Monday, April 2, 2012

10 strange laws

Sweet and sour fish with bread

Food Diary (April 02, 2012)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Sweet and sour fish with bread
Dinner: Polenta and lentils

Today it snowed again, on and off, during the day. At one point it was sunny and snowing at the same time. Nice but strange weather.It would have been perfect if it was warm too, but thats asking for too much. Plants and animals must be really confused. 
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Source: Care2
An interesting collection of 10 of the world’s strangest laws:

Husband Knows Best
In Vermont, a husband has to sign off in the event his wife needs dentures. And in Louisiana, using false teeth to bite someone bumps up the charge to aggravated assault.

Say Cheese!
With the exception of funerals and hospital visits, people in Milan, Italy are legally required to smile at all times.

Speaking Ill of the Dead
North Carolina has a ban on potty mouths at funerals.

Give Notice
In Texas you should give the police 24-hour’s notice before committing a crime, otherwise you’re breaking the law.

Dropping the Bomb
In Chico, California it’s illegal to set off a nuclear bomb within city limits.

Who Wears Short Shorts?
If you’re in Victoria, Australia and you are wearing pink hotpants on Sunday afternoon you’d be at risk of breaking the law.

All the mustachioed men of Eureka, Nevada are banned from kissing women. No eureka for them! 

Black Death
It’s illegal for Bubonic plague victims to ride in taxis in London. And its illegal to transport corpses in taxis.

God Save the Queen
Putting a stamp of the queen upside down could get you charged for treason in the United Kingdom. This law was voted the U.K.’s most ludicrous law in a 2007 survey!

One For the Money
It is illegal in Washington to pretend you have wealthy parents.


  1. What laws! Have I told you my parents in Washington are very very wealthy? LOL I wonder how they uphold the law on smiling. "Sorry, Ma'am, I saw you smirking 30 seconds ago, $40 fine."

    hey, that would be the way to save the economy of the world! If you don't smile, you pay a fine. I think it should catch on.

    1. I guess some of the laws are not enforced strictly, but it exists.

  2. I love reading these odd laws. You have to wonder what caused the law to be made in the first place.

  3. Mr. Three-Cookies, I'm sure these were posted on Care2 the 1st of April ;-)
    I really hope your weather improves. Otherwise you might start wondering what is better a second Christmas or Easter in snow...

    1. The laws actually exist, and there are a lot more. However some of them are perhaps not strictly enforced. Singapore has many such laws. Eg you can get into trouble if you don't flush a public toilet after use.

    2. I am totally in favour of the Singapore law all around the world!
      (Did you know that when you live in a semi-detached house or a building of flats in Switzerlands, you are -in theory- not allowed to flush your toilet after 8pm? or take a shower after 8pm? Most people of course don't care for this old law, but I knew a friend whose neighbour called the police saying she took regularly a shower and flashed toilet about 10 - 11 pm and it stopped the neighbour from sleeping... can you imagine?)

    3. That is a really really strange law. Can't have parties I suppose. Or have parties but the guests will have to think of alternative solutions!!!

  4. Normally I find green iced cakes quite bilious but that cake is gorgeous. It's a wonderful shade of green and so beautifully decorated. Those laws are hysterical. The only one I knew of was the stamp of the Queen. xx

    1. It is a wonderful shade of green, Green coloring used sparingly, which is good!

  5. This is so good to read. Puts a smile on my frowny face :)

  6. Love this one:
    "All the mustachioed men of Eureka, Nevada are banned from kissing women. "

    HAHA! I hate it when I have to kiss (or rather touch cheeks with) men with beards.

    1. Nevada could be the place for you, and certainly not countries where its common for man to have beards:)