Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy meals, still happy

Pasta with chicken and mushrooms

Food Diary (April 05, 2012)
Breakfast: Sourdough toast
Lunch: Pasta with chicken and mushrooms
Dinner: Pasta with lentil and spinach
Baking/sweets: Cornetti, chocolates

Today I had a cornetti for the first time. It looks like a croissant but less buttery. I am not sure if it is supposed to be less buttery. It was filled with lemon vanilla cream. I think I prefer plain vanilla cream

Today's Favourite Photo
Sheep Muffins

Today’s Favourite Blog
McDonalds happy meal remains happy.

In San Francisco a lawsuit was brought against McDonalds for unfairly using toys in its Happy Meals to lure children into its restaurants. The lawsuit was dismissed.

Public health officials, parents and lawmakers have been frustrated with rising childhood obesity rates and weak anti-obesity efforts from restaurant operators.

The article didn’t mention any link between McDonalds meals and obese children. This would be hard to prove. The decision could be appealed. In the meantime, parents and children might as well consider other ways to manage obesity. 

The Happy Meals makes McDonalds one of the world's largest toy distributors.


  1. Eeeeeee!!! Those sheep cupcakes are so cute!!! Counting them .... zzzzz....
    I wonder what the black one is made out of? I haven't seen black marshmallows around.
    I've boycotted MacD for 5 years ... not because I'm 100% against fast food (it's convenient sometimes), I just don't agree with their principles. I know I shouldn't believe everything I read but after the book Fast Food Nation, it got to me so bad, I did that. Haven't missed it much. Too much good stuff here to eat :)

    1. How many sheep did you manage to count before falling asleep?:)
      I haven't read that book but I saw the movie. I think it might be out of date since a lot has changed, and keeps changing. McD's Sweden for example only uses organic milk, hamburger patties are 100% local beef (plus salt) etc.
      Also such books/documentaries are a bit extreme. One monitored the effects of someone eating only McD's for a month or so. He wasn't feeling too well.

  2. I really can't understand why MacD's make so much money for a ridiculous product/s.
    The sheep look awesome :)

  3. I have never had cornetti... but your pasta looks delicious.
    Luckily the lawsuit was dismissed because otherwise it would be one more decision proving that adults like to be treated like children. Children don't go to McDonald's on their own (at least not those who have the age to be attracted to Happy Meal toys), so who is there to blame? Maybe they should stop selling sweets in general or ban colourful packages so that parents don't have to say "no" to children (it seems very difficult these days from what I see around me).

  4. Such lawsuits arise because as humans we like to blame others and not accept responsibility for our actions. McDonalds is merely buying and selling. Instead maybe they should go after the toy manufacturers:)
    And I am sure there are parents who silently support toys. When they take their children to McD's they also get the chance to eat it (and blame the kids!).

    1. Yes, it reminds me of people who sue cigarette producers. I'm sure it's not only a question of money.
      It also reminds me a Central/Eastern European joke about a drunkard who goes to see a doctor. The doctor says "You are very ill, your liver is in an awful state and everything is of course because of the alcohol". "Thank you doctor, finally someone says it is not my fault".

  5. Those sheep cupcakes are the cutest things ever!!

    Well, I don't think it would be SO hard to prove a causal link between mcDonald's and obesity...we just need to find someone to do the study to prove it.

  6. Oh, those muffins are adorable!!!

  7. Those muffins are so cute, I will ask my daughter to make those