we bought it.

    2. I think it's to make a difference between the chain cinemas which have also commercial, brainless films from the ones with the "ambitious" and artistic program ;-)
      They want to prove it's not industry, but culture.

  6. or, you could just rent a movie and pop your own popcorn! (healthier too!)

  7. It is probably simple, but would love your recipe for the Baked egg and spinach.

    OK so that is ridiculous as a defense..."Without the hefty concession profits,there would be no movie theater business". Please! I do love the fact that in some bigger theaters now they have Tim Hortons (coffee place) where you can get a small chicken sandwich, a coffee and a donut for like 5$