Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Glamorgan Sausage and Blood Type Diet

Glamorgan Sausage

Mention Britain and we probably think of fish and chips.
Mention Ireland and we probably think of Guinness and Irish Stew.
Mention Scotland and we probably think of whisky and fried Mars bars (maybe).
Mention Wales and we probably hit a blank.

Personally I have never come across a Welsh dish, other than Welsh rarebit, which I didn't think came from Wales. Just like Afghan Cookies are not from Afghanistan.

Wales does have a few interesting dishes, glamorgan sausage being one of them. And surprisingly it is vegetarian, if you consider an egg to be vegetable, or non-meat. Glamorgan sausage is also known as poor mans sausage because it has no meat.

The sausage is made from a few very basic ingredients which are most probably sitting in your pantry and refrigerator. Even though the ingredients are pretty basic, the result really surprised me. I found it absolutely delicious, crunchy on the outside and firm but soft on the inside. It reminded me of a pie that I ate in New Zealand, and which I haven’t seen anywhere else. I don’t remember the name and it wasn’t quite a regular pie. The pie was coated with bread crumbs and either deep fried or baked. It was cheesey inside. Glamorgan sausage has very similar smell and taste. The recipe is available here.

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The blood type diet has been around for sometime, unfortunately I only recently heard about it. The blood type diet is an eating and exercise regime advocated by American naturopathic physician Dr Peter J D'Adamo.

Here’s what he says about the different blood types:
-          Type Os, the oldest blood group, thrive on a carnivorous diet of lean red meats and benefit from rigorous exercise.
-          Type As, the first human cultivators, do well to avoid animal proteins and are at their best on a macrobiotic diet. Due to their naturally high-strung dispositions they benefit from relaxing forms of exercise such as yoga and tai chi.
-          Type Bs had a nomadic lifestyle. Due to this they are the most versatile of all blood groups and should adhere to a balanced diet and moderate group exercise.
-          Type ABs, the rarest and youngest blood type, have benefits and intolerances from both A and B blood groups. They should follow a light exercise regime similar to type As.

I don’t know which blood type I am, and I don't really care! Without knowing too much about how blood types influence our body, the blood type diet seems logical. The author of the article tried it and lost 2kg in the first week. However he was not sure whether the weight loss was due to this diet, or because of other factors.


  1. I love meat and I am type O so this is a good thing, now I have to work out that exercise part :)

  2. You don't often see Glamorgan sausages! I'm trying to think if I've ever seen one on a menu...

  3. Do you know why I get addicted to your blog? (Apart from your sense of humour and the sophisticated taste we share for herrings of course). It's because I see a food geek soul mate in you! I am thrilled to discover such regional, hardly known recipes (and this one sounds particularly food geeky). Even more when they look so luscious. I am jumping to Easily Good Eats to see the recipe.
    I prefer not to comment the blood type diets ;-)

    1. Food geek:) Thats a nice term, I have never heard of it before. I like it, thanks.
      I knew I would like this sausage even before trying - its taste better than many meat sausages (esp those cheaper hot dog ones...). And its crunchy.

  4. Interesting sausages indeed. First Welsh recipe I see I think.

    Well I am in the As and I have to have my meat...but true about needing yoga.

  5. More like a croquette than a sausage, me thinks. It does sound delicious tho.
    Sheesh! If I ate for my blood type and followed the exercise regime, I'd pass out from lack of energy and boredom!

    1. It is more like a croquette. Maybe the Welsh were not familiar with the work croquette???

  6. Hi 3C - I think I might have heard of glamorgan sausages, although I had no idea that it was meat free... I always thought it was a "local" delicacy, like traditional falukorv or something. Looks and sounds very tasty though. I love Wales - especially the region in the south with the black mountains!

    I gotta say I don't believe in the theory that blood types influence people in different ways. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I put as much faith in it as I do homeopathy. I think if the person lost 2kg in a week it's most likely due to the fact that they were actively thinking about what they did and ate, instead of just putting things in their mouth. Merely writing down what you eat each day can go a long way to helping people lose weight.

    1. I thought you would have heard of the sausage.
      If blood types is also an indication of metabolism, then this theory might make some sense, otherwise its only theory.