Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy and Picky Lopez

I hope all the American bloggers and everyone else is safe and there is speedy recovery from Sandy. 

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Marla Lopez is considered one of the worlds pickiest eater. She only eats white breads, including pancakes; milk and potato-based chips. And she has never tried fruit or vegetables. However she sometimes eats bacon.

Scientists believe that an adult picky eater is a 'real food related disorder'. Psychology Today believes her diet is actually a medical condition. According to the magazine, 'Certain aspects of picky eating resemble known disorders - the concern with texture could be a sign of a sensory processing disorder.

Marla says that when she looks at fresh produce she does not see food. She compares the appeal of eating vegetables as no different from eating shoes. Do you feel the same way about your shoes?

This may come at a surprise but after 54 years of eating just a few basics, she claims to be healthy. Her cholesterol is 174. According to the American Heart Association, a cholesterol level less than 200 mg/dL is desirable.

Shopping for her would be very quick and easy. And having her over for dinner would be quite effortless too, just give her chips, bread and milk. Not fussy or picky at all. And I thought she is considered one of the pickiest eaters!


  1. Eating shoes would probably be similar to eating a badly done steak and probably tastier too :)

    1. Interesting thought, great idea for plan B. So next time I have guests coming and I ruin the steak, I should put a shoe on the plate, leather preferably???:)

  2. I wonder how picky eaters get that way? I'm glad I'm not one, it would be so hard to socialise!

    1. And it would be hard to write a food blog also:)

  3. I have already heard about this woman... She was probably a picky eater as a child and had parents who didn't care for her health and let her eat what she wanted (I once knew a child who for several months wanted to eat only Haribo bears; he was able to stop eating for two days if he was forced to choose anything else; he grew out of it luckily).
    I am not surprised such people exist (I once saw a tv program about obese teenagers in UK and most of them have never tasted a tomato or salad...) and actually I'm not surprised she eats only this type of carbs because they create addiction. I would be surprised and even wouldn't believe if someone ate only vegetables or only fish (I don't talk about people who consciously choose such healthy diets but who would carry on like this during their adult lives just out of pickiness...).
    On the other hand I remember I saw a Frenchman once on tv. He was about 90, healthy for his age, and pretended he had a baguette and two dark chocolates a day (2x 100g) + some red wine and coffee, and he has had such a diet for dozens of years...
    It does sound more appetising than the woman's way of eating ;-)
    I agree she is not picky at all. It's so easy to entertain her as you say. (Not like being a big carnivore and inviting vegetarian friends for dinner... ).
    Ok, what is really surprising is her health.
    The cake above looks gorgeous, but sounds a bit less appetising... I would love to taste it though. It must be an unforgettable experience.

    1. I think that could have happened, where she was allowed to continue eating chips etc and she eventually got used to it. As food bloggers we are constantly trying new things and have an open mind. When I visit friends/family I am shocked that they are eating pretty much the same thing. Their food hasn't changed in years.
      That Frenchman is a star. I guess chocolate and red wine is key to long life. My work colleagues grandfather ate only a certain type sausages for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He did try other foods but preferred sausage. But he didn't live till 90. BTW you can get chocolates with nuts, fruits, chili etc - thats a bit of a balanced diet:)

    2. Hi -- it's me, Marla!!! I had extremely caring parents, I was the 3rd of 4 children that all ate normally. This is a physiological condition, as Duke University is studying it and finding out. This started for me at birth. Picky is not the word we associate with this condition, as it sounds as though I have a choice. At 54 years old, I still WISH I could eat normally & my 93 year old father is still alive and well! My Mother smoked and that killed her! :-( www.frenchfrylady.com

  4. Wow, maybe a disease for her but so borrring for me. She has to have lots deficiencies.

    1. Fortunately for me, I have the health of a 35 year old at 54 years old. Just spent thousands of dollars on a week long invasive physical....every test you can imagine. SO healthy!! www.frenchfrylady.com Wish I could eat like everyone else, but it's just (apparently) not in my genes.....but according to a staff of 5 high profile doctors, my genes are pretty darn GOOD!! :-D BORING diet for sure, but it's also BORING when you're stuck in a wheel chair and can't walk. This was NOT my decision to be like this. Happy Holidays!

  5. www.frenchfrylady.com

    Here's the story for those of you wondering!?

    Not a choice, that's for SURE!!!